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New Moon 29/12/2016
by signingstar

The New Moon at 8 degrees Capricorn on December, 29 in conjunction with retrograde Mercury and in sextile with Mars in Pisces seems to be a good opportunity to revisit some professional issues in need of a closer look so as to settle any unfinished business.

It is also likely that you look for some time to escape from an environment that has pushed you to the utmost limit of your endurance, to seek to be released from familiar sounds and voices, or to want to get in touch with people from the past so as to compare your progress with theirs. What matters during this New Moon is to promise you will give up some habits, relationships and partnerships, which alienate you from your social circle, and that you will manage to separate your personal needs and desires from those of others. Whether you will succeed in doing so through absolute isolation or through meetings-separations is a question that concerns only you and nobody else.


The Capricorn New Moon in conjunction with retrograde Mercury seems to push you towards a professional screening out and a settlement of unfinished business related to your work or to important family members. A discussion that was left unfinished might take place or you might have to deal with something that is still pending and might be stressful. You might also find yourself in a professional environment you already know from the past and you might receive an offer that sets you thinking. You need not speculate more than necessary. Just remember that you might be about to make a beginning nobody is aware of which will be announced in a couple of days. Hence, do not be scared of any side effects of your decision.



The friendly-to-your-sign Capricorn New Moon might help you organise a last-minute-journey, mainly if you managed to settle unfinished business at work. On the other side, you might not have the most ideal company for something like this, or you might wish to spend time with people you have lost touch with but you had better take distance from such company and clear your mind. This New Moon demands that you come in touch with your thoughts and you listen to what your inner world tells you and does not openly express. You will manage to learn a lot about some of your desires that are not covered lately.



The Capricorn New Moon might signal a new period for your finances since you might have to return to the professional area of your life. A new financial agreement with your boss might trouble you. However, you should not focus on the deeper impressions but rather look at reality. You must not be unemployed or inactive at the current juncture so make sure you compromise with some facts in a working environment you cannot avoid. On the other side, at amorous level, you had better avoid wavering between two choices. You must settle down so as to have a benefit in your life and stop living like an outlaw.  



It seems that the New Moon right across from you in conjunction with retrograde Mercury gives you the opportunity to get in touch with people you have not seen in a long time and who can help you see things from another perspective. You must bury people and situations that haunted you lately, disengage from dependencies that wear you out and have a change of scenery. This means that you promise yourself to be more original than usual, while you dare express yourself as you feel like and not as you used to hidden behind a mask. You will give this promise not to people who stand across from you but to your own self.



The Capricorn New Moon in conjunction with retrograde Mercury highlights the area of your daily routine. You must be careful as there might be changes that will spoil your mood. Do not let professional issues change your plans, so make sure you have settled unfinished business. Avoid discussing work-related topics shall you be in a place, where you wish to forget about it, even if you are provoked to do so. If a period begins when you want to pass over your daily living conditions in review, try to change your schedule so as to spot the actions that wear you out physically as well as psychologically with the purpose of signing a contract with yourself. Take care of your health too, because you will get many signs so as to recognise any dysfunctional habits.



The friendly-to-your-sign Capricorn New Moon is a good opportunity to redefine your relationship, to spend time with your better half and give mutual promises that may evolve your relationship. You might discover new reasons to acknowledge your partner’s contribution to your good mood and appreciate some elements of his/her character even more. You might return from a period of isolation when you realised that you cannot live far from somebody who complements you. If you are single and you meet somebody new, try to avoid reaching any decisions. There are some unknown facts for the time being, while imagination/lies play weird tricks on you.



The Capricorn New Moon in conjunction with retrograde Mercury might bring you in touch with family members. You might realise you are too old for such meetings or that you do not fit in an environment that has seized to express you. You will have to explain the reasons why you seek something different, why you would rather be someplace else or you would dare speak about decisions that surprise people around you. You might also realise that there are some elements in your relationship that bog you down, and you will try to find a solution or break free for good. At professional level, no matter what you are about to do, you had better act in the dark and avoid expressing your views to people whose precise role is not clear.



At this Capricorn New Moon, you will come across traps during your transports as there might be irritating changes and delays. You need not put pressure on situations, or try to convince people about your intentions and plans. You should tell the truth as such because only then will you manage to discover the real intentions of people around you. At the same time, your heart might travel far from your mind and as a result, you idealise people, you distort feelings and you confuse any intentions. Hence, you are in need of a big dose of truth from people around you. If somebody near you decides to be harsher than usual, do not get angry with their way and attitude. Try to listen to the essence of their words.



The Capricorn New Moon in conjunction with retrograde Mercury asks for careful moves at financial level. It is likely that you are carried away with unnecessary purchases or with purchases you have not thought through so as to be essential. A period of doubt about your finances might begin because your remuneration is decreased or there are delays that can stress you and change your priorities. If there is a new professional offer, you had better avoid reaching hasty decisions. You do not have all the facts yet and as a result, you are about to idealise some things.



The New Moon in your sign in conjunction with retrograde Mercury seems to help you reintroduce yourself to people who will be your new environment at professional or personal level. Visiting familiar haunts might indicate your return to a place that could be your new house. This means, though, that you had better inform about your departure from another place. If you have a run of bad luck regarding a trip you prepare or you go on, make sure you leave practicalities aside and deal with whatever helps you escape from daily routine. You are in need of a change of scenery.



The Capricorn New Moon in conjunction with retrograde Mercury might be like the annoying clock ticking that you would like to stop but even if it does, the sound will come to your sleep. This might mean that you have not finished a discussion that you should have so as to free yourself from a system that has nothing more to offer you. You might also feel guilty with regards to a conversation that was left unfinished and you had better hold so as to sleep tighter. You might stand before stressful unfinished business with which you must deal even if you think you will gain nothing in particular except for your personal calmness.



It seems that the Capricorn New Moon in conjunction with retrograde Mercury is a very good opportunity to mingle with friends and other social acquaintances time and again so as to stop thinking of your own personal problems. Socialising might be a blessing for you at the current juncture because you would like to avoid being alone. However, you might also realise that you are surrounded by people who have nothing essential to offer you. Instead of adding social obligations to your life, make sure you invest in those which agree with your new identity; an identity that you have started presenting to others around you. 

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