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Annual Predictions 2019
by signingstar

Back to the dreams you forgot to take with

2019 is an extremely important year for your life because you will be called upon to deal with the end of situations which have probably marked your course until today. You are called upon to handle the delicate balance between family and career and come up with priorities. Perhaps you feel you grow older, which is visible, and as a result, you must accept your new role, compromise with certain situations but also love even more people who are by your side and you cannot take for granted.

If you look for a safe shelter, perhaps you go back to your past; to pictures of your family of origin and to stimuli you have left behind. Perhaps you spend time with your parents, you take a break from your career or you revisit dreams which you had as a child and you wish to realise by making a turn in your career. Remember, though, that inner satisfaction will not be fulfilled only with your personal ambitions but mainly with love you give and take. Thus make sure you embrace people who love your imperfections and not those who admire your ability to look brim.



Jupiter will be in the friendly sign of Sagittarius almost throughout 2019 as it enters Capricorn on 2 December. As a result, you have an eleven-month-long period at your disposal to finish your studies and present a new public image. You have the opportunity to travel, physically or mentally, so as to discover reasons to keep on transforming yourself. If you get in touch with foreigners, you might be charmed and wish to change living or working space. Remember, however, that you are prone to idealise situations, thus perhaps you do not see the truth. Perhaps you are dazed by somebody with whom there is distance between yourselves, perhaps you are lured into a professional offer which is served in an ideal way, or you are intrigued with the opportunity to go on trips far from your place of residence. Truth be told, you still live in a place with problems. Perhaps you have the chance to spend time far from home, to get involved in actions which aim at supporting the weaker, or to find new meaning in your life. At the same time you must remember that everything is a lesson to implement in your real life.

Jupiter in Sagittarius has got an educational role for you because it reminds you of two things. The first is related to how prepared you are willing to be so as to explain situations which you will face in the near future and will make you take difficult decisions. If you know how to express yourself and be understood through your training in a new professional field, and if you renew your confidence in interpersonal relationships, you will manage to leave behind what is dead so as to look at the future. The second element of training is related to your ability to acknowledge the boundaries between personal profit and social contribution. Your training will not only be a personal acquisition. It will help you focus on the meaning of exchange of knowledge and experience because you can be an example to people who look for support. Do not focus only on the diploma but on the meaning of widening your mental horizon in societies which have come to a deadly impasse. On the other hand, do not be carried away by the mass and the crowd. Make sure you contribute to the quintessence of ideas or you get a diploma following an intensive training in your future way of thinking.



Saturn in Capricorn throughout the year seems to have an effect mostly on the representatives of the sign/ascendant born on the second decanate through pressures on the professional or family level. You are called upon to transform the image others have about you not because you decided to do so but because you realise that you lose your role and as a result, you must learn your new role as soon as possible. In particular, following April 2019, you will feel that you cannot avoid being tried since it is the only way to find a new mission in your life. Your relations with authority figures will be tested because some decide to put extra pressure on your shoulders to check whether you can stand it. Perhaps you must take on a leading role in a family which has lost its support or in a professional environment which cannot admit that there are bosses who inspire with vision and optimism.

After April, there might be some losses in your life which are related to the passage of time and the lessons you take from it. You cannot keep on maintaining people in your life who cannot follow your rhythms because it seems like your effort to dance in an old-fashioned rhythm. You cannot keep your position in a working space which is under transformation because perhaps you do not fit in the new ideas of this environment. You cannot keep on relying on others if it is time you set your own living conditions because you must implement them and make any necessary corrections shall there be imperfections. Saturn in Capricorn, though, gives you the opportunity to change your public image and probably prove your superiority and ability to lead your life in your desired direction. The field you have chosen to plough seems hard and infertile but in reality, it is highly rich so long as you are willing to dig deep and overcome the first rocks you find on your way down.



The year begins with the Solar eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn on 6 January in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto. It influences mostly the representatives born on the second decanate by highlighting the need to end a cycle. Your persistence to maintain elements which do not change as you would like them to is an action which isolates you and burdens you. You are called upon to sign the choice you make because you also assume certain obligations which you can hardly refuse later. Perhaps you are also called upon to change your role in the family or professional environment, although you have not asked for it, because some people take key-decisions which also affect your position in the specific environment. The question is to understand that you must turn in another direction since you must use all your dynamic. The Lunar eclipse at 1 degree Leo on 21 January seems to draw the curtain over a period of almost one and a half year when you had the possibility to find creative ways out in an environment which was dragged down by the crisis. Perhaps you come in touch with people who maintain their childishness at times which seem rather difficult and who manage to find the optimistic and bright side of life. On the amorous level, it seems that you are called upon to deal with new facts in your relationship or even perhaps have a child. If you have a family, you will turn your interest in your children because you must discuss with them their choices and the questions raising from them.

The second set of eclipses takes place in July. The Solar eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer takes place on 2 July and mostly affects the representatives born on the first decanate and at the beginning of the second decanate. This eclipse, in marginal opposition to Saturn in Capricorn and in square with Chiron in Aries, seems to challenge you to try disturbing or scary professional or family roles. Memories from your childhood might come to the fore and you might seek to correct mistakes of the past or avoid similar situations. Perhaps you deal with health issues which prove that you cannot flee lifecycle. Perhaps you realise that some situations must be solidified and you must stop operating based only on the future, which even if you conquer and becomes your present, is always reborn and brings new challenges to the fore. The second eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn takes place on 16 July and conjuncts Saturn and Pluto. Perhaps it draws the curtain over a certain situation since it is time you realised the power of time. Your contact with people of a certain age will teach you some things and you might have to admit that you have a new role which should fit your age. It is time you understood that a professional or family chapter closes and you must find the strength to move on. If you assume new dynamic roles, ask your body whether you can respond.

The year ends with the Solar eclipse at 4 degrees Capricorn on 26 December in conjunction with Jupiter. It is the moment when you reap the fruits of a huge effort which has been in progress for almost one and a half year. A promotion at work might reward you for your effort all along. A professional offer far from the existing environment will challenge you and make you find he balance between career and family. You are called upon to try and risk or dare to come out of your shell at the current juncture. You can be in the spotlight time and again following a period when your endurance was tried.


The North Node

The Moon’s nodes in the axis of Cancer/Capricorn (the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn) symbolise the need, the demand, or the deep desire to come in touch with your roots, to put down new roots and to feel that you belong to an environment starting off from memories you had when you were in another environment. Everything mentioned above is a metaphor for the meaning of parenthood and family and indicates that the bonds between people who share the same blood is not a funny story. Your career and your interest in the challenges of your work might be elements which distract you from family matters but they cannot be the main points of focus in 2019.

Changes in the life of your parents, maybe even health-related ones, will have an impact on your own image regarding having a family or the family you already have. Your contact with people whom you consider pieces of the puzzle of your life cannot be formal. It should be deep so as to bring to the fore feelings which you oversee all this time since you run after life. The community of which you are part must accept your need to slow down and enjoy some moments with your loved ones. Otherwise you seem ready to sail to other cities where you have the opportunity to spend time with people whose hug makes you feel safe and no financial reward or professional recognition can outweigh this.


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