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Solar eclipse 11/8/2018
by signingstar

The Solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo on 11 August in conjunction with retrograde Mercury, in square with Jupiter in Scorpio and in quincunx with Pluto in Capricorn seems to make a difference in time for the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) born at the end of the second decanate and the beginning of the third decanate.

The eclipse looks for an opportunity to review the last two years with the purpose of seeking the reasons behind some mistakes which come to the fore and expose you. At the same time, you have the chance to deal with them so as to correct them and do something to turn them into new necessary opportunities to revisit some issues.

As regards new relationships or collaborations, you had better avoid them because they seem to be occasional pleasures and not prospects with stable foundations. You can gain something from all this but you should remember that it will not last long although this is not always bad. You must take advantage of time even if this means that you exceed the boundaries of your expression and action.



The Leo Solar eclipse makes you think about the way you express your feelings and your ability to function at your own will. Perhaps you try to free yourself from a circle of people because you are sick and tired of reporting back to them or associating with them when there is no further connection between yourselves. Perhaps you look for a new beginning in your amorous life by getting in touch with somebody from the past or redefining your existing relationship. Finally, on the professional level, you had better not lay your cards on the table because some try to take advantage of your ideas before you even implement them.



The Leo Solar eclipse seems to upset the foundations of your life and make you admit that you must look for a new ground on which to walk. You must realise that it is time you got rid of a toxic environment and dare to break free. Perhaps it is time you were heard even if this means that there will be rifts with family members. If you are indifferent to developments, events might be more intense than you can handle. As a result, you will feel you are not in control.



The Leo Solar eclipse is perhaps the beginning of the revelation of a series of events and news which will bring to the fore something that was hidden all along. Perhaps you talk to somebody who informs you about surprising news but at the same time, this piece of information helps you untangle your thoughts. A change of plans regarding a trip might lead to a sequence of events which make you realise something that is very useful so as to take decisions which change your current point of view.



The Leo Solar eclipse is perhaps the beginning of a new period on the financial level. Bear in mind, though, that you must rely on yourself. You might receive some money which helps you find your footing and settle unfinished business which has not been tackled for a long time. On the other side, it is probably useless to make new beginnings because your choices at the current juncture might harm you more than you thought in the near future. Thus restrain impulsive thoughts and dispositions.



The Solar eclipse in your sign has an influence mostly on the representatives born at the end of the second decanate. It seems to impetuously bring to the fore a discussion about the future of your professional and personal life. You will talk or get in touch with somebody from the past or with somebody who is currently part of your life but you must find new balance between yourselves. This could be somehow scary and intense but it can also open up new ways of thinking. If you are single, find the right time to have an honest discussion with yourself and dare ask questions which will be definitely disturbing but will also bring to the surface answers you did not expect or you could not stand some time ago.



The Leo Solar eclipse teaches you that you might not be in control of situations and that there are developments which do not depend on you and which you must learn how to handle. Your relationships with people at work might be more difficult and you might get lessons which you can hardly digest. Perhaps you have a hard time on the professional level and you might think it is time you shut the door to a period which has come to a close. This is disturbing, of course, because you are not ready for the next step. Thus make sure you focus on your health since it is very important if you want to find your footing.



The Leo Solar eclipse seems to bring about big developments in something related to your new role for which you must also inform your surroundings. Perhaps something changes in your personal life and there are obvious developments which lead you to the next step. Perhaps a new period begins on the professional level and you become member of a team which aims at bringing about developments related to your subject of interest. What really matters, though, is that you show you have confidence in future and that you discover stimuli to plan it by avoiding traps and patterns of a stagnant past.



The Leo Solar eclipse is an important moment for you in summer because it seems to bring about big developments regarding your public image. Perhaps the evolution of your relationship catches people off their guard because you make unexpected announcements. It is a fact that you make the next step on the professional level, at least regarding the plans you have in mind, and as a result, you might also make some surprising announcements. At the same time, you are in a juncture when you pass over the torch to another generation, thus you must digest the role you assume.



The Leo Solar eclipse is a moment when you have the opportunity to take distance from your daily routine and be someplace where you can think outside the usual frame of reference. Perhaps you get in touch with people you have not met in a long time and it might be an opportunity to revisit long-forgotten situations or collect information which can help you free yourself from obstacles. On the personal level, an acquaintance, at the current juncture, might evolve into something more so long as you invest in it as from next month onwards shall it still be there.



The Leo Solar eclipse seems to upset financial issues and make you realise that it is time you changed the pattern of some relationships and collaborations. Perhaps you get in touch with somebody with whom you had collaborated in the past or a new professional opportunity rises which you must examine and evaluate later. Perhaps you see your personal life in another light since you must understand that your partner assumes a new role in your relationship.



The Leo Solar eclipse, opposite you, is an important moment for your interpersonal relationships because you realise something which you cannot ignore. Perhaps you must revisit a decision you reached some months ago and reevaluate the facts. Perhaps you must go back to see whether you made a mistake which you can now correct so long as you admit certain things. Remember that the other side is quite powerful, thus you cannot be absolute about your views.



The Leo Solar eclipse is a good opportunity to review health- or daily work-related issues. You must shed light on some dark situations and occasions and you must correct some relationships which have been broken so that they are functional time and again. Perhaps you must look after your health by reconsidering some daily habits of which you must get rid. You must avoid, though, to give your answer to new propositions because things are not what they look like at the current juncture.

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