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New Moon 15/5/2018
by signingstar

The New Moon at 24 degrees Taurus on 15 May in trine with Pluto in Capricorn and in marginal opposition to Jupiter in Scorpio seems to stress the need for new beginnings in the life of signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius). At the same time, Uranus enters Taurus and Mars enters Aquarius and they seem like chess matt on a chess board which has turned into a battlefield of amateurs in a game for professionals only.

The current juncture seems to put an end to a period of waiting and endless planning and to play the closing credits of efforts which try to go beyond what is there but have no foundations and support. It is necessary to be in touch with the real dimension of things in order to lay foundations and make progress in an effort for which there is no more time to waste. You had better adjust the facts to the truth and stop planning something which seems exquisite but is unlikely to come true due to existing obstacles.


The Taurus New Moon wishes to make your life more realistic and to introduce new facts in very fast developments. You have the opportunity to make a very positive move on the professional level which will help you increase your remuneration. Bear in mind, though, that you might have to exceed some safety boundaries of yours. You must answer whether you trust to share profits and/or challenges or you will act individually making no room for others to participate in your prospects.



The New Moon in your sign seems to be a new beginning for your life and reminds you that you cannot be chained to situations which you think provide you with security. There are several challenges before you to break free and you must realise that you cannot simply give orders so that your plans or agreements take place. You must simply move. Thus do not ask only the other side for guarantees. Shape your new action frame because it will attract that one person who fits in without putting pressure on existing people to stay in it.



The Taurus New Moon seems to have a behind-the-scenes effect on your life and influence your finances so you had better shed some light on grey areas and strange moves. Perhaps you try to disengage from a pressuring situation, you wish to escape an environment which does not suit you, and you step back in agreements which took place under circumstances that are not convenient anymore. Bear in mind, though, that perhaps you initiate a procedure which you cannot fully control so make sure you know who supports you and who only pretends to.



The Taurus New Moon might help you discover your new role in a team which could become more stable in your life. Perhaps you are more active in a system which seems to provide you with a sort of much needed security since you must find your footing following the break ups and upheaval of the last years. Hence, your contact with friends may renew your faith about tomorrow because you meet people time and again with whom you share a common viewpoint on future.



The tense Taurus New Moon seems to want to change existing facts in your life and asks you to be decisive when it comes to plans which should not remain unrealised. You will have to assume a role which might scare you because it is too responsible but it is the right moment to prove that you can exceed yourself. Furthermore, you will have to decide whether you can keep driving the vehicle you have been offered or you got tired and you wish to get out. You cannot keep on gaining time because instability is already visible and you are called upon to learn to live with it or confront it.



The Taurus New Moon could be an excellent occasion to change your way of thinking and to find a way to escape stifling facts which make you bump into obstacles. If you have the opportunity to go on a trip at the current juncture, dare do so and you will realise that fresh air is good for thinking. If you get in touch with somebody with a completely different way of thinking, make sure you spend time with them so that you are engrafted with it because it is extremely useful. In any case, make situations smoother because they make your face expressions look stricter lately.



The Taurus New Moon seems to introduce a new mentality which you must adopt regarding belongings which are not totally yours but you must share or invest in another way. Perhaps there is a financial offer which intrigues you on the professional level but at the same time, you hesitate because you are not sure whether you would fit in the given environment. Perhaps balance in your relationship changes and you are called upon to accept the new facts which force you to acknowledge that there are new priorities.



The New Moon in the sign opposite you is certainly a moment which could change the flow and priorities of your life. You must bear in mind that you must rank some things and set priorities which could even cancel some of your plans. You are called upon to be in tune with the new speed of things and accept the fact that you had better change some facts. A challenge at the current juncture cannot go unnoticed so make sure you know whether it is a firework or something deeper.



The Taurus New Moon might be the reason for sudden changes at work and makes you admit that you must improve your financial situation. In addition, you must try and explain the behaviour of some people from work and bear in mind that it is time what takes place in the dark came to the surface. Finally, you had better cope with your health and well-being because you are called upon to add new activities to your life which should become part of your new identity.



The Taurus New Moon is a good moment for you so that you make the necessary moves which will renew your personal life through actions which should lay new solid foundations in your life. The transformation of the last period seems to find a new path for expression through the birth of a new situation, a feeling or somebody who comes to change the facts. The opportunity you have to express yourself and leave others’ desires and dispositions by the wayside should be taken advantage of and be the starting point to build your life with materials which offer you pleasure without remorse and guilt.



The Taurus New Moon might have the impact of a bomb in the foundations of your life because it must change anyway. You just did not expect that such serious decisions should be taken in such a short period of time. It is time, though, you should probably change some facts at home; either the house as a building or the transformation of the space which responds to each member in it. Perhaps you must raise professional issues and talk about new financial facts. Finally, it is perhaps time you closed a door behind you following a long period of patience because you believe that there is no way to improve the existing situation.



The Taurus New Moon could lead to a pleasant escape from your stifling environment with the purpose of enjoying your life somehow more and making your day more pleasant. Try to organise an excursion which will improve the climate of your personal life or which will bring you in contact with people who can suggest something that would add a new element to your remuneration. If you must talk with relatives, make sure you meticulously observe what they say by exhibiting patience and the will to reach an understanding.

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