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Solar eclpise 13/7/2018
by signingstar

The Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer on 13 July in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn and in trine with Neptune in Pisces seems to indicate that the two-year-long period of transformation begins for the life of the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn).

The eclipse will bring to the fore conflicts the prize of which is power. Thus it seems rather threatening for the life of people who are not ready to be involved in situations of the kind. It is also possible that the ageing of some is visible since they cannot handle situations anymore as they used to some years ago. The end of a lifecycle is here and everybody must seriously take it into consideration because the rules of nature are hard and fast.

On the other side, something new seems to be born which comes to the surface following labour and pain. The new fights against the old but neither realises that they should work together at least until the new living frame has taken shape. It is not a battle between David and Goliath. It is a dance of two people of different age in two different rhythms which sound strange to one another’s ears. It is an effort to tune in to two completely strange sounds.



The Cancer Solar eclipse in opposition to Pluto introduces the end of a cycle which started ten years ago and reaches its peak. Truth be told, you most likely experience a loss, of a person or a feeling, and you must courageously deal with your scared and dark idol in the mirror. Yes, it might be shocking but it can also be relieving since you are called upon to dig deep inside and find new meaning for your life. You must remember that you will have something in your life in two years from now that will make it extremely precious. Thus you have no right to let others determine it in the coming two years because the creation must bear your own unique signature.



The Cancer Solar eclipse seems to highlight that it is time you proved your way of thinking has changed in view of things which cannot exist the way you learnt them since they are harmful to your personal growth. It is possible that you properly screen out people around you who influence your worldview because you have got your own value system. Perhaps the cycle of basic education comes to a close and you decide about your next steps. Perhaps a period of wandering ends and you decide to lay roots in a relationship or a home or a job; in a body in which your mind finally fits.



The Cancer Solar eclipse seems to bring developments on the financial level mainly through a collaboration with people and organisations that change the terms and conditions. You are called upon to think whether you trust somebody who pays your salary or it is time you dared to work as a freelancer. Perhaps your collaboration with an organisation comes to a close and you must step aside for a while until you find your footing time and again. On the amorous level, the other side must change something for this relationship to be functional, otherwise perhaps your way out of the impasse is a parallel relationship or a difficult ending of the existing one.



The Solar eclipse in your sign in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn seems to highly influence your life as you are upset because of wounds and diseases as well as new dynamics and talents which come to the surface. There are two paths before you which are completely opposite. The first one is the past and its stirring up. The longer you insist on doing so, the more poison and pain will surface. The second one is liberation from the past and opening up to the future without the fear of being exposed to others. Choose a path and do not fear of making the wrong choice. You are the only judge of yourself and nobody else.



The Cancer Solar eclipse seems to influence sides of your professional life because you probably realise that there are opponents in your environment whom you cannot pretend to ignore. The moves of some people prove that your relations are in crisis and you must be careful with your moves unless you are ready to cut the painter. On the other hand, some behind-the-scenes discussions and moves might come to the surface and expose you to authority figures. With regards to your health, take care of yourself and try to set boundaries in situations which wear your body out.



The Cancer Solar eclipse seems to highlight the need to assume a new role which was given to you or to claim that role in a team in which you cannot keep on hiding. If you lack self-confidence or if you are under pressure because you feel like sinking in an environment full of developments which do not include your personal path, it is time you spoke about everything that pressures you. Perhaps some desires of yours which were contained all along come to the surface because it is rather harmful to keep on hiding them. A new role is ready to be yours and you must be strong enough to raise to the occasion.



The Cancer Solar eclipse upsets the balance between career/family because it prepares you for the big change which is about to take place. A two-year-long period begins when you are transformed under conditions which, at times, are pressuring and traumatic. Perhaps you acknowledge the mistakes of the last ten years and you wish to correct them through moves which change the facts, or you wish to lay foundations in your life following a rather upsetting and subversive ten-year-period. The eclipse makes you understand that you go somewhere else so do not be scared shall you look around and you see old faces who have decided to take a course other than the one you decide to walk on.



The Cancer Solar eclipse in opposition to your ruler, Pluto, seems to help you make your presence noticeable in an environment of people who expect much from you. Perhaps you finish an educational cycle and you are ready to communicate with people you did not dare to approach. Perhaps you decide to change place of residence because you cannot stand being next to people who limit you no matter how secure they make you feel. Finally, perhaps you decide that you cannot stand listening to views around you which are very theoretical and indifferent and you expose your own thoughts wishing to influence others’ lives.



The Cancer Solar eclipse in opposition to Pluto might have an indirect impact on your wallet and some collaborations which will probably change their status. As first, you are called upon to rationally process the new facts, which upset your finances, in a relationship and in your family. You must get prepared for a new reality, and to discover new balances in collaborations the structure of which changes and upsets you. If you must get rid of certain objects at home which only take up space, it is time you examined your commercial and business acumen so as to make a profit.



The first Solar eclipse in the axis of your sign rings the curtain up for a two-year-long period which makes you admit that you cannot hide from the challenges which you are called upon to handle. You must be courageous when it comes to the person before you and you must decide whether you can accept the offer you are given or you will compromise with a stifling life. Perhaps there are people who undermine you or try to scare you, but the question is whether you are afraid of your own self and ambitions. Is there a limit or do you maybe wish to break the cocoon of your life believing that you have one more opportunity to live some creative years?



You must be careful with the Cancer Solar eclipse because it will warn you about sick situations in your life and unhealthy collaborations. You must pay attention to the signs which probably manifest a change of lifestyle so as to bring balance between the demands of body and spirit and your daily life. You must quit certain activities which are not beneficial and you must avoid exaggerating in occasions which make you shoulder useless weights. Perhaps you must pay due attention to behind-the-scenes action in your life and ask yourself whether there are discussions and moves of which you are not aware that could harm your job position.



The Cancer Solar eclipse is a good moment to assume your new role which is related to a birth within the frame of your wider environment. A new love, at the current juncture, pushes you to leave by the wayside a life stance to which you are used because it probably helps you enter a new circle of people. Perhaps you have a child which is something you need to examine seriously since it will transform many areas of your life. Finally, it is time you dealt with the shadows in your life which might be also linked to health-related issues that you cannot leave to chance.

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