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Solar eclipse 26/2/2017
by signingstar

The Solar eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces on February, 26 closes a two-year-long cycle of eclipses in the axis of Virgo/Pisces, and highlights that dream is sometimes an important element for somebody to keep on living in the reality others dish up.

This Solar eclipse is in conjunction with Neptune and has an effect mostly on the representatives of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces). It seems that people, who got used to compromise but are not comfortable with it anymore, have higher personal aspirations and expectations. The dream will come up against the effort needed to make it real which seems like a struggle with your own shadow.

This Solar eclipse is an opportunity to look at more than ourselves because our need for happiness cannot be covered by the fulfilment of our personal aspirations. Helping third parties, offering support to others’ problems, sustaining the weak and getting in touch with art might be some of the ways to escape personal hell and to get in touch with something more than daily routine. Your need to believe in something more than what you see is huge. You will try to make this need heard as loud as possible so that each one of us listens.  



The Pisces Solar eclipse seems to be the last opportunity to move on with a substantial screening out of your life. You will fully believe in luck as it arises once you work with your deep and honest wishes. If you continue beating what bothers you, getting passionate about whatever you disagree with, and avoiding what will add to your personal development, it will feel like if you are after ghosts. Make sure you focus on where personal happiness is and you will understand that you neglect people near you who await for your move to express themselves while you have not even realised it.



The Pisces Solar eclipse might be a good opportunity to spend time with friends and stop dealing with issues that obviously make you tense and raise your heartbeats. Avoid reaching any decisions that are based only on your judgement and the tension of the moment, and try to dissolve your own doubts or disillusions by socialising with people who, you know and not guess, how they think and act. If you run a very transformational period in your life, look for new activities that will help your body or mind rid of the tension. Ignore your insecurity about whether you do something that does not suit the image others have for you.



The Pisces Solar eclipse at the highest point of your chart denotes that there are family or professional developments; you mostly realise that the roles change. You will be called upon to sacrifice your own wishes and intentions in favour of somebody else as you might have to let time work its own miracles according to its own standards. You might have to honestly speak with somebody you cannot interact with unless there are clear roles so as to rid your mind of any doubt and unclarity. In any case, try to clarify the situation and not complicate things more. Otherwise you will create more chaos in your life.



The Pisces Solar eclipse might be a good moment to escape a professional environment that entrenches you, and to believe that there are heaven sent opportunities. A trip abroad might be a good reason to promote your professional affairs and come in touch with people who seem to understand your thoughts. At personal level, you are called upon to sacrifice your ego for your relationship to work out, otherwise the rope might be dangerously stretched.



The last Pisces Solar eclipse at your 8th Solar house is one more opportunity to leave behind people, habits and situations that add nothing substantial to your life, and turn your attention towards new elements that will soon be of bigger importance. Do not fall into the trap of idealising a situation which you have experienced and you know will not change. Do not consider that you can offer more time to a relationship that falls into discredit and do not ignore the opportunity to meet new people. Do not be impressed with the remuneration you are offered unless you are in a professional environment that pays you back with personal opportunities for development. Keep looking at the direction where there is action and ignore any voices of laziness and habit even if they sound like the Sirens.



The Pisces Solar eclipse is one more opportunity to improve the climate in your relationship and to introduce to the discussion some problems that obstruct the regular flow of your amorous life. You are called upon to realise that you stand before somebody who cannot keep being opposite you. You must find common codes that will connect your lives into one. It is maybe the highest time you tuned down your ego and you tried to step into the other side’s shoes. If there is a new acquaintance in your life, it is hard to figure them out since sex does not allow you to think clearly. At professional level, make sure you sign square financial agreements, otherwise you are in danger of falling victim of fraud.



The Pisces Solar eclipse is the final act of a two-year-long play in the professional area of your life which seems to change you definitively and turn you into a protagonist. Use your experience to escape from an environment without a scratch or use your instinct so as to mollify the other side in a working environment that you will try to make work according to your own intentions. At amorous level, an acquaintance from the professional field might upset your existing relationship. This might be the reason to bring amorous issues to the fore.



The Pisces Solar eclipse is another opportunity to discover reasons to feel happy with the developments in your amorous life. If you are in a relationship, you might have news related to a pregnancy that could change the direction of your life. If you feel there is no chemistry in your existing relationship, a new acquaintance might disorganise you and you might lose touch with daily routine by opening a cycle of secrets and lies. At professional level, decide to implement your own talents outside work; this will mollify not only your public image but also your psychological world. 



The Pisces Solar eclipse might be a good reason to escape from a difficult daily schedule and come closer to people who seem to be able to touch your right cord. Company with your better half could be a good reason to think about your common future and plan it together. Your touch with family members might dissolve some fights that were pretty tense lately and you might feel that there is an environment that second you in difficult moments. Finally, make sure you evaluate some professional offers rationally because you must take distance from a situation which challenges you and might present reality through a distorted image.



The Pisces Solar eclipse will bring you close to relatives in a way that proves you are called upon to change your way of thinking about some issues that are of everybody’s concern. You are called upon to handle your persistence for action and your need to see developments so as to feel you are on the move. There are periods when physical action is on the back burner. It is maybe the highest time you started a dialogue with yourself so as to discover reasons to think about some issues differently; they could lead to verbal conflicts and real deadlocks under other circumstances.



The Pisces Solar eclipse - the last one in a series of two-year-long eclipses in the axis of Virgo/Pisces - seems to alter your finances for one more time and make you lose your pace. You might feel weak in view of the financial facts that affect your life too and as a result, you might feel you have no weapons to fight injustice. At the same time, you might realise what big an opportunity you have so as to escape from a corrupt financial system and be some place where you can operate within more stability and security. In any case, you need to understand that there is distance between personal action and the freedoms you are given to express it.



The Solar eclipse in your sign seems to be like a present when you thought you had to get used to living in a society that copes only with the real/visible dimension of things. You should not miss the opportunity to go on a trip even if it seems very dangerous for your finances at the current juncture because it can bring you in touch with new elements. If you left space for ambiguity in your life, it is likely that you realise the size of the problem in question. It seems that you walk on quicksand.

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