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Full Moon 31/3/2018
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 11 degrees Libra on March, 31 in opposition to retrograde Mercury in Aries and in square with Mars and Saturn in Capricorn seems to mostly affect the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn).

Subjectivity and objectivity fight against one another and there are perhaps interesting dialogues which aim at making differences known between people who see life from a different perspective. A conversation will take place and interlocutors should be very patient and strong. They should be in a position to accept the viewpoints and admonitions of people who are not involved in it and could bear another kind of logic. A relationship might be shaken because what is implied is not actually told. As a result, it heads towards a minefield which will touch upon it and have an influence on it.

There is a need to set new rules and boundaries in interpersonal relationships and partnerships. It could dangerously upset some agreements that have already been made. Calmness and cold blood are required so that the agreement is activated because a big danger lurks that disagreements, which will hardly be bridged, will come up.



The Full Moon opposite you is perhaps a good occasion to say some things which have stayed in the dark all this time and which have not been explained. As a result, there are shadows and ambiguities. You must hear the other side out, pay attention to what is said and might sound irrational, and try to balance certain facts which are probably outside your frame of logic. If there is a professional crisis, try to realise your own role so as to avoid any responsibilities which are not yours.



The Libra Full Moon indicates that it is time you held a discussion with people you work with and are in the same environment. This does not mean that you share the same picture about things around you. It is quite possible that you must divide roles and obligations time and again, you explain some things which were the source of conflicts and disputes, and rank your priorities. In addition, it would be useful that you deal with your health and you pay attention to your nutrition. At the same time, some issues which stress you and you do not manage to bring to the surface perhaps trouble you more than you can stand.



The Libra Full Moon probably exercises a moderating influence on your personal life because it may give answers to existing problems which are related to communication in your relationship or financial issues. You must check your expenses as well as those of your better half so that you find a new balance because facts have changed. If you get in touch with an amorous acquaintance from the past, be careful not to invest too much in something that has not changed and as a result, you get disappointed much sooner than you imagine.



The tense Libra Full Moon seems to upset the facts of your life since you get to ask yourself whether you did not move fast enough in your relationship or your professional affairs so that you bring changes. It seems that you run out of patience because there are people before you who test your endurance while at the same time, you wonder whether you care more for others than for yourself. Perhaps you want to make changes in your house, to redecorate, or to move furniture around. In reality, you want to breathe new life in your life and not necessarily in the spaces where you live and operate.



The Libra Full Moon seems to highlight discussions of professional content which have been frozen all along and must now return to the table. Perhaps you meet people with whom you have lost contact and you hold a discussion which should lead somewhere bearing fruits. Perhaps some things should change regarding your role in a new group and perhaps you must seek new daily activities since your day changes. Perhaps you must get in touch with relatives to talk about issues related to your or their health.



The Libra Full Moon mobilises financial issues and forces you to deal with unfinished business which should be settled. You might be stressed with some expenses and you might have to see your relationship through another perspective time and again. The support of/from the better half is crucial and perhaps you must hold a discussion which could improve the climate in your relationship. But if there are disagreements between yourselves, it might be more difficult to be close to one another amorously and this would make your present even harder.



The Full Moon in your sign might be crucial and make you review some personal or professional issues. It is very difficult to maintain certain balances while some fine lines have been crossed. It will not be easy to hold a discussion with the other person since behaviours of close-to-you people from the past, which had a bigger impact on you than you had initially thought, will come to the surface. Do not believe that you can escape ghosts you used to hide in your closet because they have come out to the light and oblige you to deal with them head-on.



The Libra Full Moon asks you to essentially review professional facts as well as some relationship issues because they still give you a headache no matter how hard you try to solve them in a harmonious way. You will have to hold a discussion at work and clarify some roles, you will have to restrain your anger in case of injustice, and you will have to try and explain some things which seem irrational. A relationship seems to move in a different speed and this could mean that things go too far.



The friendly-to-your-sign Libra Full Moon will help you resolve some issues of misunderstanding with friends. It is quite likely that you must explain some of your questions regarding the time and money you invest in affairs in which others, who do not seem to appreciate your efforts, are involved. It is also possible that you must negotiate your remuneration at work and see whether you are rewarded with creativity in addition to money. One way or another, you seek a new role in a group which has lost its footing.



The difficult Libra Full Moon seems to disturb the balance at work or in the family. You will have to talk with people of different age or worldview, and this could upset relationships which hide some troubling sides. You will have to ask yourself whether you can keep on seconding the efforts of others around you or it is maybe time you focused on yourself and you assumed your personal responsibilities. Maybe it is time you traced your own new road without looking behind for people who you thought would follow you.



The Libra Full Moon might bring to the fore some discussions which were left in the dark time and again. Perhaps you did not follow through with them because there were voids which were never filled. Somebody returns though and it is an excellent opportunity to hold that discussion which must finally be completed. On the other side, perhaps you have troubles with transportation because either a trip is cancelled or you must change the group of people with whom you will get in touch. Beware not to hurry too much to communicate certain things because it is likely you fall into traps.



The difficult Libra Full Moon perhaps pressures your finances since you are called upon to hold a dialogue which could bring to the surface promises which were never kept. Perhaps you are under pressure due to expenditure and maybe you must improve your budget. You should ask for money you expected but you never received. On the personal level, try and listen to the opinion of people around you who are more experienced than you are. Only then will you manage to add elements to your thoughts and viewpoints which you currently miss.

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