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Full Moon 4/11/2017
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 12 degrees Taurus on November 4 in marginal opposition to Jupiter in Scorpio seems to have an influence on signs/ascendants born on the first half of the second decanate of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius).

This Full Moon tries the boundaries of imagination and instinct against horse sense, reality and earthy truth. Extreme dreams must fight against real dimension of life. On the other side, a way out of daily routine seems to be the solution to matters which last long or cannot be dealt with head-on.

This Full Moon also tests the endurance of some in face of greed and arrogance. Head-on collision among people who share financial benefits might give the answer to issues which cannot be resolved in a diplomatic way. If wild instincts of survival and perseverance come to the surface, you must be ready to fight to the end.



The Taurus Full Moon is perhaps a good opportunity to put some financial issues in order which could bring chaos to your life shall you leave them to chance. It is time you prioritised your own needs and you stopped helping third parties without thinking about yourself. It is also a good moment to hold a discussion about your remuneration because you had better benefit from an opportunity and stopped consuming time in certain situations because you think that reward will come at some point.



The Full Moon in your sign seems to make you more selfish and push you to openly speak about certain issues which bother you in your relationships with people from your daily life. It is time you put the new facts of your life in order and you remembered that you cannot leave by the wayside certain priorities. Protect the relationships of your concern and the people who are very important in your life, and avoid giving promises which you know you cannot keep.



The Taurus Full Moon might remind you that there are financial facts in your life which stress you and do not let you sleep calmly at night. You cannot cover them and as a result, you fear you might live in a parallel dimension to reality. You must be careful not to take huge risks with certain challenges which may force you to lay your cards on the table much earlier than you should. If your health is disturbed, seek a way to add some activities, which your body can stand, but not more.



The Taurus Full Moon should be a good occasion to untangle some issues which have flooded your mind and heart. You had better insist on staying near people who can help you clarify your feelings and stop listening to answers and opinions of people who confuse you more. As regards the professional area of your life, try to be more absolute and sure about your decisions because you must prove you can handle challenges which, under other circumstances, would scare you. Some expect you to be more clear and it is time you were.



The intense Taurus Full Moon is perhaps a good occasion to prove you are not afraid to take decisions which could indicate the final ending of certain situations which have no future. Perhaps you are in a period of your life when you need to sort it out. It is not at all easy shall you keep on postponing difficult decision-making. A moving out or a professional transfer could be upsetting but it proves you decide to lead developments and cease to run after them.



The friendly Taurus Full Moon is perhaps a good occasion to go on a trip which you so much need and seek so as to escape an exhausting environment. In addition, discussions and talks might take place with people you know from the past, or some interactions might come to the fore to which you must pay due attention because they might go too far. If you are ready to clarify things, do so in order to get rid of possible doubts and worries on issues you cannot control. You think they are beyond your power and you would like them to be solved.



The Taurus Full Moon seems to ask you to settle some financial issues which, unless you do, will expose you to people who should not have a bad impression about you. If a discussion about your professional affairs takes place, try to distinguish creativity from remuneration. It is very likely that you examine the offer from another perspective. If there are changes on the amorous level, it is perhaps the highest time you realised you look for something that you cannot find in an old environment which has ceased to be interested in being able or wanting to develop.



The Full Moon opposite you is a good moment to set your life in motion through new interpersonal relationships. If you remain imprisoned or unsatisfied in a specific environment, you will have no further benefit than satisfying your personal ego. It is time you looked somewhere far and you found reasons to see the future with optimism. If you are in a relationship, perhaps there are developments which are about to explode like a bomb. You are not upset of course because you realise that your personal status changes in a way which might however be even violent.



The Taurus Full Moon perhaps causes a smaller or bigger disturbance because it may rank your priorities differently. You must screen out certain matters at work and get rid of obligations which you shouldered even though you never asked for them, or you maintained out of habit. Furthermore, you had better change some daily activities because it is time you added some new ones which will help you feel better physically. This Full Moon helps you bring yourself into line with the needs of your body mainly if you forgot to take care of it.



The extremely creative Taurus Full Moon perhaps energises you and inspires you with new ideas. Perhaps you turn into a multi-machine which is ready to upset and create something with its own stamp on. Decide to take action and initiatives so as to finish a mission which others delay even if this means that you can be more visible to others. On the professional level, you had better bear in mind that intense sociability might cause problems to your relationship and make the other side jealous. If you are single, take advantage of the opportunity to make new and interesting acquaintances.



The intense Taurus Full Moon seems to be your first trial in view of commitments you took on last summer. The first exams might look like a party but remember that some watch with great attention and criticise even the smallest details which you may ignore or overlook. If you are under big pressure on the professional or family level, find the opportunity to escape with people who can understand your thoughts without too many words. Perhaps it sounds arrogant from your side because you are picky with your communication but at the same time, it is an indication that you cannot satisfy everybody around you.



The favourable Taurus Full Moon seems to be a good opportunity to go on a trip someplace where you can finally think outside the box. Enjoy these moments without thinking of financial affairs which have not necessarily been resolved. On the personal level, distancing yourself from somebody familiar is good for your relationship because you need a new perspective on a relationship which lays heavy on you even though you cannot explain the reasons why.  


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