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New Moon 28/10/2019
by signingstar

The New Moon at 4 degrees Scorpio on 28 October in opposition to Uranus in Taurus and in quincunx with Chiron in Aries electrifies the life of signs/ascendants of the stable axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) born on the first decanate.

The battle between taking initiative and restraining others’ impulse to act forces you to admit that you are not fully in control. Rebellious mood on the other hand aims at reminding you that your endurance is not inexhaustible and your patience is not unfailing. It will give place to an outburst of repressed emotions and trapped dispositions.

On the other hand, this New Moon might be a call to put order in certain situations out of your control. You could impose yourself and choose to be at the helm of situations leaving behind a period when you were more flexible with the intentions of people who hold an important place in your life.



The Scorpio New Moon could be the source of momentary disturbance regarding financial affairs so that you realise that some balances have changed and you cannot look towards the past. A professional offer at the current juncture will make you review your decisions so do not be beforehand in deciding. If something new comes up on the amorous level, assess whether you are after something ephemeral and you endanger the security of your present. Are you perhaps too tempted with something you cannot avoid, thus you might blow everything away?



The New Moon opposite you calls upon you to realise that you cannot keep hiding. If you try to move behind the scenes and underground, some will bring to the surface events in which you are directly involved and as a result, you will have to be exposed and reach important decisions. If you keep living based on the force of habit, somebody decides to pull the rug from under your feet and you lose your balance. I do not think you should examine whether there is a safety net underneath. It is time you proved you can fly.



The Scorpio New Moon brings to the fore work-related issues which are kept hidden and are hatched for some time now. You are called upon to operate keeping your cool in view of situations which seem to change the balance of your daily life. In addition, you are called upon to look after your health, protect yourself, and see whether you are exposed in situations in which there is a catch that you should not consider invisible. It is time you proved you are in control of situations which might affect you shall you ignore them in an ostentatious way.



The Scorpio New Moon seems to disturb emotional issues which are hidden deep inside and which decided to surface so as to put the firmness of your decisions to the test. The need or will to see developments in your existing relationship seems to place the focus of your interest on your personal life and create a void of time on the professional area. If a new acquaintance comes to the fore, which might be related to your past because interest is heated up time and again, perhaps you leave everything by the wayside to go after this prospect. I would suggest you do not play with fire unless you are ready to provoke an electroshock to your life.



The Scorpio New Moon seems to disturb delicate balances in the foundations of your life because you realise that some people do not contribute to your personal agonies and plans in a positive way. If you are under pressure because you are forced to operate within the context of third parties, you might have an outburst and express yourself in a scary way. If you quit your job, if you break up, or if you suddenly move out, you will unload your feelings. However, it does not mean that you will resolve your main problem since it might be transferred to the next choice you make.



The Scorpio New Moon might help you to express yourself more openly and easily about what you have been doing lately. You need to utter what you feel within and to express your thoughts and views which seem like repressed emotions that have turned you into somebody who is about to explode. If you must speak, make sure you really do so and not simply let the steam off. If you need to go on a trip, make sure you carefully plan it because you might be beforehand in leaving and you might be exposed.



The Scorpio New Moon in the area of your belongings might upset your earnings. You are called upon to wisely handle changes in your remuneration and to protect your belongings by avoiding going against people who safeguard the money you earn. With regard to family budget, make sure you find balance in responsibilities which have been unfairly delegated and you react to the other side’s complaints. He/She insists on operating in a way of personal enforcement of ego.



The New Moon in your sign seems like the moment to instigate a new reality which directly impacts on your interpersonal relationships. You are called upon to handle the facts that disturb the balance in your life even through information you hear regarding your personal life. A relationship that does not move forward must come to a close and you must accept the fact that you are out of a context which you thought could keep going on. If something new surfaces regarding your personal or professional life, make sure you operate based on honesty and you leave games of impressions by the wayside.



The Scorpio New Moon likely disturbs your daily life because of developments which will change the course of your actions. A decision of third parties will impact on you and make you admit that some things are out of your control and you are called upon to follow others’ orders. Perhaps the area of your health is influenced and you must pass over some habits in review, you must look after your nutrition, and you must follow a programme that is imposed on you. Try and understand that there are situations which you simply accept and you do not determine. Only then will you realise that you can be at the helm of your life.



The Scorpio New Moon is a good opportunity to reactivate some social acquaintances and to assess your association with people who return and ask for your time. Perhaps you do not wish to invest time in such activities. Perhaps you prefer to stay at home or focus more on the professional arena. This would simply increase loose ends so you had better screen out your environment instead of burying your head in the sand.



The Scorpio New Moon is a moment when your life moves into a new era. If something new begins on the professional level, you need to carefully observe the facts that take shape because people around you are not that straight. Make sure you read between the lines, you review some of your thoughts and opinions, and you realise that your position is not the same anymore. On the other hand, if you are ready for a transfer, pave the way without making announcements because you need not hurry at the current juncture.



The Scorpio New Moon is a good opportunity to go on a trip someplace where you can empty your head from worries of the last period. If you are still under pressure and cornered, it is time you talked about it with people who impact on your decisions by asking for more time to yourself. Remember that some balances are very delicate and your words might influence your advantage in these relationships. Thus, assess properly the impact of this fact on the financial area of your life.

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