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Lunar eclipse 16/7/2019
by signingstar

The Lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn on 16 July in conjunction with Pluto is a very dynamic moment for the lives of the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn). It is a moment when they realise that a transitional act takes place and as a result, they can barely ignore the fact.

It is obvious that the end has come and it challenges people who believe they can control time. Some chapters will close in an absolute and violent way; decisions will be taken without the agreement of both parties; some courses will have to change and there is no room for negotiation. A situation which seems to reach a deadlock will turn around and change direction. Thus, you are called upon to examine whether you will be carried away or you will decide to move in an autonomous direction.

This eclipse is too intense to go unnoticed so try and get in touch with your internal world so as to find your balance. You must hear your worries and phobias because if you only use reason, you most likely experience only one dimension of reality.



The intense and decisive Capricorn Lunar eclipse seems to force you to admit that it is time you accepted the fact that a chapter comes to a close and you can do nothing to prevent this development. You must acknowledge that your surrounding environment changes and that some familiar faces are under pressure to enter a new life situation. As a result, you are also influenced. You will be alerted with illnesses in your surroundings which means that your role changes in certain relationships which move on to the next stage. Or you might get to realise that it is time you left a space which has ceased to present interest and prospects for you.



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse will put pressure on you so as to change your way of thinking and enrich your worldview with parameters which will help you to look towards the future. You may make use of the knowledge you have gained lately, you may find your footing and you may decide to express your personal view on things. Perhaps you think of a professional transfer or transformation, and you try and leave behind a working pattern which does not contribute to your growth. Perhaps it is time you believed more in yourself without forgetting that you cannot function alone and as a know-it-all.



The harsh Capricorn Lunar eclipse might highlight the end of a situation which seems to put pressure on you to look towards the future. Perhaps you must deal with health issues of close people. You might read some signs of illness or even death and you might realise that you cannot keep on living your life as before. If a collaboration comes to a close, make sure there is no unfinished business on the financial level that will lay heavy on you in the future. If a relationship ends, your heart might be broken but it would be useful to explore the possibility of having made a choice which would not go further anyway.



It seems that the difficult Lunar eclipse opposite you is the moment when you realise that there is the real dimension of life. You are called upon to awake your better half and speak about the obstacles and demands of a shared life. You will have to confront the other side’s complaints regarding your inability to express your emotional world. If you are about to change career, try to be close to somebody who supports you and do not struggle to do everything by yourself. It is a crucial moment for you and you must be certain about the moves you decide to make.



The difficult Capricorn Lunar eclipse will make you admit that there are elements of your daily work routine which will not function the way you would like them to. You will confront situations which impact on your mood greatly and you will understand that you cannot compromise with everything. You must properly look after your health and set yourself in priority. You will realise that there are daily weights which you cannot keep on ignoring or converting into a friendly presence in your life.



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse might make you realise that this is a crucial moment in your personal life and you are called upon to choose whether you will follow the difficult and transformative course. You might fear to admit that to accept the proposal you receive makes you shake but you also understand that this challenge helps you free yourself from your bogged down present. Perhaps the status of your relationship changes and you must make announcements to your close environment. You know that this will change the balance in your relationship with these people.



The difficult Capricorn Lunar eclipse seems to put an end to a balance in the domestic environment and forces you to admit that you cannot keep on avoiding the responsibilities you shoulder. It is time you accepted the loss of a close person, physically or psychologically, meaning, in the second case, that there is a void in your life since they cannot contribute to it. A relationship comes to a close, a career ends, or your life in a specific location is over and you look for your next steps. Remember that you are not invincible and time might beat you shall you insist on ignoring that it moves forward and never backwards.



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse in conjunction with your ruler, Pluto, seems to help you to unveil others’ thoughts through moves which imply more than what one may see. You may misguide your surroundings and say things they would like to hear without revealing the truth as it is in your head. Perhaps you understand that you must refute what you said a long time ago and correct any imperfections. Finally, it is time you corrected any defects in your relationship with relatives and turn the page.



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse could scare you mainly because of its dynamic in the area of your finances. You probably understand that a chapter of financial dependance on a specific source comes to a close, or that a collaboration ends, or that you must give your belongings new shape. Perhaps you realise there are big financial obstacles around you which have an impact on your microcosmos and as a result, you realise you must change your priorities. This eclipse calls upon you to prove that you have the dynamics necessary to change the flow of a situation which takes you to the edge.



The Lunar eclipse in your sign is an important moment for you during which you will realise that a situation you thought you could keep under control has ceased to function that way. Your relationship seems to move on to a new phase and you must believe in your decisions even if your surroundings consider them quite premature or risky. Perhaps an important chapter in your life closes and you have to cope with yourself because physical or mental difficulties arise in view of a smooth transition into the new facts. Something changes on you and you must make peace with it, otherwise it feels like driving your car straight to the edge of the cliff.



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse is a juncture when you must cope with your health even if you think you can overcome any troubles without actually dealing with them. It is most probably high time you went through examinations regarding a long-lasting health issue which you should pay attention to and stop ignoring. Perhaps the area of your work is dysfunctional and as a result, there might be problems which stem from situations which you cannot bring together. It is time you cleared your environment because you have gathered a lot of useless information.



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse might stir commotion in your relationships with friends but it aims at clarifying some situations which keep on casting a shadow over your course. You will have to hold a discussion with friends and acquaintances so as to make your decisions clear regarding your personal life, and make people understand that you have realised things which you have not yet communicated. On the social level, you are called upon to redefine yourself and to communicate your new role. This will change the balance in existing acquaintances or acquaintances which come back from the past.

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