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Solar eclipse 26/12/2019
by signingstar

The Solar eclipse at 4 degrees Capricorn on December, 26 in conjunction with Jupiter and in square with Chiron in Aries seems to mostly affect the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) born on the first decanate. They realise things that can change the direction of their life.

It is the right period of time to lay the foundations for the change you have in mind and to decide to start building the new edifice in which you wish to give shape to the new chapter of your life. If you break up from a relationship or you leave a professional environment, make sure you understand whether you leave behind a simple experience or a situation which teaches you how to change so as to be different in the next stage of your life. In this eclipse, you are called upon to realise that you are not alone. You decide to move bearing in mind that you live in a society the rules and laws of which have changed.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse signals an extremely important moment in the life of the representatives born on the first decanate. They will be called upon to take over the torch for the next stage of their life. You will have to reach big decisions regarding your career that will prove whether you have faith in yourself or you choose to compromise with the suggested conditions. Perhaps you decide to break down the specific context of your personal life and move in new directions. No matter what your decision is, remember that you shoulder weights which you will be called upon to prove you can lift until the very end of the course you decide to take.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse could help you disengage from situations and environments which have started being toxic for your personal growth. You must see whether you can rely on somebody before you who invites you to walk together in a direction that changes course and stresses you. You must prove you are willing to go together with and not alienate the other side, at least not without clear arguments about your intention. It is time you struggled with your demons even if this means that you might expose yourself to people who are used to a specific image of yours.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse presents situations which prove that a cycle comes to a close and you will have to move on to the next one. Perhaps you get to leave a group which will cease to exist while some strict rules are set that you cannot accept. Perhaps you must go through others’ tests so as to prove that you deserve to be in a new environment the members of which cannot operate at will. In any case, you must decide whether you commit or you leave.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse could be an excellent opportunity to make a beginning in a topic that has pestered you lately and keeps you chained in situations which do not correspond to your needs. Perhaps you open the door and leave a relationship that traps you and pesters you. Perhaps you decide to take a decisive step so as to measure yourself in a new work environment. Perhaps you decide to announce the changes that have taken place in your life lately but are still secret. You have decided to break free from people who have a different opinion about you.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse makes you admit that there are obstacles in the functionality of your daily life which means that you are called upon to find solutions that could even be radical. Such an opportunity may arise from a professional offer which invites you to take distance from today. You are called upon to struggle with your own self; your ambitions and intentions; your needs and desires; your priorities. Therefore, make sure you do not focus on difficulties or superficial glamour of what is offered. Examine everything in depth.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse seems to activate new facts on the amorous level through steps that can take place in your relationship which will bring about developments based on stable and solid foundations. A new acquaintance, at the current juncture, could be an opportunity to renew your love life because you will start making longterm plans. You must clarify, though, whether you need a real relationship or only sexual pleasure because options for longterm commitment seem to be favoured. In your existing relationship, plans or opportunities to have a child seem to come up.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse seems to shake the foundations of your personal life through realisations which lead far from your existing environment. It seems imperative that you move out because you do not feel safe in the existing space. A professional transfer seems to comprise hard work because you will be called upon to change career or compromise with choices that do not fully cover you. Finally, remember that you might see your parents growing older and this makes you realise that time progresses and you can do nothing to stop it.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse seems to make you more extrovert, to help you to express what is in your head all this time, and to start giving them shape and planning them. You have the chance to introduce new facts at work and to lay the foundations for professional success through promises you can make and which could resonate with reality. Perhaps you finish an educational cycle that can give you the tools you will use to make the next professional step. In any case, taking distance from your existing environment is a question you are called upon to seriously consider.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse seems to highlight the need to do something specific about your finances. If there is a change in your remuneration, you are called upon to understand that you cannot keep on living as usual and that it is time you graded your priorities somehow differently. If an intriguing professional offer comes along, ask yourself whether it gives you financial security because you cannot rely only on the role you assume. Make sure you are in touch with reality because any plan without foundations put you in danger.



The Solar eclipse in your sign will be an important moment for you (mainly if you were born on the first decanate) because you realise that you enter a new stage in your personal life. You must acknowledge that there are still thorns in some areas in your relationship and that you walk in a minefield that could be activated at any given moment. It is time you did self-criticism and you admitted that you might have compromised in certain areas because you cannot find the perfection you look for. In case you wish to aim at something that fulfils you, make sure you screen out your routine from images and activities that may set obstacles in your course.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse seems to highlight that events take place behind the scenes which may have a direct impact on your career. Try and understand that there are limitations and that you cannot keep on operating without reporting back to your surroundings because some monitor your moves and judge you. If a professional chapter comes to a close, perhaps it is a good moment to focus on yourself and make sure you change the way you operate in a work environment. It is not possible that society changes but you stay the same.



The Capricorn Solar eclipse seems to make you screen out your relationships and acquaintances on the social level. It is time you put an end to a circle that keeps coming to the fore and you continued with activities which actually give you something back including a role you wish to second. Perhaps you realise that you must make some financial moves which put your expenses in order because you cannot keep on operating against the demands of society.

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