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New Moon 17/3/2018
by signingstar

The New Moon at 27 degrees Pisces on March, 17 in conjunction with Chiron, in square with Mars in Sagittarius and in trine with Jupiter in Scorpio seems to upset the lives of the signs/ascendants of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) who were born mainly on the third decanate.

This New Moon will bring to the fore sick situations and methods to repair them or treat them. Perhaps it sounds like bad news in a tranquil period, like an annoying situation which breaks the silence, or like an obstacle in the middle of the corridor which nobody is willing to move. Perhaps it is an occasion to have a check-up, or to change your nutrition, your habits and your activities. Perhaps you feel the need to approach more people who are in need of support, who are helpless and who seek a word or action that will help them see the light time and again.

On the other side, this New Moon will be the source of irritation, will intensify the inner war of people who are in a transitional period, will make some people feel guilty about their behaviour, and will target remorse which is the starting point of wrong choices. It is time you cut the umbilical cord which holds you captive in a reality which has long come to an end. Thus do not hesitate to assume responsibilities which scare others.



The Pisces New Moon calls upon you to have a last check-up, and to monitor your constitution and its dynamic so as to deal with the challenges before you. You must rid your mind and heart of unfinished business and past remnants which are no longer viable. You had better pay attention to your nutrition and add foods which help you strengthen your constitution. Finally, make sure you clarify some issues with people from work because you must bring to the surface any double-faces even from people beyond suspicion.



The Pisces New Moon is perhaps a ringing bell to remind you that you must support friends. Make sure you show your interest in people who need you, you carefully see what they express or hide behind a mask of joy, and you talk with them so as to understand their fears and insecurities. Maybe you consider you lose time which you could invest in yourself but you win people whom you need over, while at the same time you gain experience in supporting others. If you think that your friendship with some people has come to an end, do not hesitate to talk about your final alienation so long as you mean it and you can make it true.



The Pisces New Moon will trouble you because perhaps you are in a process of reviewing your relationship with somebody who plays an important role in your life. Perhaps you realise that you are not in an equal relationship you thought you were and that there are elements in this relationship which make it lose its balance. Your communication with that person is perhaps difficult and forces you to admit that it is not possible to be at the helm. If you understand that your environment is not what you wished for, it is probably time you understood that some rules are not as flexible as you would like them to be and as a result, you look for the way out.



The Pisces New Moon perhaps challenges the balance between your personal freedom and the demand to move outside specified boundaries. It seems that you are under pressure because you cannot find time to yourself or relaxing activities. Thus you are forced to admit that you have added structures to your life which you can hardly break. Communication with somebody is perhaps difficult and this makes you examine whether you have set boundaries in your life in a way which is almost impossible to change. Perhaps you admit that there are certain sick situations but make sure you try to do something to change them and do not compromise with realisations and promises.



The Pisces New Moon perhaps pesters you because you get to confront feelings which make you move in directions of which reason does not approve. Being with somebody is perhaps difficult and highly demanding and as a result, you recognise obstacles and deadlocks which are impossible to ignore. Perhaps you think of escaping but at the same time, you know that there are feelings which you cannot overlook. Perhaps you are in a pressuring professional environment but you also understand that it gives you financial security which you cannot leave by the wayside easily and flatly. Maybe you are under pressure but you cannot imagine what could happen if you lost some habits which are also stable points of reference in your life.



The New Moon opposite you is an important moment for your interpersonal relationships because you must deal with the difficulties of your relationship without making any reckless and subversive moves. There is an open wound which many people see so you cannot keep on playing with a situation which you think you can ignore. Being in a relationship or partnership with imperfections is a very good opportunity to feel that you contribute to the improvement of situations which you would like to adjust to your needs. Do not believe that it is better to participate in occasions which touch perfection because you might lose your interest.



The Pisces New Moon is perhaps a good opportunity to deal with health issues and to improve your nutrition and physical activity with the purpose of feeling better in your existing framework. Perhaps you must adjust your daily routine to new facts and as a result, you must change your eating habits and remove some harmful ingredients from your diet. On the professional level, you had better try and lower your voice shall you wish to stay there unless you have decided to get into direct conflict with certain people so as to resolve issues in a way which cannot be diplomatic and peaceful.



The Pisces New Moon gives you the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to your personal life and to accept some elements of the personality of the person before you even if this means that you compromise with some things. Perhaps you must deal with your children and issues of their concern, or even maybe with their health. On the professional level, try to love what you do time and again, otherwise it feels like if you are trapped in an environment which resembled a playground to you until some time ago.



The Pisces New Moon seems to highlight that you must find a way to settle unfinished business that is more confusing than you realise. You are called upon to admit that you cannot finish everything at the current juncture and you must let go of something even if this proves that you are defeated. You see, there are important people whom you cannot put on the back burner so you had better make space and time for them. Stop being chaotic because there are people who got sick and tired of your behaviour and it is a pity to alienate them.



The Pisces New Moon wants to remind you to be softer with people around you, to avoid hurting their feelings, and to change the way you communicate your ideas. In the heat of the moment, you might say things which you do not mean or which do not sound as they should. Hence hold your tongue! On the other side, you cannot keep on belittling your intelligence and not shedding light to issues which are in the dark for a long time. You had better reveal some elements which make you seem like a victim instead of fearing that you might not be considered discreet.



The Pisces New Moon perhaps bears results on the financial level because you are forced to be careful with your expenses with the purpose of not giving promises which will make it hard on you in the future. You have some activities in mind but you cannot realise them because you have not properly calculated the expenses. You must break promises you made to friends because you cannot carry them out due to lack of time and resources. Finally, you had better ask for proof from people who promise too much instead of relying on words which cannot come true.



The New Moon in your sign seems to ask you to count the price of a decision of yours which will affect your personal and professional life. You are called upon to accept not to compromise in a relationship which puts pressure on you or in which you were chained since you thought it suited you. You need to look for the excitement of a new acquaintance time and again. Furthermore, you had better decide whether you can accept a challenging professional offer which, however, adds many obligations to your life. You are called upon to be decisive and stop being scared like if you do not have a choice.

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