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Full Moon 10/5/2017
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 20 degrees Scorpio on May 10 in a harmonious sextile with Pluto in Capricorn seems to be a crucial point in the life of fixed signs/ascendants (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) with personal planets placed at the beginning of the third decanate.

There comes the moment when you realise that a situation, which you cannot stand seeing hanging in the air or being in a dilemma, changes. It is a dynamic moment when you are called upon to express yourself officially and seriously. You have no other choice than to escape a relationship, a partnership or an environment that seized to be safe shelters. This will definitely be the reason for emotional whiles in your relationship with people who are directly linked to a specific period of your life.

This Full Moon also operates behind the scenes or secretly. It sends signals regarding the end of innocence of a period which gives the nerves of people, who have learnt to operate with actions and not words, a trial. Deep emotions might excite fear and despair at the current juncture but they are also liberating for lives which are plunged into disrepute or habit, and look for the emergency exit.



The Scorpio Full Moon seconds professional issues since it gives you the opportunity to communicate and cooperate with authority figures or with people who may make your role more powerful. At financial level, your current situation might be about to change. It definitely scares you because you assume more responsibilities or your income is reduced. However, your free time or your circle of influence is bigger at the same time. At personal level, count on your instinct and not only on the other side’s words and your stubbornness to do things according to your absolute way of thinking. Your mind might not be fully in tune with your deeper desires.



The Full Moon across from you is a good opportunity to try and bring to surface what the other side thinks, or to try and tune with this person. The purpose is to find a common language of communication and reach decisions that affect both of you. On the one side, this action resembles like a retreat in view of the other side’s dynamic, like if you give the helm to somebody who could bring to surface their arrogant tendencies during your course. On the other side, you had better try your will to cooperate and relate. Otherwise it feels like if you are in a car with somebody that you do not know whether they take you towards the destination you agreed upon.



The Scorpio Full Moon might bring troubles to your relationships with people at work or force you to pay more attention to your health so as to heal something that affects your life in general. At professional level, your role or that of colleagues might have to change. Some things might be said that affect the relationship between yourselves so that your daily routine is more functional. You might have to reschedule your timelines because you must find space for some engagements that have a direct effect on your physical and psychological health. You must screen out activities that consume time and energy as first.



The Scorpio Full Moon will make you get in touch with your own sentimental needs with the purpose of finding your balance time and again during a period when your work routine is tense and difficult. You had better bring to the fore any worries you might have about people at work. You must see whether there is any truth to them or it is just a rumour or something meaningless. Furthermore, it is the highest time you paid attention to your personal life. The other side might complain and ask for more of your time which you do not seem to find lately for your relationship. If you are single, an acquaintance is not at all accidental and might add new facts to your life.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to remind you that you are seriously committed to yourself and people in your environment. It is the highest time you dealt with these issues and left everything else aside. If there are important domestic issues, now is the time to solve some problems and be ready to finish some tasks you are responsible for. At professional level, you must find inner strength so as to stand up and take responsibility for an issue that others cannot deal with. In general, be ready to prove that you are consistent with the promises you made some months ago otherwise you must get set to leave.



The Scorpio Full Moon might block your mind in view of professional developments because you might realise that you do not control issues you used to some time ago. Somebody decides to take a way other than the one you had in mind which is an indication that you were not convincing. This means that it is the highest time you also used your heart for this effort. In such a case, remember that you must be honest with the intentions of your soul and stop using words that only your mind produces.



The Scorpio Full Moon means that you are ready to change some financial facts with the purpose of proving that you grade some life issues differently. You might refuse to keep on paying for something that bothers you or hurts you. You might announce that you accept a new job offer which takes you far from the existing environment. You might also assume the financial burden for the fruition of a close person’s target. This action also helps you feel better in this relationship and state that you are part of it.



The Full Moon in your sign in combination with the almost simultaneous entry of the North Node into Leo indicates that you start a new stage in your life and you are called upon to announce it to people around you. Apart from the professional efforts of the last period, you have decided to change role in your personal life too. This means that you must fully second what you express. If you are only concerned about the professional area of your life, dare assume a new role with responsibilities and obligations only if you think that it bears pieces of your heart.



The Scorpio Full Moon makes you shout from the bottom of your soul that it is the highest time you closed a chapter that you still keep open and affects your life currently. Make sure you expand your communication with people from abroad in the frame of a professional effort that starts taking shape. Dare go on a trip with your better half so as to improve the atmosphere in your relationship. Make new acquaintances with people from far away or people who make future plans, and avoid being chained to a guilty past and a sick present. This Full Moon will cleanse many of your wounds so long as you look at directions that broaden your horizon.



The Scorpio Full Moon is a good opportunity to take some professional plans more seriously that you draw up with the support of people who are not just colleagues; they are close people by now. You have the opportunity to sign a contract with your heart, to start a new relationship with somebody who comes to your life to give it some meaning. On the other hand, you must shut the door to people who wish to come back to you, or who seek to build bridges anew. Your relationship was tested and you are certain now that you do not look towards the same direction.



The dynamic Scorpio Full Moon will remind you that you do not go unnoticed anymore. As a result, you must account for your decisions, moves and actions. A change in your professional status at the current juncture will affect not only your finances but also your personal life since you must find a new balance in your relationship. You might as well come close to somebody who may intrigue your amorous feelings and as a result, break up with your existing relationship. At this Full Moon, you are called upon to accede to the end of a situation without having any second thoughts. Be decisive and sure of your next steps.



The Scorpio Full Moon might be a good opportunity to go on a trip that will help you take distance from some domestic and financial issues which have bothered you and worried you lately. If you can take a break from the obligations you have assumed, dare go on this trip because you need a change of scenery. If your plans change, try to take a better look at what happens in your daily routine. The bell rings and highlights the need to screen out missions you are responsible for. Your life is full of obligations that burden you even though they are not your personal obligations.

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