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Annual Predictions 2019
by signingstar

Bursting fetters of years


2019 may bring big changes to your personal and professional life thanks to the opportunity to move to a place where you can feel safer or you can develop your personal circle of influence. The meaning of family is very important to you because you can have one if you are in a relationship which was tried and has got solid foundations for the next step. If you move in to a new house, perhaps there are more expenses and responsibilities. However, you seem to have a new role which you are ready to serve. Perhaps you leave your current house to live alone either due to studies or due to a professional offer somewhere far.

On the professional level, keep on planning what you have in mind and try to implement it towards the end of the year when you have dealt with every detail and you have overcome your personal obsessions. If you look for a way to escape a stifling working environment, maybe it is time you moved to a new country because you cannot find the elements you search in the existing environment. Your need to spread your wings is huge but it is also very hard to make it true. You must first break free from a family environment deeply rooted in you.



Jupiter in Sagittarius until 2 December when it enters Capricorn is a sign that you seek ways to enlarge the space in which you live and move, to have a change of scenery and to break free from pictures and situations depicted in your mind. Perhaps you look for another house, either because you move out for professional reasons or because you are in a relationship which makes the next step and needs more space. If it is a professional transfer, you need to meet people, maybe from abroad, who can enrich your existing worldview and make you more open-minded. If you look for a house so as to close a chapter in your personal life, perhaps you want to find the space in which to raise your existing family or to have a family. You want to take distance from your existing environment which means that you want a new beginning far from rules and conditions which others have imposed on you.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, though, has got a deeper influence on your personality. You are called upon to ask yourself whether you can create a living space which is free of thoughts and theories of people that you would like to leave by the wayside. Perhaps you get in touch with the worldview of your family or the society you come from. Perhaps you try and tear yourself away from a systematic analysis of facts and a life course planning through specific pathways. You could try and live differently from what you were taught, you could change the constants of life, and you could check whether you fit in an environment that could seem foreign to what you were used to. Would you dare change your priorities so as to find answers to questions which cannot be resolved through the familiar way of data processing?



Saturn in Capricorn throughout 2019 could be a helping hand to you because it seconds your decisions regarding the foundation of your personal life on an even more stable ground. Perhaps you realise that it is time you changed the status of your relationship and you made the next step. As a result, you prepare some changes to have a family. It is too serious an action, of course, to leave it to chance, thus you put your hand to every detail so as to be as certain and sure as possible about the timeframe of the plan. If you are single, it is not that easy to find ephemeral pleasure in easy and fast acquaintances because you immediately recognise some elements in the other person which disturb you and will be an obstacle to the longevity of the relationship in the long run. Perhaps you notice familiar couples around you and you try to learn something from them regarding some issues you process inside and you must evolve/digest before you move on to something stable in your life. If you break up, bear in mind that if you have children, claiming custody might be hard to handle because you must not only confront the other side but also yourself and the responsibilities you are called upon to take on.

Saturn in Capricorn also affects the professional area of your life because you must reap the reward of your latest efforts.You could see your achievement, save money from your creation and see the full picture of your effort in the most profitable way. At the same time, you must ask yourself whether you are creative, whether your job is related to your talents, or you simply carry through an unpleasant mission. Your need to be creative might be intense and you might try to find examples of relatives so as to change your worldview. The conjunction of Saturn with Pluto in Capricorn indicates that you do not simply seek a job but the way towards something which stems from deep inside; something which has got a direct and deep impact on lives of others.



The first set of eclipses takes place in January 2019 with the Solar eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn on 6 January in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto. Perhaps it gives you the opportunity to improve your love life by making the next steps in your relationship and by realising that there is somebody beside you on whom you can rely. It is possible that you have children unless you already do, thus you see them growing up. If you are single, an acquaintance at the current juncture might change your life not only amorously but also in the field of laying strong foundations for self-knowledge. The Lunar eclipse at 1 degree Leo on 21 January closes the cycle of eclipses in the axis of Leo/Aquarius and reminds you that every new beginning presupposes that you clear the landscape so as to make room and time. If you still have doubts, make sure you shed light on them to make them disappear. If you are still chained to the past, try to break free so as to focus on new facts. If you forget how important your health is, remember that a check-up will help you spot those elements in need of improvement and treatment.

The second set of eclipses takes place in July with the Solar eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer on 2 July being the first. It stresses issues of family and personal security in environments which could feel like home. You are called upon to see whether there are feelings or whether feelings could be the answer to every other problem in a relationship with difficulties in physical contact. You must consider the financial aspect in a professional environment which feels good because there is probably imbalance in these two areas. Finally, you probably take on a new role in your family, perhaps they pass the torch to you, and perhaps you must communicate your phobias to people near you. The Lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn takes place on 16 July and highlights the need to let go of something you take for granted but can no longer fulfil your needs. You need room and time to fit in your personal needs so it feels like sabotaging yourself if you maintain elements which serve others. If you are in a doubtful relationship or in a pressuring professional venture, you cannot keep on trying to gain time. You should rather express your opinion and intentions about the next step.

The last Solar eclipse of the year takes place at 4 degrees Capricorn on 26 December in conjunction with Jupiter. It might be the opportunity you looked for to implement your plans, to see an opening and to savour the satisfaction stemming from the birth you seek. If you have a child, your life changes because you realise that there is a new meaning in your life from now on. If you move in to a new house, it is an act of responsibility since you take on new responsibilities. On the professional level, you are called upon to dare make that next step without fearing you might jump into the void so long as you are ready to get in touch with people and environments that expect you to speak their language.


The North Node

The Moon’s nodes in the axis of Cancer/Capricorn (the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn) throughout 2019 help you integrate in a new living environment smoothly. You are called upon to have a new role in your personal or professional life which consists of providing for people who need you. On the personal level, it could mean that you become a parent and as a result, your public image changes and you set new priorities in your life. Perhaps you must reconsider some facts regarding your social convictions and focus more on your family and not the wider social framework. Perhaps you go back to your family of origin to look for answers in questions that pop up. Perhaps you need guidance when you examine situations you experienced in the past so as to get the answers you search. On the professional level, you must learn to operate within a team which offers a sense of security that could feel like family. If you are at the helm of this group effort, you must guide but you are also called upon to function like a parent in a group of people who try to find their footing. What matters is that you do not feel alone to lay the foundations for something which bears your blueprint. Such a prospect is quite lonely and with hard feelings you do not wish to experience.

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