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Annual Horoscope 2020
by signingstar

An endless trial before your commitments


2020 is a determinative year for the choices you will make to lay the foundations of your establishment because you have the opportunity to commit to a relationship, or job, or a situation which aims at you taking root. It will not be an easy process because you will be called upon to see whether you have left easy solutions of the past by the wayside and whether you have shut your ears to sirens which could be dark sideways in a difficult course which, however, consists of many elements of bright, or even blinding, light.

On the one hand, you are called upon to answer whether you are ready to move on with your relationship but on the other hand, you might still be thinking of somebody from the past who might lay siege to you after summer. On the one side, you have decided to have a child but on the other side, you have second thoughts about the choice of career. As a result, you confuse both yourself and your better half. On the one hand, perhaps you start something new on the professional level with enthusiasm but on the other hand, you might be tempted to return to your old professional life as it will approach you.

2020 seems to put your endurance for commitment to the test so do not consider your words or even your signature on a contract to be an ace up your sleeve. You will be enticed to go astray and you had better think about the reason why you are. You must shut your ears when it comes to voices about detours so long as you can go back to your initial track. You are obliged to ask to be forgiven by people who will not necessarily, though, take you back.



Jupiter in Capricorn almost throughout 2020 -in particular, until 19 December when it enters Aquarius- is a boost for your personal life because it will bring along a birth that could be the basis for your new life. First off, it seems to influence your amorous life because you look at things from another perspective as you wish to make moves which prove you are ready for the next step. If you are in a relationship, having a child seems like the natural thing to do not only because it is a step of personal development but also because it proves that you invest in the institution of family. You could talk about and proceed with a cohabitation or moving out so as to be prepared for the arrival of the new member. If you are single, you have the chance to make acquaintances that could last in time and make you believe in relationships time and again. If you do not wish for any sort of commitment, you had better be careful not to attract lovers who think differently, thus not to find yourself in a stifling situation.


On the professional level, it is time you dared to set your plan that involves people you rely on in motion. You can be a team member so long as there are predefined roles in the group. However, you should have first worked through the question of respect towards the other members. Make sure time is your ally and avoid easy gain and hasty moves. Only then will you see future for your effort.



Saturn in the third decanate of Capricorn between 1/1-22/3 and 1/7-17/12 will help you to lay solid foundations for your plan regarding the development of a relationship or a professional effort. You will have to be patient when it comes to time because some things evolve slowly and you must mark time. This is not necessarily bad for you because you operate better when you have carefully planned your course. Perhaps you must try hard to have a child because it is a time-consuming process which consists of failed attempts too. Perhaps you need time to resolve issues in your relationship which are basic in order to lay foundations for the next step. If you do not have a partner, perhaps this is a period for you to think about what you look for. The problem is not people you meet but your unclear desires.


The trial period of Saturn in Aquarius between 22/3-1/7 seems to be a foreplay for 2021-2022 when you must focus on your health and daily life. It would be useful to go through some check ups not only regarding your physical endurance but mostly regarding your mental ability to respond to life demands. Make sure you review whether you can follow the rhythms of your environment or you need to be trained to catch up. Perhaps you try to change the flow of your routine to see whether you can integrate new facts that will come up until the end of the year following changes in your amorous life which are about to take place. On the professional level, you will have to behave like a soldier even if it is disturbing at times because you want to express your opinion. Give this role a try because you can put competition around you to the test and discover those parts which people, who claim the same share with you, lag behind. Only then can you fill the gaps and overcome them in the race of hierarchy.



The first eclipse of the year takes place on 10 January and it is a Lunar one at 20 degrees Cancer in opposition to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. It makes you admit that you are at a crucial point. You are called upon to acknowledge that a cycle comes to a close and you move on while being obliged to leave something behind. Be it a partner or a job or a role, it is only you who knows. What matters, though, is to understand that the security you look for does not stem only from your association with familiar people and situations but from the edifice of your life with the materials you choose to use. They might be different from the ones you were taught to use.


The next Lunar eclipse takes place at 15 degrees Sagittarius on 5 June in opposition to retrograde Venus in Gemini and in square with Mars and Neptune in Pisces. You are at a crucial moment of moving out or getting a professional transfer and you must be sure about your decisions because delusion lurks. If you idealise an offer or if you see only the positive side of a proposal about your personal life, you had better ask for the help of somebody close. You really need to move but try and contain your enthusiasm or idealisation. The Solar eclipse at 0 degree Cancer on 21 June in quincunx with Saturn in Aquarius seems to put your endurance to the test regarding change of your daily life through a new prospect. A new job might take you far from your existing environment which could be pretty beneficial at the current juncture. You should not consider something that starts now as longterm because it must be first tested. The next Lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn on 5 July in opposition to retrograde Mercury in Cancer and in square with Chiron in Aries seems to put the foundations of your relationship and whether you are comfortable in it to the test. If there are problems, they will be obvious and they can be solved only if you feel ready to move on with important developments in it. If there is no way for you to feel that you share everything with the person by your side, there are occasions for collisions.


The last set of eclipses begins with the Lunar eclipse at 8 degrees Gemini on 30 November in quincunx with Venus in Scorpio. It questions whether you can combine reason with instinct. It is not easy but you can put your professional capabilities to the test. Perhaps you need time to be trained in a field at work knowing that you come in touch with intriguing people due to their way of thinking. The Solar eclipse at 23 degrees Sagittarius on 14 December in conjunction with Mercury and in square with Neptune in Pisces seems to bring the year to a close. There are moments when you are hypnotised while others you are awaken out of the blue bearing unexpected gifts. Try to close the year nicely in an environment where you feel loved and safe. Do not overanalyse certain situations that are a gift to you since they do not need to go through meticulous processing.


Moon’s Nodes

The North Node will be in Cancer (and the South Node in Capricorn respectively) until 5 May 2020 and it highlights the opportunity to make beginnings in your life that could live long. An amorous acquaintance at the current juncture can be the basis for a relationship which fills you with feelings and security. If you are in a relationship, having a family does not sound strange anymore and it could be a mission you can handle. On the professional level, it is rather useful to be a team member and make sure you join a group of people who makes you feel safe even when you cannot use your leadership needs and skills.


The Moon’s Nodes enter the axis of Gemini/Sagittarius on 5 May (the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius) and make you understand that you stand before important changes related to your house or professional image. It is a period of almost one and a half year when you are called upon to prove you can take on dangerous professional missions knowing how to finish them. Perhaps you must split your professional time in two directions because you must cope with a new field which is stressful but also gives you the opportunity to feel young. You see, you get to gain knowledge, meet people, and be in touch with an audience. On the other side, you will have to consider the possibility of a moving out bearing in mind that you cannot escape every time you are under pressure in a certain situation. You must prove you can complete two missions you have been offered even if this means that you must handle your time dexterously sometimes giving priority to work sometimes to family.

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