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Solar eclipse 15/2/2018
by signingstar

The Solar eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius on February, 15 in conjunction with Mercury and in square with Jupiter in Scorpio seems to upset the lives of the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius); mainly those born on the last days.

A sudden change of course perhaps causes an electroshock to your environment but you seem to be ready to carry on with important moves of transformation. As a result, you do not want to look back. Impulse might feel dangerous at the current juncture but you know very well that if you maintain the existing living conditions, it will be a deadly process. 

On the other side, if you are shocked on the professional level or in your relationship out of the blue, or if your role changes in either situation, it is time you asked yourself whether it is a blessing for your life. You need fresh air even if this prospect stems from an action which leaves you breathless. Make sure you realise the demand to get rid of the mask you have been used to wearing even if this means that you must reintroduce yourself to your environment or the new environment which you decide to enter.



The Aquarius Solar eclipse gives you the opportunity to be more extrovert, to get in touch with friends time and again, and to change your social role. Perhaps new invitations come up which make you change your daily routine due to your participation in pleasant activities. You had also better ask yourself whether you should stop being in control of everything and turn towards team work. On the amorous level, try to keep reason intact and do not fall into the trap of seeing things as some wish to present them to you.



The Aquarius Solar eclipse seems to upset your public image because it will shake a relationship or partnership which must find its footing; mainly if you were born on the last days of the sign. Perhaps you must bring to the surface some thoughts or actions which you used to hide until today. This could change balance at home or at work. Perhaps you must take some important decisions regarding invitations you have received because you cannot be in two places simultaneously. You must understand that you cope with some issues in need of your undivided attention so do not pretend you cannot see the signals.



The Aquarius Solar eclipse seems to be an opportunity to escape a stifling environment which forces you to miss the calm daily flow of your life. You will need time to yourself even if this means that you must add some sports activities. Otherwise you tire your body and you confuse your mind. A journey at the current juncture could be a pleasant break so do not just talk and plan. Try to make it happen. In general, you must add movement to your daily programme either it is related to your body or to your spirit.



The Aquarius Solar eclipse perhaps brings about a temporary but serious instability on the financial or amorous level. You cannot plan your future according to existing facts because there are imponderable factors which will disturb the calm you look for. If you take the risk and you also dare confront somebody who might upset every single stable point of your life, jump into the challenge and see what happens.



The Solar eclipse opposite you seems to be the moment when you must take decisions which you know will electrify not only people around you but also your own life; mainly if you were born on the last days of the sign. You are called upon to deal with the personality of the other side who insists on believing that he/she can set the rules of the game. You also realise that it is not simple though. Perhaps you make a new step in your life or you might think that you have the opportunity to lead situations in your desirable direction. However, you cannot think that you decide and act alone. Take decisions and dare communicate them and implement them. Otherwise stagnation at the current juncture will make you feel bogged down.



The Aquarius Solar eclipse perhaps awakens you and tries to make you turn your head away from a specific direction which manages to draw your interest. If you are caught in a snare and you can hardly escape, or if you dream of situations which you cannot rationalise, you need an electroshock to wake up. Before this bell turns into a bad sign for your health, try to listen to certain rational voices which call you to pay attention to reality. It is a pity to wake up because of a bucket of cold water thrown on your face following a hot night.



The Aquarius Solar eclipse is perhaps a very good occasion to take the decision to make the next step in your personal life either through a birth which you have been waiting for a long time or which comes up out of the blue. What matters is that you believe everything can happen, that you can be lucky in view of challenges, and that you can invite situations which can make your life beautiful. On the professional level, dare prove that you have a creative view on things and you will understand that you will draw the attention of many.



The Aquarius Solar eclipse perhaps upsets the foundations of your life through decisions and actions of close-to-you people which you cannot easily control. You had better not take important decisions, not make changes related to your home or relationship, and better observe what takes place in your professional environment. Avoid being the one who pulls strings though. If an issue which should be in the dark comes to the surface, make sure you can handle the consequences with actions which perhaps resemble a skilfully performed operation in view of challenges.



The Aquarius Solar eclipse is a very good moment to plan or go on a trip which you seem to need so as to escape an environment and a repetitive situation which consume you. Perhaps you must speak openly about a situation, or you dare raise your voice to claim something, to express your thoughts and views which might disappoint your neighbours. At the same time, you are called upon to play another interesting game which is related to what you say and what you imply. Test your power to control others’ thoughts and lead them in your desired direction because you can learn things which would not be heard under other circumstances.



The Aquarius Solar eclipse has an impact on your finances time and again. You must be careful with investments you decide to make and you must step back when it comes to purchases or sharing secrets because you will be exposed to people who you do not know whether are on your side or not. With regards to your income, try to secure your money or money you are supposed to receive. It is a good period to be defensive and manage to build your life relying on facts which are not endangered by possible earthquakes.



The Solar eclipse in your sign is perhaps yet another sign that you need to change life direction which you have probably realised already for six months now; mainly if you were born on the last days of your sign. If you did not change it last summer, it is time you clearly answered whether you compromise with today or you decide to disturb stagnant waters. If you did make a change in your life last summer, perhaps you must align some decisions with today, and make moves which you had in mind but did not dare realise. Make sure you do something today in any case because if you let time slip by, you will most likely see trains pass before your eyes without taking the decision to embark.



The Aquarius Solar eclipse perhaps catches you off your guard and forces you to keep your eyes wide open in view of reality. You had better listen to people who seek to speak the voice of reason. You had better try to remember your dreams and to keep your eyes on things. Make sure you also read behind the lines in contracts, you carefully test the personality of people of your interest, and you take reality into consideration. Yes, perhaps you live in a dream at the current juncture but do not forget that you must still walk on earth. There are traps from time to time which will prove to you that you live in a parallel universe.

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