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New Moon 28/9/2019
by signingstar

The New Moon at 5 degrees Libra on 28 September in opposition to Chiron in Aries and in quincunx with Uranus in Taurus seems to have an impact mostly on the signs/ascendant of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) born on the first decanate.


You will called upon to clearly look at the dysfunctional areas of your interpersonal relationships which have started to become traumatic experiences. You probably realise that you give more than you take not only on the financial level. Perhaps you get in touch with something disturbing and painful and as a result, you realise that it is time you reacted. You cannot keep on harming yourself by remaining in a situation which belittles you.



The New Moon opposite you will be an opportunity to resolve issues in your interpersonal relationships. You must admit, of course, that some situations are out of your control and that you stand before obstacles which look like impasses. Perhaps you decide to punish yourself and to rail at yourself and your decisions. It would be useful because you examine whether you operate in a way which does not correspond to your personal desires at all or you also look in the opposite direction. You are called upon to listen to, to see, and to include the other side in your life shall you wish to stop hurting yourself. This action, though, should not feel like a dead-end option.



The Libra New Moon feels like the moment when you must deal with the problems of your daily life and issues which impact on your interpersonal relationships at work. It is time you brought to the fore an issue with a colleague and you explained some situations which disturb you and are the source of harm during the day. Perhaps something new begins on the professional level but you must be careful because you might overestimate certain occasions and prospects. You might go too far with investing without knowing whether you do it for no real reason.



The Libra New Moon is a good opportunity to resolve issues in your personal life which open wounds that you would rather heal. You may explain your questions and objections and you may mention certain troubles that can give a headache to a relationship that should not currently deal with this. Perhaps it is time you got rid of a relationship for good because the cycle is over and you maintain it out of habit. You want something new and healthy in your life, and this is not negotiable.



The Libra New Moon might be very tiring for you because it might bring to the fore certain balances which you are called upon to handle in a way which will make you quarrel with close people. You must put pressure on certain situations bearing in mind that you might make some people go too far. Perhaps you must hurry over certain procedures with the purpose of responding to the deadlines of which not everybody is aware. What matters is that you screen out your environment from toxic garbage which exists out of habit.



The Libra New Moon might bring along discussions and conversations which could cause a stir with people from your daily life. You should not be scared to quarrel and confront them because this process will bear fruitful conclusions. It is time you stopped hiding your dispositions and desires. Perhaps you should prove that you can be at the helm of certain situations if you stop talking about yourself and you start taking action which seconds your words.



The Libra New Moon might bring about new elements on the financial level which are related to your personal needs in relation to your participation in a relationship or collaboration. You have to be autonomous lately and it is likely that you have taken over certain expenses which you did not expect or which prove there is an imbalance between you and the other side regarding obligations. If you think your labour is not remunerated fairly, it is time you openly expressed yourself and stopped burying your head in the sand. You want something better for yourself and this is not as negotiable as the other side would like.



The New Moon in your sign makes you lay new foundations in your interpersonal relationships. You will be called upon to handle a topic which may disturb you or even hurt you so as to find solutions. Perhaps you acknowledge that there is distance in your relationship and you must find solutions which may lead to drastic decisions. You must remember that your trust in people before you is not taken for granted anymore. As a result, you must take a proper look at the background of situations.



The Libra New Moon seems like an opportunity to look into the dark. If you pay due attention to details and if you focus on issues which may impact on your life although you have not yet assessed them, you will understand that there are indications for dysfunctions which you should carefully handle. If there are health problems, look after yourself and try to evaluate situations. Bear in mind that if you leave some things to chance, you simply avoid moves which are imperative and which you postpone for later when things may be more difficult.



The Libra New Moon asks from you to look at your relationship and acknowledge dysfunctions which you would rather stop maintaining and prolonging. Invest time in your relationship, cope with your children, decide to look after your personal life, and try to break free from a professional context which seems to consume the greatest part of your personal time. If you are ready to take risk at work, invest in your personal power and skills, and make sure you are honest with your dispositions and abilities.



The Libra New Moon highlights the need to find connection and harmony with people in your life who might be the source of contradictions and resistance. You will be called upon to take initiative so as to make the first step which melts the ice even if this stresses you since you must admit to your imperfections. Perhaps you must rediscover the balance between career and family since you have most probably focused only on one of them and as a result, the other hurts.



The Libra New Moon highlights the need to cope with relatives who need your presence so as to discuss hurtful topics. You must behave therapeutically and you should not be afraid to deal with issues which may bring to the surface traumatic experiences. It is time you explained them and resolved them. Furthermore, a period of travels begins that will take you far from close relatives and that could be harmful to your relationships with them.



The Libra New Moon is a good opportunity to find solutions for financial issues which the longer they are to the fore, the bigger the rifts in your interpersonal relationships are. You must collaborate with the other side so as to explain complaints between yourselves and resolve problems which cast a shadow over your relationship. Perhaps you must try harder to come close to somebody with whom you may spend time together even if this means that you will try and close the gap on the amorous level.

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