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Lunar eclipse 27/7/2018
by signingstar

The Full Moon and Lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius on 27 July in conjunction with retrograde Mars and in square with Uranus in Taurus seems to have an influence on the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) born on the first decanate.

You must beware not to act on impulse because accidents and changes might take place. Hastiness is bad at the current juncture because your need to see things happening might lead you to temporary decisions and will get you in bigger trouble.

On the contrary, an old situation might bring about direct developments to fulfil a void which is still wide open. You must seek to cover your obsessive tendencies about the past and the need to experience whatever happened so as to close a cycle. Only then will you be able to understand whether you have moved on or you want to go back to find that security you have left by the wayside in favour of a challenge which you realised did not suit you in the end.



You must be careful with the Aquarius Lunar eclipse because you might be highly subjective and rude in a group in which you are called upon to maintain a specific role. You must pay attention to the balance between personal gain and team objective, you must operate according to balance and avoid being extreme. It is possible that there are rifts in your friendly environment which prove that you differentiate yourself from people you know for a long time or that you seek to get in touch with people from the past whom you have missed. You might be pleasantly surprised if you meet somebody from the past.



It seems that, with the difficult Aquarius Lunar eclipse in conjunction with retrograde Mars, you must deal with provocative and maybe fiery decisions on the domestic or professional level. You will be called upon to answer whether you can take on roles which will expose you to others or you will remain in the shadow of others in condition that you acknowledge those who assume the leading role. In addition, you must cope with issues related to your domestic role because perhaps you must walk in somebody’s shoes who was the conductor until today so as to see the whole situation from another perspective.



With the Aquarius Lunar eclipse you must be careful regarding the way you express what you think as your thoughts could be rather rebellious or disturbing to people who will not openly react. You had better take a look around before you speak because you might discern some people who may easily have a reaction to your words or you might create unnecessary tension and rivalries. Perhaps you cannot go on a trip at the current juncture so make sure you readjust your plans for a period when it is easier to travel.



The Aquarius Lunar eclipse seems to upset your amorous life and makes you deal with the new facts with courage as they most likely have an effect on your relationship. You must take into serious consideration the question of distance inside the relationship and evaluate whether there is somebody by your side whom you wish to be present all the time or whom you consider an adventure for several days. Perhaps there is a question of sexual nature which has an influence on your relationship or the quest for an amorous partner. On the financial level, make sure you mitigate any moves which endanger stable and permanent facts.



The Lunar eclipse opposite you is a moment of tension for your interpersonal relationships because you are called upon to make some choices which could be dangerous for you. If you are late in taking a decision and making a move in one of your interpersonal relationships, you will have to hurry up because the other side is probably sick and tired of waiting. If there is a new offer or invitation, you had better bear in mind that it is something temporary and not necessarily for life. What matters is that something moves so as to readjust stagnant situations.



The Aquarius Lunar eclipse draws your attention to health-related issues because there might be situations in need of urgent treatment. Take care of your body by starting off with signals it might send you regarding the overall state of yourself. Try and recognise some dysfunctions in your daily life which accumulate elements that affect your inner balance and harm your psychology. Otherwise you go too far with some of your reactions in view of occasions which had no effect on you in the past.



With the Aquarius Lunar eclipse, it seems that you enter the final straight regarding your personal life either by making the next step in your relationship or by getting in touch with somebody from the past with whom there is a lot to discuss. Balance between the two of you is important at the current juncture because a spark might change everything. At the same time, a good challenge is perhaps an occasion to hot up a relationship which has frozen and seeks the catalyst which will set it in motion time and again.



The Aquarius Lunar eclipse is a difficult moment because you are called upon to deal with disturbances in the domestic or work environment. Somebody causes a stir which may upset balances as well as stagnant waters, and may make you ask yourself whether you focus on essence or details. It is time you stopped hiding some things which take place behind closed doors and you expressed yourself honestly and decisively. Perhaps some situations are exposed, of course, but you must be ready for full transparency in your life.



The Aquarius Lunar eclipse seems to upset your environment and there are discussions which can easily create tension. If you are in edge, you had better beware of verbal explosions because you may be easily misunderstood. If you must make some movements, you had better be careful because you might speed up and have accidents or changes in your programme. On the other side, you had better clarify some issues with relatives because shadows, which poison your relationship with them, must be dissipated.



It seems that the Aquarius Lunar eclipse has an impact on your finances and belongings since you must set some new boundaries. Perhaps you spend too much at the current juncture and as a result, you are under pressure and you must grade your priorities time and again. Perhaps it is time you relied on somebody’s support and you stopped being autonomous and completely selfish at times. On the amorous level, you had better avoid statements and actions which prove that you do not take the other side into consideration. It is time you acknowledged your feelings and you stopped hiding.



The Lunar eclipse in your sign makes you get in touch with your choices and give answers about them. You must beware of the fact that you might be too arrogant, that you try to anticipate everything, and that you struggle to finish something which you cannot unless you admit you need help and support. Games in your amorous life might change for the worse unless you have decided to end relationships or acquaintances that do not seem as exciting in the long-run. Every new challenge at the current juncture seems to have a clear expiration date. You must remember this shall you take it up.



With the Aquarius Lunar eclipse, you must take care of your health and nutrition because you might deal with disturbances and accidents which you could avoid should you pay due attention to the signs. If there is something disturbing or if there are people around you who have an impact on your psychology, you must take care of yourself and avoid associations and actions which intensify your dissatisfaction. If you did not pay due attention to a health problem, it could get worse and you should maybe take drastic action. In any case, be honest about your endurance and phobias otherwise everything may harm you.

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