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Full Moon 19/4/2019
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 29 degrees Libra on 19 April in opposition to Uranus at the first degrees of Taurus, in square with Pluto in Capricorn and in quincunx with Venus at the last degrees of Pisces highlights the need to redefine balances which might result in stagnant waters.

This Full Moon has an influence mostly on the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) born on the last days and on signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) born on the first days. To express lack of pleasure might be an important occasion to review interpersonal relationships and collaborations in need of renewal. If a chapter closes, decisiveness must follow so as to settle the very last parts of unfinished business even if it seems like a dangerous mission.

This Full Moon seeks clear solutions and decisions so do not try to just gain time. It is the right time to say out loud disturbing words which means that you are ready to also set things in motion. No matter how hard you try to hide from challenges, it is impossible because you are in the spotlight like if you are the protagonist of the show.



The intense and decisive Libra Full Moon, opposite you, is a moment when you must decide whether you lay your cards on the table or you bury your head in the sand using excuses. You have the opportunity to disagree and object but you know that you will provoke the other side so that there is contradiction and tension. If you think it is not the right moment to endanger your belongings, you had better find an excuse and avoid picking up the gauntlet. You might be involved in something bigger than you imagine so you had better set your boundaries and stand behind them.



The intense Libra Full Moon might have an impact on work-related issues because of others’ moves which might harm you. You had better beware of your moves, moderate your decisiveness, and try and read between the lines for dangers. It is not the right moment to raise your voice or to stir tensions without acknowledging that some have it in for you. If you realise that your health is in danger because you find excuses to avoid dealing with it, you had better cope with a specific issue which you know will bring to the surface much more than you imagine. You can handle it with courage and in the mood of essentially clarifying it.



The Libra Full Moon demands that you are decisive regarding a personal issue and prove whether you can be at the helm. If you think that you are rather individualistic lately and you can barely collaborate with others, you had better review your attitude and acknowledge your intentions. If you are in a relationship which can move forward, you had better avoid listening to others’ opinion because you will be confused and miss the target you have set right before your eyes.



The intense Libra Full Moon might upset domestic or professional issues through fast and effective decisions. You will be called upon to deal with tensions between yourself and people from your environment in a way which proves that you are willing to take distance. However, you do not necessarily go forth with these thoughts which might seem threatening to some. Perhaps you must take distance from situations which could engage you in a strange and unpleasant behind-the-scenes situation. This might put you in a difficult position, though, in relation to powerful people and authority figures.



The Libra Full Moon might be the source of discussions and tensions regarding a trip or the thought for educational seminaries related to your professional plans. Perhaps balance with relatives is disturbed and you might have to explain some ideas which will likely encounter their reluctance. Perhaps you must cope with the schedule of a moving by making certain changes which will bring you closer to the achievement of your goal.



The Libra Full Moon may bring about developments on financial issues which have troubled you for a long time. It is time you coped with a collaboration in the making or you asked for more than you have agreed and receive. You believe that your contribution is bigger than your remuneration. Perhaps you decide to take part in a dangerous game of balance which will not necessarily have the positive outcome you have in mind. Thus, make sure you are certain about your moves.



The Full Moon in your sign is a very dynamic moment because you must be decisive so as to overcome the obstacles on your way. You are called upon to acknowledge that you cannot reach the desired result in every possible direction you take so you must set priorities. You must recognise what is the most important thing in your life, change the way you grade your priorities, and break free from situations you should have long time ago. Do not fear to acknowledge that somebody has got a great influence on you even if it reminds you of a scary commitment which also relieves you from thoughts you have for a long period of time.



The intense Libra Full Moon seems to affect your work routine because some procedures might bear results you cannot accept. Perhaps there is intense behind-the-scenes action regarding issues you would like to be more clear. It is not possible at the current juncture because people are involved in a way you cannot control. If there are health-related issues, try and read the signs. Do not ignore them because you might have to go through treatment.



The Libra Full Moon might be a good opportunity to meet friends with whom you can discuss professional or personal issues of your concern. You had better talk with people who you know share a different point of view so as to collect opinions which are useful in case you try to reach a conclusion. If you must resolve an issue with a friend, remember that a solution must be found no matter how stressful it might sound at the moment.



The Libra Full Moon makes you admit that you need to cope with dysfunctions on the professional level in a way which indicates that you are called upon to expose yourself before people. You will be called upon to take on responsibilities and to admit that you cannot complete all the sides of your work as you had promised. Perhaps authority figures criticise you sharply with the purpose of changing the way you work. On the personal level, every misunderstanding will come to the surface and as a result, there will be rifts in a space which you tried to maintain functional by compromising.



The Libra Full Moon aims at making you express yourself and bring to the surface an issue which you cannot keep on hiding. Perhaps you are under pressure to talk and bring to the fore thoughts which could be unpleasant to close people. Perhaps you must handle a question of moving which troubles you for financial reasons. As a result you must reestablish the frame of reference. On the personal level, you had better beware of what you express because your words might sound different from what they truly are.



The Libra Full Moon will upset financial issues so that you review agreements and collaborations. Try and measure the other side’s contribution in a collaboration or relationship under development with honesty and clarity. You see, you may be easily deceived. Make sure you listen to your instinct and examine whether some friends try to help you or function in a way which indicates behind-the-scenes aspirations.

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