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Annual Predictions 2019
by signingstar

Deconstructing the society you constructed


2019 is a year that can bring a pleasant change to your life because Jupiter will be in your sign until 2 December creating new opportunities for you. You could open the door and leave situations which you consider pressing or even stifling so long as you have decided whether you wish to go on alone or with people whom you can trust and who can create your new safe family environment. If you managed to proceed with self-criticism, if you had a deep and essential dialogue with yourself last year, and if you found out the reasons why you keep turning round and round yourself, 2019 will give you the opportunity to go after your dreams.

The challenging invitation of a place somewhere far is not only related to the opportunity you have to travel for recreational reasons. It is not only about a new amorous acquaintance with a foreigner or with somebody who lives abroad. It is not only about choosing a new professional base by permanently moving to another country. What you really need is to find out the way to escape a system of life values and facts so as to be in an environment where human merit is evaluated differently. You must remember, throughout this effort, that your kins grow older and stay behind, that perhaps you wish to dispose of objects which were once proof of a certain status, and that you seek the connection with somebody who makes your heartbeat strong but also calm more and more.



Jupiter in your sign almost throughout 2019, until 2 December when it enters Capricorn, indicates that you can make this new beginning you have been looking for in your life. It is doubtful whether you stay in a specific environment and frame because you seek and probably discover ways to be far from a familiar lifestyle. You associate with foreigners which is a pleasant event and an excellent opportunity to speak another language, to come in physical and mental touch with different people, and to see the optimistic side of life time and again. It is also possible, of course, that you develop the effort of the last period. If you are in a relationship, perhaps you make the next step and you must even hurry because you might live together and have children at the same time. If your relationship is in distress, you have the opportunity to break up and get a velvet divorce, while at the same time find new opportunities for acquaintances. On the professional level, seek something better far from the current location because there are opportunities in places and environments where you can introduce yourself from scratch.

On the other hand, arrogance and exaggeration are the other faces of Jupiter in your sign. Perhaps you start doing something without a concrete plan and purpose, thus you might spend time and effort and give up midway. Perhaps you do not pay due attention to your nutrition and as a result, you put on weight and you endanger your health. Perhaps you feel the need to be heard, thus you make arrogant moves which prove that there is no moderation and you fall victim to criticism. Jupiter in your sign opens many doors but also turns you into somebody with no sense of boundaries and hubris. You had better remember to keep your eyes down, to observe people who always keep both feet on the ground and see whether there is a plan behind your projects.



Saturn in Capricorn, your 2nd Solar house, throughout 2019 is, at a first reading, an indication of difficulties in your finances. Perhaps this means that you must be careful with the purchases you are about to make either because you cannot be sure about your income in the near future or because you invest in objects which are probably too expensive for their value. Perhaps you must beware of professional agreements because you might choose a new offer without having carefully considered your remuneration or the relation between time spent and endurance. If you make a choice which will pay off in the long-run, you had better pay attention to any acquaintances at the current juncture as they could be the best possible future investment.

On the other hand, Saturn might be extremely beneficial. You have the opportunity to lay solid foundations regarding your influence on your surroundings, or invest in knowledge and trips which bear diplomas and experiences that arm you against little learning of your surroundings. You are called upon to find your footing, to start using the lessons of 2015-2017, and to build the edifice that will secure your life. You need not be alone. You should carefully choose people who can stand by you. Your effort must be based on the choice of people who will stay in your life in the long-run and not on temporary acquaintances, partnerships and sexual experiences. The question is not whether you make the right choice of people but whether you sell yourself dearly so as to attract people who have added value in your personality.



The first Solar eclipse of 2019 takes place at 15 degrees Capricorn on 6 January in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto. It seems to upset the area of belongings and personal merit. You must be careful regarding purchases and put on the brake when it comes to expansionist plans. You had better be ready for a new discussion on the professional level so as to answer any questions and secure your belongings. You are also called upon to raise to the occasion and prove that you can second your opinions and that you are consistent when it comes to words and actions despite any difficulties. The Lunar eclipse at 1 degree Leo on 21 January might be an opportunity to have a change of scenery, since the beginning of 2019 was quite difficult, either thanks to a trip or the chance to move in environments where there is no frowst and serious decisions. If you can go on a trip, take advantage of the occasion but bear in mind that you cannot fool your rather tight budget. If you realise you are about to change your way of thinking, make sure you bring this old way of perception to a close so that you do not look for it in locked chests in the future when you need an emergency exit.

The second set of eclipses takes place in July with the Solar eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer on 2 July in marginal opposition to Saturn in Capricorn and in square with Chiron in Aries being the first. It highlights the differences between you and the person you have chosen as a partner or collaborator. Following several months of waiting, it is time you received a real answer from the other side regarding the development of your common life. Perhaps it is time you reached a conclusion about the effort you have made so as to be promoted professionally or be better remunerated. It is time an issue in your relationship came to the surface which could set its balance on fire and lead it to uncharted waters. The Lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn in conjunction with Pluto and Saturn takes place on 16 July. It will bring reality to the fore which might be harsher than you imagined. You will understand whether you can act autonomously and selfishly or you are in a relationship or partnership from which you cannot easily escape. Be careful not to exaggerate financially because you learn that you have other priorities and you must grade your personal needs differently. If there are health issues related to the elderly, you had better realise that one generation passes the torch to the other and you should make sure that every related bureaucratic issue is resolved.

The last Solar eclipse of the year at 4 degrees Capricorn in conjunction with Jupiter and in square with Chiron in Aries takes place on 26 December. It signals your need for real developments and the end of dilemmas. A new professional offer at the current juncture might make you move far from your existing environment and make you hold discussions which upset your personal life. If you are in a stifling situation, perhaps it is worth sacrificing many elements of your life so as to go after a dream that will come true much later in the future.


The North Node

The Moon’s nodes in the axis of Cancer/Capricorn (the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn) throughout 2019 indicate the ease to have a new perception regarding belongings. You are called upon to get rid of the sense of material belonging and to focus more on the way you share things and elements with people who seem to be by your side for a long period of time. You must find ways to trust the other side, to get into relationships in which you can have faith based on your instinct, and to cope with the question of belonging without contracts and agreements. The meaning of a safe relationship is not necessarily related to financial security. It should start from and end to emotional co-existence. You must understand somebody’s dynamic in your life when they manage to stop you from having doubts about your personal freedom once you share everything with the other side. With regards to the clearly practical side of life, perhaps you hover between an individual business and a collaboration which comes up, or you seek answers regarding the opportunity to have children and how scary this thought sounds when it comes to the financial impact on your life.

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