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Full Moon 12/1/2017
by signingstar

The extremely determinative Full Moon at 22 degrees Cancer on January, 12 is in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, in square with Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra, and in quincunx with Saturn in Sagittarius. It seems that it highly affects the representatives of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) born on the first days of the third decanate through difficult decisions which activate consolidated balances and safe convictions.

The end of an era is an imperative need since there are new facts in the horizon that move you; unless you realise that this new era seems threatening and you want to retire into yourself and your micro-world even more. It seems that a relationship is tested and struggles to survive thanks to familiar support. However, it is almost impossible not to be affected or affect others with this huge wave of changes that take place.

At this Full Moon, you must be very careful. What matters is that you understand what is hidden below the surface where the essence of facts is. If you keep calm in view of what you are confronted with, you will be successful in avoiding hasty moves. They could transfer you from triumph to breakdown at no time in a very short distance.



The difficult and painful Cancer Full Moon opens a wound in the family or work environment and forces you to responsively deal with the challenges before you. You might have to look for a new house or job. You might realise that your role in an environment you were used to moving in must change or you might have to end some habits you cannot afford anymore. This Full Moon will force you to look towards a disturbing direction but it also invites you to change its shape. Hence, do not try to avoid your share because thanks to this new image will you manage to shape your new familiar environment.



The Cancer Full Moon might be a good opportunity to escape a daily routine that hinders you and disturbs you lately; a daily routine that seems to devour you. You might have the possibility to go on a short trip that will help you leave behind a persecuting memory. A new acquaintance might come up that you know is not at all superficial but you are not ready to look below the surface as you cannot invest in the long run yet. This Full Moon will help you open the other side’s mind and start a dialogue that might stress you at the beginning but must take place so as to explain things that have died.



The Cancer Full Moon seems to affect your finances and makes you deal with your position in a work environment which you are not sure fits you any longer. You will try to make the necessary changes in yourself so as to fit in new facts even if you have to take steps back in order to give space to others to assume roles that you had until today. You might also have to change some habits because you are not alone anymore. Hence, you must grade your personal needs and obligations differently. In any case, you should be the one to fit in new facts and not the other way round.



This Full Moon in your sign is at least intense if not demanding and scary. It seems that it is the moment when you realise you cannot avoid the conflict with yourself since you are called upon to take part in a discussion that will make you sign something. This commitment is not as simple as you think because it probably splits time into two periods: one that you leave behind and another one that opens up before you. You are called upon to show off your dynamic, to choose to speak of your real needs and feelings, and to review some facts which you thought could rescue you from responsibilities. You must change the course of your life which means that there is not much time to keep on weighing the facts.



The demanding Cancer Full Moon will force you to confront work people with the purpose of proving who is at the helm in a conflict about essence and not impressions. You will realise that you cannot leave some things to chance, that it is not smart to trust others without testing their readiness every single moment, and that you have responsibilities you must deal with. In addition, you will have to deal with health issues which may originate from or affect the way you see things. This means that your mind is able either to give solutions or to exaggerate.



With the Cancer Full Moon you will be confronted with friends and knowns who seem to have an opinion on issues related to your interpersonal relationships that you try to resolve. You will have to fight against views which seem hard to accept and you will have to test your trust in people that you think understand you. You might also realise that there is somebody in your life who is more than a simple friend and who could be a catalyst in your amorous life. If you are before the next step in your relationship, you most likely think about having a child or you might be one step before this takes shape.



The powerful Cancer Full Moon at the highest point of your chart might indicate that it is the highest time an essential screening out took place. It will be the foundation for the change of your public image. It might also mean that your role within the family changes either because you escape from a suffocating environment or because you take the next step in your relationship. You might decide to clarify some things in which your parents are involved with the purpose of making your intention clear to take your life into your own hands. At professional level, there are developments which prove you look for new challenges or which will force you to admit that you are called upon to answer some issues that can affect your psychological health. It is the highest time you took action so forget about talk and insecurity.



It seems that the Cancer Full Moon activates your sentimental world and some issues arise that may upset your relationship. You might say things that the other side does not expect to hear or you might be unexpectedly silent. You need to escape from a system that cages you or you will feel the need as soon as you realise you are cornered in the boxing ring ropes and you cannot give the answers people around you expect. If, during this Full Moon, you return from a trip or you come out of a period of isolation, you are called upon to give answers that directly aim at the wound.



The difficult Cancer Full Moon seems to highlight financial issues you try to avoid or to put on the back burner since you believe that they do not have an effect on your daily routine or your relationship. The other side will complain and you will have to admit that you are called upon to change your perspective towards things that affect others too since you cannot be attached to your viewpoint. You might also realise that it is the highest time you escaped an environment that does not suit you anymore. This might mean that you feel uprooted or that you are forced to look for a new house at a juncture when your finances are not at their best.



The Full Moon right across from you in opposition to Pluto in your sign seems to activate some deeply transformational relationships and processes that you can hardly avoid. It seems that time has come for whatever that was held in the dark all along to come to light even if this means that you will be scared or you will scare others around you. You have to deal with harsh reality which means that you will leave aside any excuse or any sideway to avoid your responsibilities. You might fight against people you know will beat you. In reality, you will speak the language you know without the fear of a possible unbearable retaliation since there is no time to step back. 



The Cancer Full Moon will force you to focus on your health and look for the reasons why you feel physically tired and psychologically weak. Make sure you clarify some dark issues in your relationships with work people or you disengage from exhausting daily activities. Try to reconsider your nutrition and physical exercise so as to be able to find the right balance you were lately seeking in the wrong way. Finally, take care of any financial dealings in which work people are involved. You must clarify any grey zones that have been threatening lately.



The powerful Cancer Full Moon might bring developments to your personal life because it seems it activates issues that are somewhere between reality and imagination; you must choose side though. A new acquaintance will be tested, even through the past it brings along, which can change the facts of today since there are shadows that need to be cleared up. Having a family might come up in a relationship which is called upon to deal with what is said dynamically and honestly even if it might not be the absolute truth. This Full Moon will clarify several things so long as you are prepared to stand before a mirror that does not distort reality.        

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