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New Moon 13/6/2018
by signingstar

The New Moon at 22 degrees Gemini on 13 June in quincunx with Pluto in Capricorn seems to mostly influence the signs/ascendants of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) born on the third decanate.

There is a battle between lightness and seriousness with the purpose of finding balance although it is not possible. Truth be told, both sides of your personality must find a way to express themselves because you cannot bring them together in the same situations. You may change your daily routine, though, so as to make room for full expression of your personality.

This New Moon might be a good occasion to go on an excursion which perhaps feels like a burden you need to shoulder. At the same time, however, it is a very good reason to have a change of scenery.



The Gemini New Moon is perhaps an ideal opportunity to find time and way to go somewhere far and to dare break a repetitive daily life. Perhaps you need to associate with people who see life in a more careless way so as to empty your head from difficult situations. Perhaps you must simply communicate your professional plans in a different way so that they come to the notice of people who would not listen to you under other circumstances.



The New Moon in the area of your finances might be the source of an income which you have long awaited or you did not expect. It can help you plan a trip you have in mind. If you must prioritise your obligations, remember that you cannot leave by the wayside domestic affairs, and questions of purchase and renovation which are necessary so as to second your choices on the personal level lately.



The New Moon in your sign is perhaps a good opportunity to start over your personal life and to try and reboot a relationship which has been bogged down with daily routine. You are called upon to realise that you must take on a role which the other side cannot assume and to function complementarily in a relationship of two people with different characters. On the professional level, make sure you arrange financial issues so as to overcome unimportant obstacles.



The Gemini New Moon will make it hard on you to express yourself and will force you to talk to somebody honestly and seriously from whom you cannot hide. You must acknowledge several things of your concern and avoid finding excuses. You should rather bring truth to the surface bluntly. It is not that easy unless you choose the easy way out which leads you to people and situations with a clear expiration date.



The Gemini New Moon could be a very good opportunity to be with friends and other social acquaintances so as to leave by the wayside work issues of your daily life. Your need to be amidst people is stronger and stronger and as a result, you decide to add new activities to your life so as to break free from routine. If there are developments in your personal life, it is likely that steps forward are made in your relationship or you meet somebody who amorously flares your life up.



The Gemini New Moon will make you focus on the professional area of your life and you will have to deal with rather unpleasant situations. You are called upon to show off your ability to manage and find solutions in critical situations, to have an advisory role before people who are under pressure and to be able to admonish young people who act on an impulse. On the personal level, perhaps you find it hard to integrate elements in your relationship which are the pieces of the puzzle which depicts the image that society maintains about a happy relationship. It seems that you look for something other than this image.



The Gemini New Moon will give rise to your dilemma between going on an excursion and the need to be at home or at work without being able to escape. Perhaps you discuss the prospect of going on holidays and of fleeing somewhere far from the ordinary. However, you also know that this is a period when some elementary parts of your life change, thus it is not at all easy to make your dreams come true. Perhaps you must find a way to put an end to repetition of the last period and to add to your life some moments when you manage to take your thoughts away from the same pattern.



The Gemini New Moon is perhaps a good opportunity to bring to the fore the question of your remuneration in a work environment which you consider pressuring. It is time you asked for more but you know that you must play with the other side’s mind so as to persuade them for things which might easily be taken for arrogant. Perhaps it is also time you provoked a fake crisis in an amorous or professional relationship so as to make known the boundaries and air-tight compartments of a balance which lately seeks the way to be more stable through difficult challenges.



The Gemini New Moon might be a good occasion to make a new beginning in a relationship which must find a different way of communication. Perhaps the other side makes the first move and he/she opens the discussion so that you answer back and give your own perspective. Truth be told, you need fresh air so do not reject the prospect too fast even if it looks like a move which troubles you regarding the financial responsibility you are called to shoulder.



The Gemini New Moon might upset your work routine and make you lose your footing since you must be involved in a situation which you cannot control. Perhaps you feel sick which is the result of what you do not express or of actions which do not bear your own blueprint. You must learn to co-operate without being at the helm, to participate in something without exceptions and to work as a team member even if some things are not exactly as you would like them to be.



The Gemini New Moon might be a good opportunity to improve the climate in your personal life by holding a discussion with your better half which could resolve some not that important issues. You are called upon to be honest and square despite the fact that what you say might be shocking or that the other side might not follow your lead. If there is a new acquaintance at the current juncture, try to figure out whether it is somebody with whom there is future or just an acquaintance for whom the enthusiasm will soon die.



The Gemini New Moon reminds you that you must finally decide to remove from your habits something which makes you lose your goal and does not help you set your priorities straight. Perhaps you feel safer if you play a double game because there is always an alternative in case something goes wrong. At the same time, though, you do not inspire confidence in people who wish to understand whether you mean what you say or you simply talk without thinking much.

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