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Full Moon 29/5/2018
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 8 degrees Sagittarius on May 29 in opposition to Mercury in Gemini and in a favourable trine with the North Node in Leo (and in sextile with the South Node in Aquarius) seems to have an influence mostly on the representatives of the fire element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and the air element (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).

Perhaps there is an opportunity to go on an excursion or a trip at the current juncture; somewhere far from routine to break free from day-to-day life which is necessary so as to accept some things that have changed the balance lately. The quest for a personal identity coincides with the challenge to participate in new activities. As a result, you must evaluate your personal time and necessary knowledge to become a member of a team which calls upon you to express your world view.

This Full Moon might be an occasion for verbal disputes which should result to decisions. It is pretty difficult to maintain certain balances, thus some thoughts must be expressed that will likely bring about reactions, responses and criticism which you should be ready to handle.



The Full Moon in the friendly sign of Sagittarius might help you clarify an issue related to your communication with somebody who has changed their behaviour lately. Perhaps you feel like saying some things which are absolute, harsh and difficult to digest. On the other side, there is need for absolute honesty. You could also benefit from a seminar or a diploma that you take at the current juncture and will help you find your feet on the professional level. Finally, a journey might be the reason for doors to open up that you did not even imagine so long as you are ready to acknowledge that it resembles your entry to a new world.



The Sagittarius Full Moon might be hard on you because it forces you to deal with stressful financial issues since you must be fast and take risks. It might be scary, of course, because you function much better when everything takes place on the basis of a plan and strategy. It is time, though, you upset certain structures. On the amorous level, human touch is sometimes more effective than a dead-end dialogue; thus bring it to the fore.



The Full Moon opposite you is a very good opportunity to resolve a personal or professional issue with somebody with whom you have a close relationship. You must express your opinion, stop suppressing your thoughts and confront the other side so as to reshape this relationship which seems to be unstable. Perhaps it is the right moment to discuss a financial topic at work and ask for a raise since you think you are underpaid considering the work you do.



The Sagittarius Full Moon makes you more nervous and you might behave in an unusual way before people with whom you work or you must associate so that the flow of daily life is normal. Perhaps you say harsh things even to people you do not know well because only then do you manage to deal with your anger which is related to your interpersonal relationships that pester you. You had better take care of your health, though, because you exhaust yourself since you are not honest as to the direction you must take. As a result, you suppress a lot of anger which poisons you.



The favourable Sagittarius Full Moon might be an exceptional occasion to go on a trip together with somebody who seems to have come into your life to convince you that you can reach an understanding and spend some pleasant time together. You must find time to do something like this, of course, because there are several obligations you must finish due to promises you have given. Perhaps you also change the way you grade your priorities and change speed in your personal life.



The Sagittarius Full Moon might upset things at home or at work since there might be confrontations with people who have a different way of thinking from yours and you seem to speak different languages. Your chemistry with some people is not compatible and as a result, there are rifts in relationships which are called upon to find new footings. Some disturbances might be reasons to discuss certain issues with friends so make sure you keep your ears open to people who can speak in a language you understand and makes you cope with challenges rationally.



The Sagittarius Full Moon seems to set off the decision you are called upon to make regarding a trip or an excursion because you must negotiate with people of your intimate circle. You really need to be someplace where you have a good time and this is obvious from the electrified atmosphere at home or at work. If it is a period when work relationships are tense, be careful not to take distance when you should be present. If there are important changes at home, perhaps you must ask yourself whether it is time you even changed place of residence.



The Full Moon in the field of your finances is an important moment regarding professional negotiations since you had better sign a new contract. Make sure somebody close to you is your ally and gives you their opinion because you should not be alone when dealing with this offer which changes things in your life. On the amorous level, perhaps there are thoughts and efforts to make the next step. This is stressful for you because you must also deal with the opinions of people who want to have an opinion about what you think to implement.



The Full Moon in your sign might be an occasion to hold a discussion with somebody with whom perhaps you disagree about a crucial topic. As a result, you both raise your voice and there is a rift in the balance between yourselves. You cannot carry on living with a cloud above your head and struggling to hide facts which electrify your relationship. If you feel trapped in this environment, you can find opportunities around you so long as you look beyond the obvious and you are ready to go on a short or longer trip.



The Sagittarius Full Moon perhaps increases the physical and mental fatigue of the period and perhaps inner tension also grows bigger. If you must be patient and bottle up some disturbing things, it is not at all easy to keep on living as before. You want to express yourself openly and dare bring to the surface your annoyance or complaints. It is not at all easy, though, to do this in an elegant and harmonious way. If you are at a crucial point on the professional level, you will find out that there is a lot of behind-the-scenes action and you might have to focus on directions which you did not consider threatening until today.



The Sagittarius Full Moon will be a very good occasion to reevaluate your position in a friendly and social circle which might be stable but this does not mean that you wish to maintain the same role in it. You most probably evaluate your choices widely and you seek to take distance from people you associate with so as to make room for new choices. Perhaps you realise that if you make some steps in your personal life, you are called upon to redefine your social circle because you take on new roles and your time for other activities is limited or changes. Balance between personal pleasure and social activity seems to change at the current juncture.



The Sagittarius Full Moon seems to have an effect on your public image and makes you admit that you are called to take decisions which will change your identity. You are most likely called upon to bring balance to certain decisions which influence many areas of your life but perhaps you are not ready to take a step which exposes you. On the other side, you realise that you cannot ignore what takes place around you and has a direct effect on you. As a result, you are called upon to express your personal view. You must commit to people around you otherwise time will fly by and you will not manage to give answers. As a result, you will be stuck in a station from which trains pass but you do not decide to embark on any of those.

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