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Annual Horoscope 2020
by signingstar

Getting to know your true limits

2020 seems to be the end of an instructive three-year-long period which started back in 2018. With a plentitude of planets in Capricorn and some of the eclipses taking place in the axis of Cancer/Capricorn, you seem to be ready to sit the final exams for the balance of happiness through career and personal life. In your effort to take distance from your relatives, you must have understood that blood relatives influence you quite a lot and as a result, you always return, you always go back to them. You still try to blaze your trail, thus you struggle to find your balance between the facts you have inherited, on the one side, and information and theories of your surroundings, on the other.

In 2020, you should remember that you are called upon to dare to educate yourself, to work, or to generally live somewhere with fresh air so as to leave your mark on a place on which you would not dare to be. You really need to make a statement about your existence because, as from 2021, a three-year-long period begins when you aim high or you realise that you have already reached the peak and you should start descending. You should have no repressed emotions and desires in 2020 because you must carry all possible weapons along. Dare to be in places that you would not easily visit because they can teach you some things that are extremely useful for the next steps in your life.



Jupiter in Capricorn almost throughout 2020 -in particular, until 19 December when it enters Aquarius- is a good opportunity to lay the foundations for an effort to improve your professional image. Jupiter in Capricorn might highlight your patience which helps you to use time to your benefit. Perhaps you make acquaintances and contacts with people who could stay in your life, who can second your intentions, and who can stand by you for a long time. In addition, you have the opportunity to go on trips that could stabilise your position in a work pattern which has changed lately and which you try to make safe for you even if you have to be far from the place of residence you would like to live in.

On the other side, Jupiter in Capricorn could help you resolve an issue, which might be even judiciary, so as to tie up loose ends because you have been troubled for quite some time now. Perhaps this means that you decide to take a leap of faith, to stop being chained to your obsessions, and to give the other side a hand. The first five months of the year are extremely convenient for your effort and to cushion the climate of a difficult occasion. Then, you will have time to process the facts coming from the other side too. Towards the end of the year, you must be ready to leave a stifling environment and spread your wings for a new place where you can feel that your new life begins.



Saturn in the third decanate of Capricorn between 1/1-22/3 and 1/7-17/12 seems to put your ability to trust and rely on people or ideas that seem to be based on the meaning of justice to the test. You are called upon to answer whether you are willing to be a law-abiding citizen, to follow the rules of the society, and to avoid being marginalised. Perhaps this means that you take on responsibilities which might refer to, not necessarily materialistic, debts. If you are about to lay the foundations for your professional environment, you must be patient, careful and wise with the last steps of this effort knowing that accumulated fatigue might make you pretty nervous.

The trial period of Saturn in Aquarius between 22/3-1/7 is an excellent opportunity to put yourself to the test in view of authority figures and to ask yourself whether you can have a boss above your head. Perhaps you must operate within the frame of a group in which you are not supposed to be a leader. This is disturbing, of course, and you are called upon to hide it. Perhaps you have succeeded in your professional exams and you set up your own business in which you are called upon to be a leader. This should not mean, though, that you should be oppressive.

On the personal level, 2020 seems like your effort to free yourself from a pattern of relationships which lead to definitive break-ups so as to discover the living pattern that suits you. If you are about to break up, you had better know that litigation is not a piece of cake. It is preferable to give away free than to claim something which, you will later find out, has made you waste your energy.



The first eclipse takes place on 10 January and it is a Lunar one at 20 degrees Cancer that seems to bring about developments in relationships with siblings and relatives. This eclipse in opposition to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn might indicate that you tie up loose ends with relatives regarding financial issues even if you have to go to court. Perhaps it is time an issue that has pestered you for years came to a close even if the compromise is not really equal. Perhaps you look for a way to escape a stifling environment of relatives by even looking for studies or work somewhere far. The next Lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Sagittarius on 5 June in opposition to retrograde Venus in Gemini and in square with Mars and Neptune in Pisces seems to make you wonder what takes place on the financial level and whether you can feel safe or not. Perhaps there are developments in your collaborations, there are dilemmas regarding balance in them, or perhaps you try and put the finances of your relationship in order although the other side will not easily accept it.

The Solar eclipse at 0 degree Cancer on 21 June in quincunx with Saturn in Aquarius seems to put your ability to handle conflicts and disputes on the professional level to the test. Perhaps you realise that work has stopped being a fun place because the disturbing intentions and dispositions of third parties have surfaced. Perhaps you acknowledge that it is time you sought a new professional roof, maybe somewhere far from a very familiar environment. The next Lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn on 5 July in opposition to retrograde Mercury in Cancer and in square with Chiron in Aries makes you understand that you must make some necessary realisations so as to deal with the challenges of a new beginning. It is time you talked to close people and you expressed your complaints even if you think that something like this might sicken your relationship. This is better, though, than oppressing what sickens you.

The last set of eclipses begins with the Lunar eclipse at 8 degrees Gemini on 30 November in quincunx with Venus in Scorpio. You need to ask yourself whether you invest more than you should in a relationship which has not been tested adequately. Perhaps you seek to put your faith in the other side to the test. Perhaps you are the one who is put to the test by somebody who tries to understand whether they can rely on you or not. The last Solar eclipse of the year at 23 degrees Sagittarius on 14 December in conjunction with Mercury and in square with Neptune in Pisces will teach you the meaning of the real dimension of situations. Perhaps it is time you signed a contract which you must think through rationally so as to understand whether you can rely on the other side or not. Perhaps you must arrange the time you spend for your personal life and with friends because balance is probably lost and you need to grade your priorities time and again.


Moon’s Nodes

The North Node will be in Cancer (and the South Node in Capricorn respectively) until 5 May 2020 and it will highlight issues of education and travels. Perhaps you notice changes in your way of thinking because you are most probably about to finish your studies or training. As a result, you give new shape to your value system. Furthermore, you might meet new people with whom you form a relationship of student/teacher type without necessarily defining and stabilising the roles between yourselves. If you must stand by family members, make sure you have a supportive, but also objective, role before them because you need not identify yourself with their problems.

The Moon’s Nodes enter the axis of Gemini/Sagittarius on 5 May (the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius) and signal the time when you focus on financial issues. You most likely talk about professional plans which may be additional to your existing job so as to increase your income. There must be clarity in your discussions and you must realise whether there is somebody with a firm hand opposite you or everything is thin air. If there are problems regarding your money, make sure you settle your claims from third parties so as to avoid being involved in long-lasting situations. Another topic with the Moon’s nodes in this axis is your need to find yourself close to young people. You need to be with people who have a fresh way of thinking that helps you to be optimistic about the future. You can choose to change your friends and be close to people with fresh ideas, otherwise you will be trapped with old people with conservative thoughts.

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