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Full Moon 2/3/2018
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 11 degrees Virgo on March, 2 in opposition to Neptune in Pisces and in trine with Saturn in Capricorn seems to highly influence the representatives of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) who were born at the beginning of the second decanate.

Reason and feeling will be opponents in the terrain of a relationship which must move towards maturity. Idealisation of a certain situation perhaps troubles one side because time is wasted and there is no essential outcome. On the other side, extreme use of reason might dry feelings up and as a result, there are frictions between the two members which prove that there is tension that is hardly relieved.

This Full Moon perhaps brings professional developments because a contract must be signed which could consist of two parts though. Be decisive regarding your choice and make sure you do not show you cannot express your personal opinion. You must prove you can second your thoughts and not transfer the responsibility of your decisions to the other side.



The Virgo Full Moon perhaps creates huge needs in the field of work or day-to-day life regarding the change of its flow so that you feel happier. Perhaps you do not fit in in your professional environment and perhaps you idealise some new offers you have. Perhaps a change takes place which makes you think that you have an even wider field of action. However, you might realise that your body sends signals regarding the dysfunction of your mind or heart and you might have to make moves so as to change the way you rank your priorities. Make sure you listen to your body because you cannot ignore its signs otherwise you might fall sick.



The Virgo Full Moon will help you resolve issues related to your personal life or your relationships with friends through conversations which should finally take place. You need not insist on your personal opinion or put pressure on the other side to accept your words. You should rather play with the other side’s feelings which may bridge the gaps. If you observe any strange behaviours or if you realise that there is no room for communication though, it is time you cut the painter because it equals stagnation for your personal development.



The Virgo Full Moon might cause troubles in relationships with people with whom you have not clarified some issues which trouble you. You had better try and listen to what the other side really says even if he/she insists on something which contradicts your intentions. If there is a question of moving out or a professional transfer, you had better not sign something unclear before you discuss it with very close-to-you people who are there to help you open your eyes. If you are in a hurry to get things moving but something is not clear enough, try and change your view and perhaps the picture will be magically lucid.



The favourable Virgo Full Moon seems to set a trip in motion, to help you escape your daily routine, and to manage to see beyond the familiar scenery of your life. There is, of course, the possibility that certain parameters obstruct your ability to analyse things, to rationalise, and to reach conclusions. In such a case, ask the opinion of somebody who understands the way in which they help you rank and set your priorities. Otherwise you will be lost in a labyrinth without any emergency exit signs. 



The Virgo Full Moon perhaps changes the professional and financial facts in a way which makes you go too far and lose your footing. Try to rationalise any propositions you receive, to properly evaluate any investments you wish to make, and to avoid laying your cards on the table too overtly. On the other side, you have the opportunity to sell something of which you wish to get rid and make a profit. Thus dare to make such a move even if you question the possibility to succeed.



The Full Moon in your sign, in opposition to Neptune in Pisces, requires your attention because you might fall into the trap of being too subjective regarding situations in need of an answer. Idealisation of somebody or some offer perhaps leads you to choices which are not linked to reality and as a result, you add obstacles and burdens to your life when you least need them. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to look at reality and get rid of situations which are against your wishes; situations which are unclear and uncertain. You should keep whatever you understand and moves according to a plan. Can you stand it or do you maybe seek the magic which you did not have until today?



The Virgo Full Moon requests that you seriously deal with health issues and you get rid of anything useless. Start by checking the way you rank the priorities of your day-to-day life because you might discover habits which make it more hectic for no reason. Perhaps you decide to start doing sports, perhaps you change your eating habits, or you decide to take on a different role at work. If there is a new professional offer in your hands, make sure you focus on its essence and not its uncertain promises.



The Virgo Full Moon might be an opportunity to make some important arrangements regarding professional issues and to hold a discussion regarding your role in an environment which must be restructured. It is likely that there are misunderstandings and some things must be explained. Perhaps you must talk about a certain balance which is quite dangerous since it victimises either side. On the amorous level, try to have a clear view even if this means that you ask the opinion of people who can talk to you in an understandable way and help you realise the trap. If you are in a serious relationship, having a child is a possibility you should not exclude.



The Virgo Full Moon seems to be a good opportunity for developments at work or at home following a period of almost three months when things changed. You seem to be ready to take on new roles which you should properly examine and manage to shoulder. If you must redefine the functioning of a team, try to explain your thoughts without being absolute. It is quite easy to be carried away and behave like somebody who considers everybody else inferior. You will create a lot of unnecessary bad feeling.



The Virgo Full Moon is a good opportunity to dare go on a trip far from an exhausting environment which has managed to make you feel that you are surrounded by people in need of attention, otherwise they might harm you. You need people with whom you reach an understanding without even talking and with whom your dispositions and wishes are attuned. If you must go on a business trip, try and steal some time to combine it with your own relaxation. You should be able to also see the place you visit so that you have a change of scenery.



The Virgo Full Moon draws your attention to the financial aspect of your life because you are perhaps involved in investments or purchases which are probably not beneficial for you. Make sure you read behind the lines of a contract, you check the facts in detail, and you ask for the opinion of somebody whom you can trust. On the amorous level, perhaps there are certain issues in your relationship which are related to the flow of your daily routine and your difficulty to communicate and understand one another since you might be speaking a different language. Try and listen to the other side’s perspective and only then will you realise that the problem is too small for you to be overly concerned.



The Full Moon opposite you seems to be a crucial moment for your interpersonal relations because you are called upon to let go in a relationship or partnership although you are not sure about your own intentions. If there are issues which trouble your life, which lead you to an impasse, or which make you admit that you cannot find solutions all alone, it is time you trusted the other side. If the choice of that somebody, though, has forced you to admit that you are not yourself with them, talk about it and do not try to find solution to a problem which perhaps cannot be solved unless there is a definite break-up or withdrawal. 

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