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Annual Predictions 2019
by signingstar

Leaving footprints of who you really are


2019 is a year of dilemmas and ambivalent messages. On the one hand, Jupiter is opposite you and gives you the opportunity to set sail somewhere far from yesterday and today. Perhaps it is a professional trip which means that you might have the opportunity to work in another country or to be trained in something which could further advance your career. It could also be related to your amorous life because there are opportunities for new acquaintances which invite you to be freer than you used to lately. If you are in a relationship which you wish to move forward to the future, living together or having children could change your status in the society.

On the other hand, there are big changes which take place in your surroundings and which prove that a whole generation changes shape and role. Thus you must go with the flow. You are called upon to leave relationships which completed their cycle, to see close people growing older and perhaps getting sick, or to see financial investments in which you participated fail, thus turn your professional and financial interest in another direction.

Time is ruthless and it is obvious that you cannot stop it. This does not mean that you must let it fly by without control. There are moments in history which time records and which could be achievements, tracks of your presence on this planet.



Jupiter in Sagittarius throughout 2019, in particular until 2 December when it enters Capricorn, is a very good indication that you will find reasons to believe you have got a relationship or partnership which widens your horizons. On the personal level, you likely meet somebody who motivates you to travel somewhere far and see whether you can live together, mainly around January and June. Perhaps there are plans to move in together or to move out if you are in a relationship because there are serious indications that you could move on to the next stage. If you are not interested in a permanent relationship, either because you break up or you have already broken up, there are opportunities for acquaintances and occasional relationships which might bring about dilemmas that are not necessarily problematic.

On the professional level, you will have the opportunity to be in a job with the obligation to commute every day or to be in touch with a lot of people. Bear in mind that this job is perhaps not stable because you will have new opportunities in the future , and you will have trouble to decide. In any case, you have the opportunity to be trained in something new, to open up your mind since you will be near people who could be mentors to you, and to start building a professional profile which is different to the one you had three years ago.

Jupiter opposite you might open up doors of opportunities and help you find reasons to look at the future much more optimistically. At the same time, you have the illusion of a permanent optimism and happiness. These two elements will be fundamental to your new life although you have not confirmed whether the ground of the foundations is stable. Impulse, idealisation and overestimation of opportunities could be traps which would hem you down in situations of temporary profits and superficial pleasure. Towards the end of 2019, you had better see what you have gained and what you have invested because the end result on the financial and emotional level could be unexpectedly surprising.



Saturn in Capricorn throughout 2019 indicates that you stand before the end of an era related to your family and professional life. You have probably started noticing already that some relatives grow old and might get sick which means that a big lifecycle comes to a close. Due to such events, you are called upon to realise that your role changes and that you must get new responsibilities which are scary at first. At the same time, they are big challenges which are tuned in to your coming to age. On the financial level, you had better think whether it is time you got rid of movable or immovable property of a certain value so as to screen out weights and chests with skeletons which others thrusted upon you. This could mean, of course, that you write the end credits of a story you inherited but if you think that the chains around your ankles are too heavy and you cannot move forward, it is time you were decisive.

On the personal level, your relationship might go through a crisis because it will look for a new pathway to find its footing. Perhaps it is wise to take distance from your better half because your daily life will change and will make you ask yourselves whether you are bogged down to an idle relationship. Your contact with older and more experienced people will help you realise the reasons why you seek to revive your relationship since you cannot stand seeing time flying by and leaving scars. A break-up might be relieving for your sentimental world because it makes room for something new in your life. However, it might also burden your wallet and make you admit that you must operate better in the world of adults where there are rules you cannot break.

Saturn in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn as from April onwards proves that it is time you realised you look for a way out from an environment which does not suit your worldview. The question is whether you are willing to sacrifice some things you created or gained over the last years and to start over, or there are facts which are parts of yourself and you cannot let go while you try to leave them by the wayside. Lifecycle is obvious and you must prove you understand it and respect it.



The first set of eclipses takes place in January 2019 with the Solar eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn on 6 January in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto. It will make you realise that you are at a juncture when you must decide whether you leave something by the wayside to move on or you will be part of what grows old and changes shape. You are called upon to be prudent when you deal with sentimental and financial issues as you try to prove that you understand the meaning of time and the natural flow of situations. Perhaps you must cope with close people who are sick or with your inability to keep on being a member of an old system. Thus you must also find the cure for sick situations. Sometimes it is healing to simply acknowledge that something has come to a close and you must just let it go.

The second eclipse is the Lunar one at 1 degree Leo on 21 January. You will try to realise the changes which take place around you and your new position in the environment which is under shaping. Perhaps you look for a way to go on a trip so as to leave the battlefield of changes but it is not easy. If you manage to do so, you had better go on a trip alone so as to put order in troubling thoughts. You also need to speak a language which responds to your frame of mind but is perhaps different to the one your surroundings understand. Perhaps you wish to differentiate yourself and this could cause rifts to existing relationships. It is normal because your heart screams that it looks for a way of expression without obeying to limiting rules set by others.

The second set of eclipses takes place in July with the Solar eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer on 2 July in marginal opposition to Saturn in Capricorn and in square with Chiron in Aries being the first. It is time you decided on your merit regardless of your role in a group activity. You probably have a dilemma about taking on a challenge which will increase your income but will alienate the surroundings you are used to. Perhaps you must assume a new role in the existing environment which means that existing balance with people with whom you were used to sharing certain actions changes. On the amorous level, perhaps the flame is lost so you are called upon to answer whether feelings cover up for its loss. The Lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn takes place on 16 July and conjuncts Saturn and Pluto. It seems to answer the aforementioned dilemmas and helps you accept the end of a situation which troubled you before. You had better let the door open to get rid of everything unstable and old, to let a haunting past disappear, and to bid farewell to what fades away. It is time you realised that you are called upon to decide whether you grow up or you keep behaving like an innocent child because your signature on a contract carries great weight.

The last eclipse of the year takes place at 4 degrees Capricorn on 26 December in conjunction with Jupiter. It could be like a new suitcase which you start packing with people, feelings and objects that you would like to be long-lasting. Perhaps you establish the new facts of your personal life far from the ruins of the last period and in distance from a past which gradually fades away. It is the moment when you have the opportunity to accept a serious professional offer for which you would have to move away from your familiar environment. It is the moment when you consciously change your role in your relationship acknowledging that time is not an opponent but a blessing.


The North Node

The Moon’s nodes in the axis of Cancer/Capricorn (the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn) throughout 2019 symbolise the battle between personal merit and resources on the one hand and what you acquire or share when you are connected with other people on the other. You are called upon to invest in yourself and talents and work on something of your own which pushes you away from your familiar frame of reference and your comfort zone since you must bring to the surface those elements of your personality which you kept hidden. Perhaps you must express your feelings in a relationship which tries you and makes you wonder whether you can keep on behaving like a child in a world of adults. On the other side, you will realise that your financial and emotional support of all these years might disappear and take distance from you. As a result, you feel cut off from familiar situations.

Your need to form a relationship or set up a job in which you will be the focal point and not a simple member is the big challenge of the year. You will have opportunities to be part of a relationship or partnership but you must check whether you feel a part of it. You will have to ask yourself whether you can invest in time or you do something with a clear expiration date. You must open your wallet and your heart so as to bring out sides of yourself which you can share with people whom you are called upon to call family. It sounds somehow difficult but in such demanding conditions of separation, you may find support that will last long in your life.

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