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Full Moon 13/10/2019
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 20 degrees Aries on 13 October in square with Pluto in Capricorn seems to seriously influence the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) born at the end of the second and at the beginning of the third decanate through important decisions which may change the course of their life.

You will be called upon to give answers to long-lasting complaints, to prove whether you can compromise with situations which make you fall into discredit or you will rebel and blaze a new trail. You cannot reach a decision based on anger and inner tension. It should stem from your conviction to live more and not give up.

If you have a project or a plan, come out of your shell and announce it. If you can be the leader of a course, make sure you inspire and not order others. If you have the spark of growth within, stop talking and start proving it with actions. It is up to you so long as you have got grit.



The tense Full Moon in your sign seems to take place in a very important moment because you are called upon to operate based on the fact that there will be reactions in view of your initiative. If the conflict is related to the professional area of your life, it is likely that you decide to quarrel so as to claim something better for you. You believe you are now ready and mature for something like this. If you have complaints about your relationship, make sure you are clear with your words because there might be resistance from the other side which you can hardly bend. Perhaps the end of a life cycle is highlighted so you had better be prepared for departures which might hurt but also make room in your life.



The difficult Aries Full Moon seems to make you realise that there are facts which you cannot control and you are called upon to simply accept. The initiatives of people around you might have an indirect impact on you and you are called upon to learn to live with these parameters. Perhaps a situation comes to a close which you were used to having as part of your life. Thus, you must put a definite end to this chapter considering possible losses too. The question is that, through this process, something new opens up before you that you cannot ignore.



The Aries Full Moon is a good opportunity to clarify some issues related to friends. Perhaps you must delimit your time different so as to allocate it properly to social activities and to your personal life. You must be more reasonable and examine whether you have focused on the one side thus giving rise to insecurities and questions to the other. You can fix this problem so long as you can think reasonably and from a distance.



The Aries Full Moon seems to set professional or domestic issues in motion through necessary conflicts that take place. You will be called upon to take distance from environments which are not of your concern anymore. This means, of course, that some people will think that you are in a solitary and selfish course. Perhaps you criticise their attitude regarding issues you are involved in but what really matters is that you look in the new directions of your life. You leave something behind and you should not feel guilty about it so long as you are certain about your real goal for the future.



The Aries Full Moon seems to focus on travels probably related to the professional area. You try to find time because either you want to go on an excursion or you wish to cope with educational actions. However, there are also obstacles due to work-related obligations. You may combine the two aforementioned elements so long as you explain your priorities and the way you will execute them to close people. Try and be reasonable when talking and you will realise that there are solutions.



The Aries Full Moon might upset financial issues since you will be called upon to operate carefully in view of complaints of close people who make you spend your money. Perhaps you feel that you lose the security you seek since you are called upon to buy things which seem too risky and impulsive for you. Perhaps there are rifts in your personal life related to the balance between you and your partner in a situation which might easily lose its footing. If a new acquaintance comes along, sexual attraction is extremely intense and as a result, you cannot ignore his/her presence.



The Full Moon opposite you will be a good opportunity to resolve problems in your interpersonal relationships. You must be honest and express your objections in your personal life even if you think this would upset the balance and it will be hard to find it again. Perhaps the other side complains and you must react instead of remaining resilient and unbreakable. On the professional level, make sure you claim what you think belongs to you and suits you because inner tension and disappointment will be problematic for your own self.



The Aries Full Moon is a very good opportunity to cope with your health. You are called upon to take a good look at yourself in the mirror and decide whether you will prolong certain harmful habits instead of taking real and drastic decisions for change. Look after your nutrition, change your daily schedule, take advice from people who have found balance in their lives, and put your physical well-being above all. Finally, make sure you free yourself from obsessions and guilt which have turned into chains of an inconvenient life.



The Aries Full Moon is a very good opportunity to cope with personal issues which you cannot ignore. Perhaps you must take real and drastic decisions, operate based on personal satisfaction, and leave possible hesitations by the wayside. It is time you came out of your shell and you honestly responded to stressful challenges. Finally, decide whether you can compromise in a relationship which has completed its cycle when there is a new prospect before you that does not go unnoticed.



The Aries Full Moon will make you confront people at home or at work because you think they operate in a way which marginalises you or forces you to acknowledge that you cannot raise to the occasion. Your intolerance towards their diversity could be an occasion for tension and quarrels that should surface anyway. Perhaps it is time you made your position clear in an occasion which does not suit you. Thus, make sure you get rid of everything old. Otherwise you will keep living with a delusion stemming from the past.



The Aries Full Moon is a good opportunity to participate in a discussion that it is about time took place. Perhaps you bring to the surface issues which remain in the dark in an effort to be relieved from guilt which is not necessarily yours. Perhaps you decide to have a different routine which means that you will cut off useless habits. Finally, perhaps you have the chance to go on a trip far from work reality so as to breathe fresh air and take decisions which would be serious steps towards your future course.



The Aries Full Moon seems to disturb financial issues because you are called upon to answer to complaints of friends who insist on trying to integrate you in actions you have not accepted. Try and weigh the pros and cons of your decision, and see whether you can second your thoughts before giving your final answer. If it is necessary that you buy some things, set your priorities straight so as to avoid breaking promises you currently make.

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