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New Moon 26/4/2017
by signingstar

The New Moon at 6 degrees Taurus on April 26 demands that certain issues and situations come down to earth. They got used to hanging in mid-air or they were planned by people who can see the opportunity but do not take into consideration the way to its realisation.

If you were born on the first decanate of the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius), you might be suddenly grounded or you might get the chance to deal with the precise plan of your target; only then will you recognise some obstacles that you would never discover under other circumstances. You may cope with issues of financial interest and you might also improve some behaviours; they are still very selfish and they might give rise to problems if you insist on specific positions and suggestions.

This New Moon might set earthy goals and help you realise that it is the highest time you redeemed the benefits of some moves you made lately. They might be promising but not necessarily lead up to the signing of agreements.



The Taurus New Moon highlights that you had better secure some financial guarantees and not be carried away by others’ suggestions or your reckless thoughts that might be tempting at the current juncture. A new amorous challenge might endanger your existing relationship or lead you back to somebody who would upset the balance of your financial situation. At professional level, prove that you can accept something risky without signing anything. Nevertheless, you need not reject an initial discussion that could give rise to opportunities which are not obvious at first sight.



The New Moon in your sign seems to remind you that you need not hurry and be carried away by others’ dispositions and aspirations. There is a behind-the-scenes situation you are probably not aware of yet. On the other side, this situation might make you more selfish and as a result, there might be a rupture of existing relations with people you work or with people who think they could play a role in your life. However, they refuse to sail along with your intentions. In such a case,  avoid pushing discussions too far because the other side might say things about you that could injure your reputation. Is it maybe the highest time you dealt with such behaviours?



The Taurus New Moon wishes to remind you to take a look at behind-the-scenes situations. There might be people and situations that operate in an unexpected way. You might run a period when you clarify certain issues in your life. You want to look after yourself and reach decisions that could change delicate balances. At the same time, you had better pay attention not to neglect some people you would not like to confront. You might also have to keep some thoughts and plans a secret because only few people should know about them. Hence, try to notice more than you talk in the coming days.



The New Moon in friendly-to-you Taurus will give you the opportunity to spend time with friends so as to discover some pleasures you have lately missed. There might still be tension at work. However, it is possible that knowns invite you to an event, or encourage you to meet people that could open new roads for you, or interest you amorously. You will find your way out of a lonely course if you participate in new relations and group efforts. Therefore, do not reject any invitations which bear a touch of some particular interest.  



The Taurus New Moon prepares you for a tense professional period during which you are called upon to assume responsibilities and obligations that people around you try to avoid. Have quick reflexes with regards to propositions you will receive and might be related to unfinished business with the past. Hence, be ready for a highly-demanding period. At personal level, you are sick and tired of the hide-and-seek and you wish to find a clear path. The other side, however, might hide instead of being in the mood for a discussion with you. In general, make sure you are ready for a challenge that might give your development a boost and open up new roads this summer.



The Taurus New Moon is a good opportunity to plan an excursion somewhere far away, to dare disturb your daily schedule, and to try and discover the other side’s desires. You seek some moments of pleasure and relaxation which means that you need not organise a big group of people for that. You should speak to yourself and to somebody who understands you. Neither of you should ask too many questions. You need calm, peace and physical contact with your better half. Hence, you need not puzzle yourself about the ways out you seek; they seem to raise obstacles to issues that are not up to you to solve.



The Taurus New Moon might reveal new data regarding a financial issue. You are forced to deal with an agreement that is under negotiations time and again. It seems that the other side is willing to change the game rules. You must prove you are flexible and you will avoid any head-on conflicts that will not solve the problem. At amorous level, you are very attracted to somebody which means that you might reach decisions you would not even dare consider under other circumstances. In any case, it does not mean that you can take for granted or consider definitive whatever happens.



The New Moon across from you is a good opportunity to rediscuss a professional issue you would like to be the foundation for a new agreement in your life. Keep on examining the proposal you have received with the intention to maintain the biggest part of it and not change it completely; you should reach an agreement that is beneficial for both sides. You might also have the opportunity to spend more time with people from work with the purpose of feeling equal. At personal level, you must bring balance between the passion of the moment and the realistic side of the relationship. Try to live in the present and not in the imaginary scenes your mind produces according to the other side’s promises.



The Taurus New Moon might bring to the fore a professional issue which consists of some demands that are hidden behind your colleagues and partners’ complaints. Pay attention to your bosses’ admonitions and try to be consistent with the time frame you are given. If you think there will be no penalties, you might be wrong and you might be penalised in the direct future. If you run a difficult period at amorous level, focus on your work routine. Only then will you overcome some dead-ends which, in fact, might be hills you overestimate.



The Taurus New Moon might be a good opportunity to add moments of pleasure to your life and escape from a narrow domestic or professional environment that pesters you lately. The contact with your better half could reduce your stress, and help you relax physically. It could also help you stop thinking about future issues related to your work. A new acquaintance might promise some pleasant moments at the current juncture but this does not mean you can count on it in the long-run. Finally, restart some hobbies that make you feel creative even if this means you must reduce your working hours. You will be more efficient at work after all.



The Taurus New Moon might be the reason to realise that you are called upon to go back home or to a place where close people live and need you. It is maybe the highest time you decorated your house which means that you have more expenses. If you do not make proper calculations, you can  easily spend recklessly. You might realise you need to take distance from your roots following a period when you got used to being far from a familiar environment. You want to take distance and shape your personal life far from limitations and compromises. Finally, beware of any verbal confrontations with close people because they might be the reason for conflicts based on persistence and stubbornness.


The Taurus New Moon might be a good opportunity to spend time near relatives or people with whom there is mutual understanding. They will help you reach decisions that are hard for you to reach alone. The truth is you need time to make the next step with regards to a difficult decision. Hence, do not count only on your mind. Ask for the opinion of more experienced people who can read between the lines. An excursion could upset your programme at the current juncture but will help you look beyond the daily range of your vision.

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