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Full Moon 12/11/2019
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 20 degrees Taurus on 12 November in opposition to retrograde Mercury in Scorpio and in trine with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn has mostly an impact on the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) born on the last days of the second and first days of the third decanate.

The Full Moon will look for balance between subjectivity and objectivity, reason and instinctual perception. Some views might change and a new frame of thinking and perception will take shape. This means that dialogue should take place that is not based on divine law and absolute opinions. Perhaps it is time for action and not words because prolonging a discussion that started long time ago might simply add new elements to a decision that cannot be reached in the end.

People with strong views and convictions might come face to face but, at the same time, the landscape will be clear in an environment which remains pretty blurry for some time now.



The Taurus Full Moon seems to be a good opportunity to renegotiate some professional issues which are directly associated with your remuneration. If you feel ready to second your thoughts, dare to talk about them by asking for more attention than usual. If you feel wronged by your surroundings, settle unfinished business and ask only for what is due to you. Bear in mind, though, that some relationships will cease to be what they used to be until today.



The Full Moon in your sign seems to bring hidden feelings which were oppressed and which struggled to remain in the dark to the surface so as not to instigate disproportionate developments. If you keep on facing the same behaviour from somebody who does not understand that you wish to move on, it feels like if you compromise with a life that you will live but others will choose on your behalf. Perhaps you speak up and wild words come out of your mouth but you will at least prove to the interested parties that you have an opinion, that you do not agree with everything, that something goes wrong, and that you are not the same person anymore.



The Taurus Full Moon seems to set developments in the professional arena in motion which you probably cannot fully control. Behind-the-scene developments change the flow of things as you had it in your mind. Perhaps a concept you had set aside comes to the fore and there are ripples which will alienate some collaborators. If you have health troubles, look after yourself and do not forget that your body is your main tool that will help you to go after your dreams.



The Taurus Full Moon will offer you the opportunity to hold a discussion which has been necessary for a long time now but has been postponed because you were not ready to take action following it. If you are troubled about work, it is time you expressed your disagreements and objections and you confronted people with whom you do to spend a nice time so as to find a solution. On the personal level, it seems that somebody from the past has returned or an issue needs to be answered, so do not try to gain more time.



The Taurus Full Moon seems to upset the balance on the personal or professional level and forces you to confront people who are involved in your decision-making. You have the chance to set the rules in a work situation so as to clarify your own role in it. Perhaps you hold a discussion at home so as to resolve financial issues and make doubts and shadows disappear. If you must buy things, beware not to jump into risky decisions.



The Taurus Full Moon seems to be the source of thoughts without necessarily any foundations or reason behind them because they come from deep and dark emotional reactions. If you hold a discussion at the current juncture, you will be very emotional with repressed feelings and remorse coming to the fore. Perhaps you wish to approach a relative to resolve some issues. A trip could be problematic so you had better review your plan or organise it better.



The Taurus Full Moon might upset your finances because you seem to try and find your footing according to the new facts. Perhaps you must spend money for your house and realise that you must find a new balance in your relationship regarding expenses. Perhaps you must hold a serious conversation with your family so as to find answers regarding priorities. You might manage to prioritise some issues which you see from a perspective other than the one of close people.



The Full Moon opposite you seems to bring a topic, which has an impact on your relationship and it is high time you resolved, to the fore. You are called upon to stop hiding and start expressing exactly what is in your mind even if this disturbs the balance. Perhaps there are ripples at work which means that roles are not absolutely clear and as a result, belongings and established facts are endangered. Make sure you do your own self-criticism, too, because perhaps you expect much from people who cannot raise to the occasion.



The Taurus Full Moon seems to upset daily balance due to third parties’ decisions which have an impact on you. Perhaps something changes at work because certain decisions influence your working hours, introduce new facts regarding hierarchy, and upset financial facts. Perhaps health troubles come up which affect your moves from now on. Perhaps you must simply be more careful about what you say because some will be disturbed and there will be unnecessary ripples.



The Taurus Full Moon will be a good occasion to hold a conversation with friends so as to resolve issues which set obstacles in your relationships. Perhaps it is time you knocked on a door you refuse to approach even if you have to lower your ego. On the amorous level, you may improve your relationship shall you acknowledge the fact that the person before you has been transformed, thus your relationship cannot be as usual.



The Taurus Full Moon seems to upset your interpersonal relationships at work or at home. You will be called upon to make a stand for something that is not of your concern but your opinion must be heard. Perhaps you say things that are not pleasant to everybody but you must show off you have a personal opinion even if you say something different from what you used to in the past. A situation seems to be on a new track and you cannot be chained to decisions you had once taken under other circumstances. If you renovate your space, do not rush into decisions at the current juncture.



The Taurus Full Moon will be a good opportunity to hold a discussion with relatives so as to resolve pending disagreements and misunderstandings. Perhaps your opinion has changed from some time ago which means that you must explain yourself to involved parties because they cannot guess. Perhaps your daily life changes and it is confusing. At the same time, though, this could be a good occasion to get rid of unnecessary activities.

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