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Full Moon 12/3/2017
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 22 degrees Virgo on March, 12 is in opposition to Mercury and Chiron in Pisces, in square with Saturn in Sagittarius and in quincunx with Uranus in Aries. The mutable signs (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) make a big effort to escape from responsibilities and obligations that have become a heavy burden on their shoulders.

It is undoubtedly necessary to come out with the truth and reality. This means that existing structures and relationships will be disturbed. Nothing comes from nothing without the will to deal with the wound at this Full Moon. Otherwise, every effort is condemned to fail. Luck might be an important element for success in life but in this occasion, it may help only the bold ones.



You must be careful at the Virgo Full Moon because you might have to deal with health issues you cannot just ignore. Your decisiveness to accept some situations and not break them down is an element that will help you avoid the danger of an unreasonable confrontation that will hurt both involved sides; it may, though, leave permanent and hidden wounds. On the other side, if truth must be told so as to reveal the wound and not continue hiding it, do so. You must remember, however, that the other side will react and you will not like it.



The Virgo Full Moon might be a very good reason to bring your amorous life to the surface so as to eliminate any shadows in it. If you feel insecure about your better half, take the initiative to start a dialogue that might hurt you; at least the truth will shine. If you are the one who acts behind-the-scenes, try to cover your back or beware of the fact that some people might look for the traces you leave behind. The change in your behaviour lately does not go unnoticed.



It seems that the difficult Virgo Full Moon brings to the surface issues that must discussed but  will also disturb the facts. The memory of a situation or of somebody could be the reason for the wound to open, and memories and thoughts come flowing in. You thought that they were well-hidden somewhere in the dark but it is obviously not the truth. You probably also enter a period when you have to work on something you wish to avoid or on a partnership that you know is not easy and simple. If you cannot avoid this, make sure you are equipped with knowledge and patience so as to complete the dangerous mission.



The Virgo Full Moon might change your professional plans. As a result, you might have to plan your schedule time and again in a way which proves you can delegate. Make sure you explain the new facts to your superiors and try to avoid hiding your responsibilities because at the current juncture, any secret might leave indelible marks. At personal level, you had better be careful with what you say because conflicts and tension might arise in relationships that should not take the fall for other problems. If a trip is postponed, use the free time for your work so as to deal with unfinished business.



The Virgo Full Moon might have an effect on your finances. You might have to make moves that shuffle the cards so as to turn a situation into something viable. It seems it is out of your control. If the other side does not cooperate or support you, it is maybe the highest time you openly spoke about the problems you have due to this dysfunctional coexistence. If you simply seek a new way out, do not just talk with people you know. Try to advertise yourself beyond the sphere of your influence because the way out is somewhere far.



The Full Moon in your sign probably upsets your interpersonal relationships and you might have to come in touch with somebody with whom you know the balance is not at all easy. You mostly owe it to yourself to bring to the surface issues that trouble you, and to try to distinguish the truth from the lie. If you hear rumours and guesses that might affect your life, try to speak honestly about everything because an attempt to cover up a situation will turn against you and you will cast more shadows over this absurd show.



With the Virgo Full Moon you will turn your attention to health issues you deal with or could be obstacles to your daily routine; you have consciously ignored them or not taken them into consideration. You had better cope wth your health in general and even take some exams so as to be sure about how to keep on dealing with the areas of your life you have set in motion lately. A behind-the-scenes professional background and some moves that take place in the dark and could affect your efficiency should be your next concern. Some discussions and meetings you ignore might take place so you had better try and see whether you can find out about them. Some games you cannot affect might be played so you must change your attitude towards them.



The Virgo Full Moon might be a moment when you hold a discussion with friends and some hurtful truths might be told. You might ask for third parties’ opinion about your relationship and you might get answers you did not expect. You will start criticising but at the same time, you had better check whether what is said is not groundless; hence, you might have the chance to improve mistakes and omissions. On the other side, your association with familiar faces might be an opportunity to flee a fruitless and repetitive daily routine so as to clarify the landscape before your eyes.



It seems that the Virgo Full Moon upsets professional issues because it will also cause problems in the balance with certain issues at home. You might discover you are in an environment that is not what you expected it to be, and you must confront people and situations that wear you down. You might have to hold a discussion with somebody who is above you and affects you to such an extent that you cannot easily answer the way you usually do. Finally, if there are troubles in your relationship which show in your public image, do not attempt any superficial coverup. Have an essential conversation that touches upon the core of the question.



The Virgo Full Moon will help you lay stable and earthy foundations regarding issues of interpersonal relationships that should not be unanswered. You might have to participate in a hurtful discussion but at the same time, you will have to clarify situations before you. If you remain chained to an environment in which you feel wronged, you will only add more weight to your shoulders and sacrifice yourself in favour of others. If you see it is the highest time you left this environment, do not just disappear. Seek the next space, while at the same time you try to explain your complaints.



The Virgo Full Moon is a good opportunity to improve some financial facts, and to take into consideration some expenses that might endanger the plans you have already prepared or are on your mind. Discuss the possibility for the other side to support your plans and try to be as clear as possible because misunderstandings will create more problems at the current juncture. If there is a delay regarding your professional plans, you need not panic. Widen your horizons more by seeking new opportunities in places you have never been before.



With the Full Moon right across from you, you must be strong and able to deal with truths that will be told in relationships that obviously cannot go on the way they thought they would until today. Some people keep talking about things that have no chance at all. Your only answer is to confront reality with honesty and will to be truthful. On the other side, your intention to muddy the waters will bring you face to face with somebody who decided to operate with no emotional obsessions. As a result, you are called upon to play by rules that you did not necessarily come up with. Hence, you are not in full control of them.

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