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New Moon 16/4/2018
by signingstar

The New Moon at 26 degrees Aries on 16 April in conjunction with Uranus and in square with Pluto in Capricorn will mostly upset the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) and will ring the bell of change.

Time has come to reach a decision and put an end to a period of doubt, awaiting, and dilemmas. People who shoulder the weight of the occasion must come into the limelight. Confrontation is sometimes a healthy way to react and to evolve. It is a process which may bear positive results, which could act as a catalyst and open up the way to development.

At this New Moon, one will see friends and enemies, the present and the past, today and tomorrow, beneficial and harmful. One will make choices which one should not sabotage later on. There is no excuse for inertia at this New Moon.



The highly subversive New Moon in your sign seems to give you the opportunity to surprise and electrify people around you who think that you are overwhelmed with the weight of obligations about which you can do nothing. You need to be heard so you might even cry out loud, thus surprise or even scare your surroundings. You need to be seen so you will be dressed in an, at least, eccentric way. You need to act so you might exaggerate and catch others’ attention. The current juncture is an opportunity to make an important announcement so long as you know that boundaries may be easily overcome and you might not be able to go back where you started.



The difficult New Moon will make you admit that there are people who can surprise you with their choices and responses. At work, it is possible that there are news which change the structure of an environment which you thought would remain the same. On the personal level, try and observe the needs of the other side and make him/her express themselves before they do so in a disturbing way. With regards to your health, you had better have a check-up before you have news which change the facts.



The New Moon in the friendly sign of Aries is a good occasion to restart some activities with friends and to have a new programme which you need so as to feel active time and again. You cannot let the chance to go on an excursion go unnoticed, mainly if you have the opportunity to be far from familiar faces who are a burden for your daily routine. On the financial level, seek support from people who are more careless in comparison to what you are used to be surrounded with.



The Aries New Moon is perhaps an explosion in the area of your life which has been bogged down lately. You seem ready to provoke people around you with the news you wish to share and to take action which could indicate that you look for a way out of a programme which is too heavy for you to shoulder. Remember, though, that initial enthusiasm may easily settle and you might have to invigorate it through actions which might be surprising to your surroundings.



The friendly-to-your-sign Aries New Moon could be an excellent opportunity to widen your circle, to go on an excursion which adds new elements to your life, or to dare talk straight from the shoulder so that the behaviour of people around you changes. The way you will express everything is of great importance because you must speak in a way which proves that you acknowledge your own mistakes. What you really need, though, is to look at the horizon, to see a clear-blue sky and to be able to see beyond your familiar and permissible field of vision.



This New Moon could be an important moment for your relationship because there might be developments in an effort to make the next step in it. Your reaction in view of the dispositions and complaints of the other side must be as justified as possible and you must be able to prevent any explosions. If the situation has gone too far, verbal or even physical confrontation with the other side might be an occasion to permanently end a situation which has worn you out.



The New Moon across from you could be an opportunity to make that new beginning in a relationship which has gone through too much lately. You are called upon to make a choice which should also be justifiable because if you simply insist on following the road others suggest, it is very likely that you come to a dead-end time and again. If you are certain that you have chosen that person whom you would like by your side, you had better sign a kind of contract because you have probably found a precious element for the next step in your life. Unless it is a contract of separation and escape from a system which made you feel like another person.



This New Moon will remind you that it is time you dealt with health-related issues and you focused on yourself and whatever takes place on your body since you allow people, who do not care about your dispositions, to come into your life. It is time you properly screened out your life, you got rid of everything which makes noise and which is a useless weight on your shoulders, and you took care of your body. Perhaps you must deal with your nutrition and you wish to add some sports activities to your life which seem extremely strange to what you were used to do until today.



The Aries New Moon seems to set your personal life on fire because it might bring to the fore a new acquaintance which disturbs the existing balance. Perhaps you decide to go after a challenge of the moment, to leave behind tiring and exhausting elements, and to dare speak in a way which proves you are ready to start anew. On the other side, if you have children, try to stand by them because they need your support and they seek a way to express their wishes through a language to which you are not that familiar.



The Aries New Moon may set off situations in your life which are out of your control, mainly through others’ desires which disturb your balance. You understand, though, that you are at a juncture when you are called upon to get ahold of certain situations and to second some facts you have in mind. You know, however, that if these things are implemented, there will be ruptures. You cannot always be a mentor to others or react to others’ actions. Sometimes you must take responsibility for your actions which definitely upset close-to-you people as well as yourself.



The explosive Aries New Moon is perhaps the starting point for a new professional partnership which makes you be active and communicative, and changes your rhythms. Perhaps you decide to cope with the balance between mind and body and you dare change your daily routine with the purpose of finding your balance in view of new facts. Remember that things speed up and you are called upon to handle tensions and misunderstandings in a way which does not translate into final break ups but into a warning to your surroundings that you could even move on to permanent break ups.



The Aries New Moon perhaps upsets your finances and forces you to revisit some of your plans which should be adapted to new facts. You had better avoid any sudden purchases, you had better step back from uncharted projects and you had better get rid of responsibilities which you have assumed and which you cannot settle. On the personal level, try to stop doubting and reach final decisions even if they set off uncontrollable situations.

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