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Annual Predictions 2019
by signingstar

Giving birth to your new self


2019 is yet another crucial year in your life because you have entered a three-year-long period since 2018 during which you aim at announcing that you keep on living. 2019 is somehow cruel because you get to take decisions related to the meaning of the end even if this is the rational sequence of a successful course until today. Perhaps a professional cycle comes to a close and you must bequeath what you have created but you must choose the right person to whom you give the keys of your edifice. Perhaps you make that big career step and you assume a difficult and demanding task which should be in balance, though, with the demands of your personal life. Perhaps a cycle in your personal life comes to a close and the end credits of a relationship which does not move forward show up on the screen.

What really matters, though, is that you outline your new role and put your signature on your new identity. You are called upon to admit that you get rid of unsatisfactory roles, that you take distance from people who helped you find your footing, and that you remove elements which do not suit you. Life might start again so long as you are willing to admit that there is room for your heart in your life and that you cannot hide it under a pile of past insecurities, fears and scars. Your life might start today regardless of the existence of a trail of traces which prove that you were not born today.



Jupiter in Sagittarius until 2 December when it enters your sign is a serious indication that changes are about to take place in your life which will not rise to the surface before the end of the year. With Jupiter in your 12th Solar house, what matters is that you listen to the sounds, pictures, memories, and signals of the past so as to use them and change your present by starting from scratch. Perhaps you must deal with your psychological health and you might decide to seek the roots of your problems with the help of a therapist. Perhaps you go through your past and go very back in time so as to revisit some behaviours and situations through the conditions of today. It is likely that sides of your personality come to the surface which you had buried but which are extremely useful tools in your effort to restart your life.

On the other side, it is a good period to work behind-the-scenes and to cooperate with people who speak the same language. You might have a completely different way of perception but you can build a very interesting mosaic based on your differences. You had better keep this effort a secret for as long as possible. Avoid being in the limelight and interact with people. You must plan it modestly and meticulously, and not only enthusiastically. Remember that you might have to travel someplace when nobody knows because you try to integrate or set up a new work front which is not ready to come into the limelight.

Jupiter in Sagittarius prepares you so that you speak about beginnings in your life as from December onwards when Jupiter enters your sign. You must have clarified some dilemmas, you must have gotten rid of doubts and insecurities, and you must be able to operate with absolute self-knowledge by the end of the year. You are called upon to make choices which can stay in your life for a very long period of time.



Your ruler, Saturn, will be in your sign throughout 2019 and will have an effect mostly on the representatives of the second decanate. They will make some hugely substantial and dynamic realisations which can change their priorities. You do not fear Saturn and you might even consider it as a friendly visit in your life because it can help you operate with concrete plan and framework having first given you the confirmation that you will be rewarded. The main question of the year is to get rid of a past which you keep on calling “present”; you must bring it to the surface, clear it from spoilt and dead cells, clarify it, and let the skeleton of a whole life of 15 or even 30 years show so as to realise whether this skeleton can be the canvas on which you will draw the next stage of your life. You have definitely done something similar in the past (you must remember, for instance, the period of 2003-2005 or 2010-2012) but you demand to do something deeper this year. You must cope with fears and guilt and you must avoid locking into the closet elements of this review which might be uncomfortable shall you have to confront them. There are no dark closets or cellars anymore which will fit your memories or failures.

If you think you are ready to conquer the world and plan others’ strategy, you must be at the helm and claim that there are clear failures in your life when you plan your strategy which you acknowledge and use as a guide for tomorrow. You are called upon to have faith in people who are your new safe family and to talk about team work and not a lonely course. If you are self-confident, you must open your arms and embrace people to whom you can open your mind and heart because these people are the pillars of your common edifice. At the same time, you will close the door to friends and acquaintances, to familiar actions, to social views and ideas which you believe were put to the test over time and proved how unable they were to adapt to new facts.

Saturn is the impartial judge/time which rewards patience and consistency, and breaks down arrogance and inconsistency. You know it is time you were rewarded but this does not mean that your reward will be what you thought would be. Your reward might simply be a change of vision because you can look at the future through a present which has brought you to your knees since you insist on wanting to change it without realising that it might be impossible.



The first Solar eclipse of 2019 takes place in your sign at 15 degrees on 6 January in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto. It will be the first sign of commotion in your life. Perhaps you realise that there are rifts in your relationships, that some situations come to a close, and that time has passed and has aged situations and people. You might take a look at the mirror and see a face which you do not easily recognise. You might realise that you must get rid of some elements which you were used to having in your life but which make you compromise in the sense of stagnation. Perhaps there are health problems related to your parents and you might understand that the torch is handed over to you.The Lunar eclipse at 1 degree Leo on 21 January is the last in the axis of Leo/Aquarius and makes you evaluate things time and again, ask yourself whether it is worth functioning more with your heart and feelings than with your mind and horse sense. Perhaps you are challenged to bid your partner or collaborator farewell and to ask yourself whether you can operate alone. Perhaps you realise that sharing is very important to you and you wish to push away people who seem like tolls in a new life where happiness stems from situations which you avoided to realise until today.

The second set of eclipses takes place in July with the Solar eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer on 2 July in marginal opposition to Saturn in your sign and in square with Chiron in Aries being the first. You are at a crucial point regarding your interpersonal relationships and you might have to decide whether you are ready to make the next step in a relationship which is sick and tired of waiting for this next step. Perhaps you feel financially insecure but you must add in the emotional side of the prospect and check the other side’s intentions, too. On the professional level, you are called upon to answer whether you have faith in the person or the prospect before you or you wish to stick by your need to set up your career exclusively through your personal effort alone. The Lunar eclipse in your sign at 24 degrees in conjunction with Pluto and Saturn takes place on 16 July. It brings to the fore the need to end something even if it seems unfair, cruel or very difficult. You are called upon to leave behind a self whom you were used to expressing and to tune in to the new facts. Perhaps this means that you bid people and situations farewell that you thought would be by your side forever, and that the door to an outdated lifestyle closes. Make sure you realise that you might be left alone and that you must decide whether you can stand loneliness or you choose to walk together with people who could be your new family.

The last Solar eclipse of the year in your sign at 4 degrees in conjunction with Jupiter and in square with Chiron in Aries takes place on 26 December. It signals it is time you set sail for a new situation. You might leave your home and your familiar environment, you might get a job transfer somewhere far, and you might sign a new life contract. What matters is that you grade your priorities in a different way and you dare speak about responsibilities which you assume and you can handle because they concern other people in addition to yourself.


The North Node

The Moon’s nodes in the axis of your sign (the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn) throughout 2019 aim at reminding you the blessing of being able to relate with your heart, to share, and to give and take without any limits in the way and quantity. You must deal with your inner demons regarding interpersonal relationships and you must jump deep into your soul and take essential and rational decisions based on your heart. You cannot maintain business partnerships and amorous relationships based on habit and material security because you need to find the house which provides you with personal calmness. This house is not necessarily the one you live in today because your material needs are probably shrunk and you look for a warmer place than the one you were used to living in. You are called upon to break your iron mask, to laugh and to feel without being under pressure, and to relax your severity. You will understand that everything ends and you had better end a situation before it reaches a point of no return that leaves you alone with your obsessions. Do not fear to embrace somebody who opens up the road to tomorrow even if they move in a different direction from the one you followed until today and to leave people, objects and memories by the wayside since they cannot follow you.


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