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Annual Horoscope 2020
by signingstar

Life after

2020 seems to be the end of a transitional three-year-long period, which started back in 2018, and seems to test your readiness in view of changes that will drive you toward the next stage of your life. It is the moment when you make the next step in a relationship either by committing or by breaking up. You bear in mind, though, that your choice aims at proving that you trust yourself and you do not compromise with something less than what you look for. Perhaps you make the final transition on the professional level toward an occupation which might lead you far from your place of residence, to a place where you think you can lay the foundations for your new life. A place where you think you can discover the Promised Land time and again.

You will be called upon to cope with some losses among family members or relatives, thus you will realise that you cannot be chained to a stagnant present. You must understand that your social circle changes, that you are left alone shall you refuse to go with the current, and that you estrange yourself and get sick unless you acknowledge that you cannot go against time.

2020 might offer you another life shall you acknowledge that your current one has come to a close. Dare to accept this so as to open the first page of the next chapter and do not be chained to a book which finishes or is thrown away into a dark closet.



Jupiter in Capricorn almost throughout 2020 -in particular, until 19 December when it enters Aquarius- is an excellent boost for your life regarding your interpersonal relationships because you might be given the chance to be in an environment where you feel very safe. Your choice to make the next step in a relationship entails the meaning of reason and seems to prove that you leave dreams and imagination by the wayside so as to live according to routine. Living together with somebody in particular might be surprising to your environment but truth be told, you seem ready to take steps of personal growth which you could not do before with unstable choices. Thus, you have the opportunity to even move so as to be in a relationship or collaboration which seems to be able to last long. You seem ready to definitively leave behind a life pattern which repeated itself without leading to real happiness.

Jupiter in Capricorn will help you see that part of your life, in which you have invested huge amounts of time and energy over the last years, blossom. You need not fear to make a step which seems like a break in time to some because you need to broaden your prospects, to increase the possibilities of finding the kind of happiness you have been seeking for some time now, and to feel satisfied with belonging somewhere where you offer security to the members you choose to define as family. Therefore, make sure you tie up loose ends so as not to waste your time and dreams and you dare to be more realistic about your life.



Saturn in the third decanate of Capricorn between 1/1-22/3 and 1/7-17/12 is the final countdown against anything fake, rotten and unstable in your life. If you were born on the third decanate of your sign, you will face the demolition of fake expectations, the uprooting of baseless promises, and the dead end before trajectories which did not have solid foundations. You likely see people from your environment leaving; you might notice that close people grow old and as a result, distance is bigger between yourselves; and you might realise that you are in inflexible and maladjusted relationships. At the same time, you can focus on new beginnings that you wish to complete and lay solid foundations for them. You can work hard and methodically so as to lay the foundations for a relationship or collaboration which may last long and give you the sense of security you seek. The last year with Saturn in Capricorn seems like your final exams before coming to age. It is an exam you cannot avoid even if you fear you are not properly prepared.

Truth be told, you will have an idea whether you are ready for the final exams or not during the trial period of Saturn in Aquarius between 22/3-1/7. You have the opportunity to see whether you can make a profit on your effort to mature the last three years and whether you can live in a world of responsibilities and obligations. If you feel like suffocating, you will likely decide you cannot sacrifice your personal freedom for a stifling situation which is a step back. A break up, in this case, may have a financial impact which you are called upon to handle with courage and decisiveness. However, if you find even more connections with the person by your side, there is no reason to be afraid of a personal or professional commitment. You should remember, though, that, in a cohabitation or collaboration, the two members do not completely lose their personal identity. They manage to bring them together into a third identity which bears several elements of both.



The first eclipse takes place on 10 January and it is a Lunar one at 20 degrees in your sign in opposition to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. It mostly influences the representatives born on the last days of the second and the first days of the third decanate. You will have to absorb the vibrations in a relationship which is put to the test or digest the new facts in the domestic or professional environment. If a cycle comes to a close, you will, of course, be sad and you will struggle with yourself so as to accept the end which you consider unfair, harsh, and painful. If you are the one who closes the chapter, you must be able to operate based on reason and avoid mood swings based on emotional outbursts.

The next set of eclipses begins with the Lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Sagittarius on 5 June in opposition to retrograde Venus in Gemini and in square with Mars and Neptune in Pisces. You must pay attention to destabilisation at work because you will likely speak to wrong people who can bring your thoughts to the surface. Perhaps you are in a dilemma regarding a relationship or a professional offer since you are not ready to reach a decision. Thus, try and keep analysing the facts based on reason. The Solar eclipse at 0 degree in your sign on 21 June in quincunx with Saturn in Aquarius seems to challenge the balance between mind and heart, between the present and the future, between feelings and reason. You cannot easily rely on the other side’s intentions because it seems you can fit in in no environment which is promoted as the stage on which you can play the leading part. You need time to understand whether some things have indeed taken place or are only parts of your imagination. The next Lunar eclipse takes place at 13 degrees Capricorn on 5 July in opposition to retrograde Mercury in your sign and in square with Chiron in Aries. You might see obstacles in the existing situation which make you admit that you have personal insecurities regarding your personal growth. If you can take initiative, try and do so but speak the truth without covering it up with veils of insecurity.

The last set of eclipses begins with the Lunar eclipse at 8 degrees Gemini on 30 November in quincunx with Venus in Scorpio and highlights your need to be able to distinguish reason from instinct. Your mind likely plays tricky games and makes you see shadows where there is none or misinterpret third parties devious intentions. Make sure there is somebody by you who can make you anchor yourself on two feet, otherwise you might land in a delusional world that is not helpful at all. The Solar eclipse at 23 degrees Sagittarius on 14 December in conjunction with Mercury and in square with Neptune in Pisces seems to offer the opportunity for a trip or a professional challenge which, however, you should put to the test so as to see whether it has got foundations. You might easily fall into the trap of a generous offer, mainly if the gift is shiny and tempting. If you decide to truly escape the existing environment, make sure you leave useless memories and objects by the wayside because you will need only few things in your suitcase. You carry most of them in your head as lessons of a three-year-long period which has changed you as a person.


Moon’s Nodes

The North Node will be in your sign (and the South Node in Capricorn respectively) until 5 May 2020 and it mostly influences the representatives of the first decanate through realisations about the next step they are called upon to make in order to obtain more personal security. You really need to be surrounded by people who make you feel calm and who do not necessarily belong to the circle of your family. Perhaps you give shape to your own family circle and you might even decide to put your professional image on the back burner. You see, you want to lay solid foundations for your personal life. Perhaps there are also difficult developments on the professional level that will force you to go back to your place of origin, where you grew up or where you spent many years and you felt safe. On the professional level, you might seek to set up something of your own and leave a professional group which empties you and leaves no room for happiness.

The Moon’s Nodes enter the axis of Gemini/Sagittarius on 5 May (the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius) and will move your interest in work issues because you are called upon to be trained in a new work environment time and again. You might have to go back to school or you might invest a lot of time in your job so as to reach up to the level of your colleagues. Perhaps you must be more communicative so as to advertise your professional plans. Perhaps you acknowledge that if you focus on work too much, you might lose balance in your personal life and have problems in your relationship. Thus, you might get mentally sick. Try and maintain the balance through dialogue and the expression of interest in the other side because you should not consider yourself to be omniscient.

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