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Lunar eclipse 31/1/2018
by signingstar

The Lunar eclipse at 11 degrees Leo on January, 31 in opposition to Venus in Aquarius and in quincunx with Neptune in Pisces seems to push you to clarify issues related to your interpersonal relationships which do not have the prerequisites to maintain the balance.

If you were born on the first days of the second decanate of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius), perhaps you need to screen out certain situations so that you know what is yours and what comes from somewhere else. You need to clarify a relationship so as to see your future and to see whether there is a common prospect for future plans. On the other hand, a new acquaintance at the current juncture is perhaps a God-sent gift but it is not sure that there is enough clarity to understand it.

On the professional level, you will have to redefine certain elements of your remuneration and role. It is necessary to correct some injustices which poison an environment in need of fresh air. You need not take hasty decisions and make sonorous statements. You must be decisive so as to resolve issues which lead some efforts to an impasse.



The Leo Lunar eclipse with Venus in Aquarius signals an upheaval in your personal life which seems to be due to awakening amorous dispositions. A new acquaintance at the current juncture will disturb the balance of your personal life and might create some dreams which you can hardly understand whether they are realistic or not. On the other side, if you are ready for the next step in your relationship, developments might be faster and you might have to speed up some decisions. Remember that the impulse of the moment might not last long.



The Leo Lunar eclipse will destabilize the climate on the professional or family level. A crucial meeting of great importance can define the next steps of an environment in which not everybody seems to be happy. Perhaps you look for a new living space because your amorous life moves to a next level or you might have to closely deal with your professional affairs, because you take on a role which bears bigger responsibilities daily. Remember that you must also look in the direction of your parents or the circle of your close relatives at the same time because you realise that distance between yourselves grows bigger.



The Leo Lunar eclipse is perhaps a very good occasion to plan or go on a trip which could bring you close to somebody who seems to be ready to take the next step in your relationship with you. You amorous life is in need of an escape so as to have a change of scenery. Hence do not refuse such an offer or do not hesitate to propose such a prospect. On the professional level, it would be useful to find room and time outside your usual environment because your association with people will help you see things through another perspective.



The Leo Lunar eclipse seems to highlight your need to reconfirm your existence through your belongings, your talents and your abilities, and through what you can conquer and give to others without necessarily asking for something back. On the personal level, perhaps you struggle to find balance between what you give and what you take in a relationship and as a result, you realise that it is difficult to find the desired balance. On the professional level, perhaps you receive a new offer which is not at all indifferent to you. The question is whether you can leave something unfinished; something for which you have worked hard and you are not willing to give away to others.



The Lunar eclipse in your sign, which mostly has an influence on those who were born on the first days of the second decanate, seems like the realisation of a path which will lead you to a new phase of your life. A change on the personal level is obvious to people around you by now and this means that you have perhaps decided to change many facts in your life. You seek the way to shout out loud that you want happiness so if you have it, you need not keep on hiding. On the professional level, do not take the next step alone. Try to keep people beside you who you think are worth it to contribute to what seems like your magical creation.



The Leo Lunar eclipse perhaps brings to the fore health issues which you are called upon to handle seriously even if they seem like an unexpected threat. It is time you broke free in your daily routine, you decided to operate in a way which is attuned to your age and your endurance, and you left old living patterns by the wayside since they are far more different from who you are today. On the professional level, you had better pay attention to what takes place in the dark because there lurks backstabbing even by people who are beyond suspicion.



The Leo Lunar eclipse perhaps bears developments on the amorous level as a new acquaintance from the wider circle of friends has an amorous touch. Perhaps you see somebody whom you have known for long in another way and your relationship might move to another level now. Perhaps you have the opportunity to make a new step in your existing relationship and discuss the possibility of having a child. In general, try and find the positive side of life mainly by associating with people who usually avoid stereotypes and social patterns and live the way their heart dictates.



The Lunar eclipse at the highest point of your chart indicates that it is time you stopped hiding and you dared talk about your public image as it comes up through your career or family. Perhaps it is time you made a professional move which aims at proving whether you are willing to be consistent with your promises. Perhaps it is also time you chose that offer which gives you bigger financial security and stopped committing to environments, the cycle of which has come to an end. On the family level, it is probably time your role changed and somebody else took over unless you are the one who is called to carry on with a tradition of many years.



The Leo Lunar eclipse seems to call upon you to dare come out of a certain framework, travel and meet people, and get excited about a meeting which could take a turn for something new in your life. It seems that you wish to escape your familiar environment although it is not very easy because you insist on hanging from some roots which you refuse to uproot; you just often trim them. Perhaps an educational cycle, which was hard on you, comes to an end and you seek the opportunity to spend some time with people you like. Perhaps there is even something amorous between yourselves, something that would even change the way you think about relationships.



The Leo Lunar eclipse is perhaps a difficult moment in your life because you are called upon to digest the end of a situation but you cannot deny that there is also a defeat or loss which damages your pocket or heart. What really matters is that you stay as focused as possible on the facts, you look at reality and you avoid listening to alluring words and beguiling promises. Perhaps it is too hard on you to admit that you are not in control of the situations but you should not let others around you see it. Operate based on your heart and you will see that you will avoid bigger troubles.



The Lunar eclipse opposite you is an important moment for your life because you have the opportunity to put your interpersonal relationships in order, mainly if you were born on the first half of the second decanate. You must be honest to the person before you and convince him/her that you can lead things in the direction you have in mind. Perhaps you must confront somebody who decided to stand up against you, to put their foot down, and to claim that they seek room in your common framework. You need not feel threatened and look for a new amorous or professional opportunity. It is no time for hasty and impulsive decisions.



The Leo Lunar eclipse perhaps indicates with grandeur that you had better check health-related issues and not ignore certain signals you receive. You cannot keep on wasting yourself in people and situations that wear you out without taking your own needs and desires into consideration. On the other side, you need not rest on your laurels and think that your behaviour goes unnoticed by some and that you gain time. This eclipse proves that there is a kind of wound which you cannot ignore. At the same time, you cannot keep on provoking people around you and expect no reaction. 

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