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Annual Predictions 2019
by signingstar

Packing up for your new journey

2019 has got an extremely educational nature for you because a series of changes and developments take place which aim at widening your horizon so long as you are ready to listen and to take your cues from people who seem to be more experienced than you.

There is a series of planets and events in the axis of Cancer/Capricorn and it seems that you take a new course in your life through an educational activity which could result into a diploma that changes your career path. Perhaps you move out so as to have a family or to better second your relationship. Consecutive movements will make you take a decision of the kind towards the end of the year.


Finally, you had better bear in mind that you will see close people growing older and your roles will change at a juncture when one generation passes the torch to the other. You are called upon to deal with certain changes which add new responsibilities to your shoulders that you should not necessarily take over to your new life. Jupiter in Sagittarius aims at reminding you that the end of cycles means that you leave behind behaviours, memories, situations, relationships, partnerships and objects for good. The baggage for you new journey in the end of the year is not what you imagined at the beginning of it.



Jupiter in Sagittarius until 2 December indicates that there is fertile ground with regards to emotional and material wealth which may stem from relationships and partnerships which alter the way you operate. You are called upon to handle the meaning of living together and participation and to be an equal member of a relationship or professional partnership which asks for your own share as a sign of trust and commitment. Perhaps your relationship moves forward by having children because it is a fruitful moment for something to be born that will connect you with your better half. Perhaps you get to check the differences between yourselves and maybe you realise that you are involved in a situation which deprives you of habits you had until today since you were alone. At the same time your confidence in others is tested. On the professional level, you might participate in a group or an opportunity which helps you increase your income and which makes you see the future more optimistically than today. 

On the other hand, it is possible that you have to commute for professional reasons and to spend time in an environment which is completely different from the one you were used to. Thus you need time to adjust. Perhaps you feel lonely among people, you see that there is distance between you and familiar people and situations, and you realise that you are called upon to join a team which is not like any other you are used to being member of. Perhaps you have educational and financial benefits through this process but you are also called upon to leave by the wayside bonds which you were used to having in your life. However, you also have the opportunity to meet people who intrigue your sexual and amorous interest and who might awaken sides of yourself which have been sleeping all this time.

Finally, Jupiter in Sagittarius might have a beneficial influence on your need to sell objects which take up too much room in your living space or in your heart in the form of memories of an older life. Remember that if you have dealings with tax authorities and inheritance issues, or if you must settle some business at a notary’s, it is extremely likely that you are involved in situations which can hardly be resolved without bloodshed. Therefore make sure there are people near you who know these issues very well and who will help you avoid being involved in occasions which are meant to be simple and easy; instead their roots are invisible and might pull you down underground.

Jupiter enters Capricorn on 2 December and is obviously a more favourable prospect for you because it favours cohabitation because you slow down, you get in touch with your earthy and practical side of life, and you will get to redeem the hard efforts of the last period. You plan to permanently move out and the coming period could be an excellent opportunity.



Saturn in Capricorn and your 9th Solar house is favourable for you because it helps you realise the big changes that have taken place on the social level and to get ready to become a member of the new reality gradually and essentially. Your view on tomorrow might be more conservative and taunting. You might consider the big challenges to change your worldview as a field where not everything is safe but there are traps which help you track tomorrow with more experience. You have the opportunity to go through a long educational procedure so as to get a diploma which might turn your professional interest in completely new directions. Thus you should not miss the opportunity. Perhaps you wish to have a new perspective on life and you try to be a member of a new social perception which means that you are called upon to understand hierarchy slightly differently.

On the most practical side of life, you had better beware of the way you resolve issues which might go to court because after April, there might be a lot of tension with relatives and some decisions might completely change your view about life. Some cycles might come to a close and you might have to leave a place and get a new identity which you are called upon to second in your new living environment. With regards to your personal relationships, perhaps you must support your better half because he/she goes through rough times related to his/her family. You might have to support him/her through difficult moments and inspire him/her with vision when he/she seems to lose it.

On the professional level, you must rebuild your image in a way which will make it almost unshakeable this time no matter what process and action you must take. You start functioning behind the scenes because you want to lay strong foundations in your mind and heart, and not renovate only the surface. Perhaps you feel that you dive very deep inside of you but this gives you the opportunity to become somebody who could support aspirations and plans of groups that aim at giving a new perspective to the world in the coming period. Remember that this process of digging deep inside might bring to the surface some past weights, sorrows and difficult memories. You might feel alone and you might want to retire into yourself for some time.



The year begins with the Solar eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn on 6 January in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto. It seems to highlight the need to change your worldview through events which show that there is a succession in how situations are graded. Perhaps you realise that your professional role changes due to challenges which you are called upon to handle without fearing possible responsibilities that you will have to shoulder. Perhaps you complete a cycle of studies and you must sit the final exams so as to prove your proficiency. Perhaps you must simply take decisions regarding a transfer as you might move out which is something you need in order to feel better and put down new roots.

The Lunar eclipse at 1 degree Leo on 21 January seems to draw the curtain over a situation which will not be taken for granted anymore. Even if there are unexpected developments and decisions, even if you must call forth every ability of yours to restrain your nerves before complaints of close people, you are called upon to be true to your decisions, to finish what you have started and is perhaps unfinished, and to try and show off your self-discipline in view of occasions which disturb stagnant waters.

The Solar eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer takes place on 2 July in marginal opposition to Saturn in Capricorn seems to challenge your endurance regarding the balance between family/career. You will be called upon to handle developments in the life of your close people in your own way and to see whether you could alienate people whom you used to support in difficult periods so as to let them develop their own ability to set boundaries. Perhaps there are educational developments and a journey comes up during which you are called upon to come in touch with people who could provide you with extremely useful teachings.

The Lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn takes place on 16 July and conjuncts Pluto. It reminds you that there are cycles which come to a close and you must avoid restarting them because there is nothing essential in them anymore. Perhaps you feel that it is time you moved out, which is something you refused to do some months ago, or you reviewed some thoughts. As a result, you get to complete some cycles. Perhaps there is a dispute on the professional level which indicates that your role has changed and you cannot overlook stimuli from your surroundings. You must have more self-confidence.

The year ends with the Solar eclipse at 4 degrees Capricorn on 26 December in conjunction with Jupiter. It is the moment when you finally break free and you widen your horizons. A trip at the current juncture could change your view on life and you might have a new mood which you cannot hide. Perhaps you graduate and you get your diploma which you will be able to use for the advancement of your career. On the amorous level, an acquaintance with somebody from far away changes the facts and might change many things which were taken for granted until today.


The North Node

The Moon’s nodes in the axis of Cancer/Capricorn (the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn) throughout 2019 demand that you reinvent your relationships with relatives and you try to reconnect with people with whom you share the way of thinking and bonds of blood. Perhaps you repair relationships with people you had lost touch with, you stand by people with whom you need to spend more time, and you try to bond and feel that the same blood runs through your veins. Perhaps you try to have a circle of people around you who do not come from the professional field so as to find warmth in relationships since it was tried over the last years.

Another important element is the field of education to which you should pay due attention. It could be the ground on which you build your new image and you could lay foundations for a promising career which could promote you quite a lot. You must remember, though, that you must train yourself in something which is your talent, which stems from your heart and which is a piece that you can second without being under others’ pressure to finish it.


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