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New Moon 18/11/2017
by signingstar

The New Moon at 26 degrees Scorpio on November, 18 in quincunx with Uranus in Aries seems to signal a period of search of material and emotional wealth which is based not on individual efforts and will but on union and connection with people who use their heart.

Some will change course regarding a relationship which can also change facts and priorities. This means that there is an internal voice which starts to guide. The transformational touch of this period might startle some because they change ideas and theories. However, the need for internal fulfilment is very tense and might conquer what mind dictates.



The Scorpio New Moon in quincunx with Uranus in your sign will surprise you and make you wonder whether there is balance between your personal dispositions and desires, and opportunities you have in a relationship or partnership with specific rules. On the amorous level, being used to a relationship is not the ally of your need to find oxygen unless sex is still good and as a result, you do not consider any possibility to flee. On the professional level, try to distinguish remuneration from personal freedom. Only then will you understand what is more important to you.



The New Moon opposite you is a very good opportunity to prove to those around you that you have changed and you are ready to present your new personality. Decide whether it is worth starting a new relationship or whether it is only an acquaintance with specific dynamic. You need not reach this conclusion by comparing it to past situations. Make sure you use your instinct because you have personal will and the ability to recognise what suits you in relation to the course you plan for the next step in your life.



The Scorpio New Moon seems to load your daily routine with new obligations which are not necessarily linked to work. You are called upon not only to deal with a change in your relationship with colleagues and partners and to take on and handle new roles but to also rank your obligations differently. Perhaps you must consume more time for work and as a result, you do not find the opportunity to meet with friends. Perhaps you realise that it is necessary to change your nutrition so as to find your feet better and avoid any difficult realisations related to your health.



The Scorpio New Moon is an occasion to seek bigger meaning for your relationship, and to surprise only if you are ready to deal with the consequences. If your mind is stuck on someone new in your amorous life, perhaps you must have a conversation about how to manage both work and love. If a new professional offer is on the table, make sure you check whether you are simply excited with the challenge or there is a really creative opportunity. If something new begins on the personal level, do not forget that commitment is not necessarily something you want to avoid.



The New Moon at the lowest part of your chart seems to remind you that there is unfinished business in your life related to home and family, and you had better deal with it. To escape from disturbing things is a method which worked out in the past but does not seem to be effective anymore because it is high time you dug deep to find relieving answers. The demand to lay new foundations stems from your need to explore the old ones and see what went wrong and they were not as strong as you had expected. This does not mean that you go back to support them time and again. You simply return to find out what material was missing so as to have it with you in the new era you walk in.



The Scorpio New Moon seems to take you somewhere further than your existing environment and make you express yourself in a way which troubles some people around you. You will look for the opportunity to shock people you share moments with or to disturb financial facts with the purpose of seeking the trust of people with whom you share goals and visions at work. A journey at the moment might upset existing balances in your relationship or your finances. However, it appears that you cannot avoid this opportunity since you need fresh air.



The Scorpio New Moon is perhaps a good moment to change some things on the financial level without overlooking the fact that such an action will probably upset existing relationships and partnerships. If you think it is time you asked for more, or you proved you can be that person whom others will trust so as to accomplish what you are in charge of, you had better prove it without electrifying situations which have struggled to discover balance. If time has come to do something to upset existing facts, try to look for your own benefit because it is not always possible to be the equaliser in situations which have lost their pace.



The New Moon in your sign is the juncture when you are called upon to speak and present the new facts in your life. The beginning of new professional affairs is good enough to disturb the stagnant waters of your daily routine since you must rank your priorities differently. On the personal level, the revelation of a certain situation at work may cause turbulence. It is not necessarily bad and negative for you because you wait for an opportunity to make yourself visible time and again for some time now so that others stop thinking that you have surrendered.



The Scorpio New Moon might cause turbulence as regards issues which you would like to keep in the dark or maintain irreversible; they are related to work and perhaps they change the balance in certain work relationships. You had better remember that it is not the right time to be visible and speak only about issues which are under preparation because there are people around you who are ready to attack your plans. On the amorous level, try to find out whether there is action behind the scenes which is not as visible as you would like or expect it to be.



The Scorpio New Moon is perhaps a good occasion to take distance from family or professional issues which have increased your rhythms lately. Your contact with friends will help you clarify the solutions you seek as regards topics which are still pressing and stressful. Perhaps it is also time you added new activities to your life, you joined a new team, and you tried to get rid of questions. This New Moon helps you promote work-related issues shall you decide to work in a team and avoid discussions regarding power and force.



The Scorpio New Moon will be a good test for the way you express yourself in view of issues which may expose or shape your public image. Beware of the way you express yourself and try to control your nerves, mainly if you stand before people who may have an opinion on you which is related to people with influence on your professional affairs. On the personal level, make sure you keep on claiming somebody you are interested in even if it seems like a lost case sometimes. You must express your feelings and not hide them behind a frozen face.



The New Moon in friendly Scorpio seems to pave the way to a journey or a new educational attempt which will set you thinking since it is costly but at the same time, a refreshing breath in the tense three-year-long period you have been experiencing. Your decisiveness in view of new facts will help you avoid a stifling topic so long as you do not blame only third parties but also yourself. You need not punish yourself of course but acknowledge the size of your responsibility in whatever takes place. 

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