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Annual Predictions 2019
by signingstar

A painful liberating separation


2019 is a contradictory year for you because you are called upon to find balance between optimism and pessimism. On the one hand, with the support of Jupiter in Sagittarius, you have the opportunity to broaden your horizon, to travel, to meet people, and to get in touch with people and situations that refer to the future. In this case, you likely wish to be in the position of the leader and try to bring together people and groups as a mentor who guides them through. Perhaps you are exposed, though, because it feels like if you wish to patronise developments in a domain of which you are not fully aware. Thus, this prospect could be a source of pessimism because you see the world around you change in a rhythm you cannot follow. You realise you are not the one to apply change, you feel outdated and you must understand that your role is different from the one you thought you had.

Hence, in 2019, you must redefine your position in society, define your family, say goodbye to people you were used to being surrounded by, change your career, learn a new language, and socialise with people so as to join a new environment and not be isolated in order to maintain the vested environment of the past. If you wish to look at the future, notice any changes on you and then try to speak about changes on others. Self-growth is a crucial point before setting targets for 2020 and this development begins already from within in 2019.



Jupiter is in Sagittarius, your 11th Solar house, until 2 December when it enters Capricorn. It will give you the opportunity to broaden your social circle. Your public image will be fortified through your participation in new groups because you will be able to have a pleasant and even educational role. You will get in touch with people who come from afar be it in terms of kilometres or in terms of way of thinking and communication, and this could open up your mind so as to see future from a new perspective which you seem to need. Perhaps you try to be more active in social events, which might even be related to politics, because you are self-confident and you believe in your ability to open up roads of thinking and action which are the starting points for changes and reversals. Everything mentioned before might have a significant influence on the professional area of your life as you might make the next step at work. Perhaps you are transferred to another work environment or you expand your work beyond familiar grounds since you can second your ideas even among people who think and act differently.

On a more personal level, something new might come up in your amorous life through an acquaintance that might not be necessarily amorous from the beginning. Your association with somebody who is a member of the same team or who plays the same sport could evolve in something more than an interesting talk during the year. If you wish to overcome a difficult relationship of the past, your association with this person will make you leave behind whatever haunts you so as to build your future on new foundations. If you are in a relationship, your role as a partner but also as a member of the society probably changes because you have a child.



Saturn in Capricorn, your 12th Solar house, throughout 2019 is an indication that situations take place behind-the-scenes or in the dark which symbolise the end of an era. Perhaps you do not realise it or you try to measure yourself against this reality. There are changes and developments at work which indicate that the torch is passed over to different hands which might also affect your position. Perhaps you must understand that time leaves its scar on people and situations and as a result, you must look at yourself in the mirror to understand your own image. Perhaps you see somebody who does not fit in the existing environment, who feels older, whose suit does not fit, or who is forced to do something which is not as interesting as it used to be in the past. Perhaps you notice that you are in an environment where everybody around you has grown older, has been worn out, or has lost their glamour and as a result, you do not fit in this image. Perhaps you realise you have prolonged your presence in this space for much longer than you should and it is time you opened the door to leave and to look for a new professional challenge which corresponds to your heartbeat for a brighter future.

As regards domestic life, you probably notice that some people grow old and have health issues which directly influence their image. You must realise that a period begins when you might even experience some losses. One generation hands the torch over to another and you must accept this reality because your role changes in an environment of your interest. However, you also wish to maintain the structure of the changes and to see developments according to your own plan although it is not always feasible. Structural changes take place in a wider social context and you are called upon to understand that you must go with the flow otherwise it will feel like heading to an impasse.



The first Solar eclipse of 2019 takes place at 15 degrees Capricorn on 6 January in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto. It highlights that you must tune in to general developments when it comes to moving from one generation to another. It sounds extremely generic and you probably cannot process it yet but you will definitely make use of this knowledge during the year. Try to notice any changes which take place at work because new roles are assigned to people with whom you collaborate. Perhaps you feel that this job cycle comes to a close and you would like to find your footing by moving on. You will also be concerned about family members who grow old as certain health issues might come up. The Lunar eclipse at 1 degree Leo on 21 January is the last in the axis of your sign and stresses the need to settle the last details and pending business in your interpersonal relationships. You must decide whether you feel fine in your relationship or job but make sure you answer with your heart You are already down the road of self-growth and you cannot still be doubtful about whether it suits you or not.

The second set of eclipses takes place in July with the Solar eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer on 2 July in marginal opposition to Saturn in Capricorn and in square with Chiron in Aries being the first. It seems to put to the test the connection between heart and mind, and your ability to take distance from issues which might influence you emotionally so as to deal with them in cold blood. Some people might need your support but this could open up your closet with hidden memories ad wounds which do not wish to surface. Your daily life might be influenced by a series of events and as a result, you must have the situation well under control instead of waiting for others’ support. Finally, some close people might struggle with health problems which is a pretty thorny issue for you. However, it could be therapeutic for your frozen feelings which you have buried down through absolute control. The Lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn in conjunction with Pluto and Saturn takes place on 16 July. You must realise that something comes to a close and you must bid a situation or somebody farewell in order to move on. If you insist on holding on to certain occasions which have lost their dynamic, it feels like if you wish to drag yourself down to their demolition, and to retire. You must make a radical change in your life to feel healthy time and again. You must show off your decisiveness to grow and not give over to time.

The last Solar eclipse of the year at 4 degrees Capricorn in conjunction with Jupiter and in square with Chiron in Aries takes place on 26 December. It is time you started building your new shelter or home. It is time you constructed something that will bear your imprint with decisiveness and self-confidence. Perhaps you look for a new working space and you move somewhere far to go after this prospect. Perhaps you change career and place of residence. What matters is that you decide to change yourself from within so that you have a new and improved self-image.


The North Node

The Moon’s nodes in the axis of Cancer/Capricorn (the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn) throughout 2019 signal that you must take a proper look at changes around you so as to understand the new scenery. It is a transition from one generation to another since the first one hands over the torch to the second even if it sometimes takes place in an authoritative and hasty way. You are called upon to realise that you might have to direct your career in new paths, to see whether you can join a new educational field, and to open up your mind to new knowledge which will be extremely useful in your effort to tune in to your times. You are also called upon to understand that some structures are very dynamic which means that they might turn into a certain status and law which you cannot change. As a result, every effort to be against them seems desperate. Furthermore, perhaps you must focus on your health, pay attention to your nutrition, change your work-out habits, and realise that good health is the outcome not only of physical exercise but also of good inner state. 2019 invites you to observe the wider social change around you and to decide whether you will be part of the new facts and which family you will take with.


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