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Full Moon 30/4/2018
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 9 degrees Scorpio on 30 April in quincunx with Venus in Gemini, in sextile with Saturn in Capricorn and in square with the axis of the Moon’s nodes in Leo/Aquarius seems to mostly influence the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius).

Instinct and reason seem to fight against one another in an unequal battle with no rules and no reward.The conflict stems from the need to discover something diverse in an existing situation because the demand for a different voice is bigger than before. Persistence and obsession are two elements which might make the evolution of discussions and actions difficult because flexibility is necessary to smoothen possible reactions.

This Full Moon might disturb some with the purpose of testing whether they can return to their course. There is the need or opportunity to change the way of thinking so as to add new elements in a course which should not be too inflexible.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to increase the intensity of instinct and force you to admit that it is possible to be at the helm of developments in your amorous life and leave reason and logic by the wayside. The other side highly affects your dispositions which perhaps means that you are completely impulsive in your reactions. On the professional level, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a good financial agreement or to better stabilise your position. You must remember that your public image is highly visible at the current juncture and your every move, even if you think it is not visible by many, might have an impact on it.



The Scorpio Full Moon will upset your interpersonal relations and will have a decisive influence regarding their future. Your reaction towards somebody who manages to challenge your boundaries and endurance is an important question at the current juncture since you must operate completely practically and rationally. Try and avoid responding to challenges and focus on your course so as to better second your relationship or career. You must remember that you undergo a personality transformation. This means that you will be challenged to miss your course because some decided to test the consistency of your words and actions.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to have an influence on balances at work and to make you work longer hours or realise that you must do something drastic so as to find a job following a long period of search. You must be careful with your verbal reactions in view of challenges and you must be able to control your anger which could outweigh every sort of reasonable response. Finally, a small health problem might turn into something serious unless you pay attention to certain details in your daily routine. Thus you had better try and anticipate developments before they get worse.



The intense and passionate Scorpio Full Moon seems to act as a catalyst for your amorous life and may bring your desires into line with reality. You are called upon to decide whether you wish and you can become a member of a situation, the course of which might be long, by signing a contract with your soul. On the professional level, you must decide whether you are ready to make a scary jump which also seems ideal so as to escape an environment which does not help you grow.



The difficult Scorpio Full Moon seems to test your psychological endurance because you have probably already gone too far with your physical one. Association with people at home or at work is already a big trial because you might have to bear behaviours which seem inconceivable to you. If you are about to leave a stifling space, make sure you settle unfinished business and shut the door behind you for once and for all.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to test your ability to connect instinct with reason and to reach conclusions regarding the connection of these two aspects of your personality. You are called upon to decipher some meanings in conversations with close people and to try and read between the lines since they might convey double messages. Perhaps you must say some things that will clarify your position regarding amorous or family issues with the purpose of operating without guilt and without pressure due to others’ behaviours.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to challenge your financial situation because you think about purchases and investments which should not be groundless. You are called upon to grade your priorities and think whether you should appoint other people higher in the hierarchy instead of yourself so as to fulfil your own needs. If you are at a point when you rid yourself of a history of many ages, make sure you get rid of as much as possible even if you do something which proves that you are ready to sell expensive objects and memories of a long period of your lifetime. On the professional level, you have the opportunity to move on to an agreement which strengthens you even more so long as you are not scared to show off your abilities.



The Full Moon in your sign seems to test your ability to choose between healthy cohabitation and maintenance of a sick situation which is the source of doubt and ambiguity for tomorrow. You have the opportunity to shut the door to a relationship or an occasion which challenges your dispositions and to speak in a way which proves that you are ready to leave the past behind. This might indicate that you break up with somebody or you quit a job even if they could offer you temporary pleasure. You need stability so there is no space for any sort of imbalance in your life.



The Scorpio Full Moon might disturb you, hurt you or traumatise you so you had better watch your back. Take care of your health and try to protect yourself from exaggerations in your daily routine. Try and clarify every grey area at work and take distance from conspiracies and behind-the-scenes actions. If you can vision developments at work, try to look beyond today and focus on tomorrow so as to solve problems which might come up and confuse you or immobilise you.



The Scorpio Full Moon will be a good opportunity to resolve work-related problems without necessarily cutting the painter. If you hold a discussion, you might clarify many disagreements so long as both sides listen and it is not a monologue. Perhaps you turn your interest in friends so as to stop thinking about difficult balances which trouble you. You try and hear the opinions of people you trust and who can broaden your way of thinking.



The difficult Scorpio Full Moon seems to highly electrify some situations on the personal or professional level and forces you to admit that you are called upon to operate in an absolutely dynamic and decisive way. Perhaps you acknowledged that there are forces around you which you cannot overcome and you cannot bridle, so you had better let these people express their personality. Perhaps a disagreement becomes absolutely clear and it could signal the end of a relationship or partnership with the purpose of realising what your prospects are and in which direction to move.



The Scorpio Full Moon is a good opportunity to go on an excursion, leave your living and work space and make sure you find yourself someplace where you have the opportunity to change your way of thinking. Keep your moves hidden from people who will try to find out because you must protect yourself from people who might betray you. On the professional level, keep on operating in the dark because you had better avoid any exposure to people who might change their words about you later on.

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