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Annual Horoscope 2020
by signingstar

Sitting your final exams


2020 could be a milestone for you because it seems like the passing into a new era. It feels like the end of a cycle which started twelve years ago and might lead you to a new role on the personal or professional level. You will be called upon to rely on people you have chosen to be by your side, otherwise you must bid some people around you farewell. This good-bye does not necessarily translate into melancholy or depression for you. It could be the gate through which you enter the next stage of your life.

The periods of the eclipses, that is, January and June-July, are determinative for the changes that have taken place or are about to occur because you are called upon to get used to the new conditions. You had better avoid hasty moves because it is not sure that your mind is lucid regarding choices you are called upon to make. It would be rather useful to make sure you do not jump into decisions under the pressure of factors which await for your mistake. You could see the first semester of the year as an opportunity to give birth to something beautiful in your life which, however, will go through hard labour and demanding situations.


The second semester of the year seems like your final battle with loose ends of a dying past. You might move, change job, have second thoughts about your relationship, or take distance from your parents. You need to be strong to clear the ground of your life because there are likely sick elements that you cannot ignore. Perhaps it is time you showed how highly emotional you are without feeling shame or fear of exposure. It is a big challenge following a long period when you promised you would change.



Jupiter in your sign almost throughout 2020 -in particular, until 19 December when it enters Aquarius- is a good opportunity to restart your life so as to lay solid foundations. With Jupiter in your sign, there is a chance you find yourself in a land far from your existing environment. A land where you meet new people and you likely ask yourself whether you could live there. Perhaps you invest in knowledge, even through an educational programme, so as to make a turn in your career and to close a chapter of your life that is left behind. Perhaps you restart your life through your personal life because you want to move forward with an amorous acquaintance and try to spend more time with somebody near you.

With Jupiter in your sign, you might simply decide to bring a life you were used to to a close and tie up loose ends. Make sure you remove obligations and responsibilities off your shoulders without necessarily fighting with people whom you should confront for the aforementioned reasons. Try and get a velvet divorce shall this be your goal by choosing to maintain a good future relationship with somebody with whom you break up on the amorous or professional level. It is not useful to make enemies. Finally, believe that through destruction here comes an opportunity to look at the future. Only then will you manage to stop looking at the impasse of the last period.



Saturn in the third decanate of your sign between 1/1-22/3 and 1/7-17/12 seems to put the endurance of the representatives of the third decanate to the test. They are called upon to be consistent regarding a goal which needs time to come true. Perhaps you feel you are under endless physical and psychological pressure and that you need to be able to take initiative which proves you can be on the right track. Perhaps you must get in touch with authority figures and powerful people who can define the way you operate so as to soothe situations which are about to explode. At the same time, you get to be trained on how to react in occasions in which you should keep your cool and be cold-blooded. Interpersonal relationships seem to put your stamina to the test because balance is lost. As a result, it is absolutely necessary that new roles are given to you and your better half. Otherwise, you realise that the end is inevitable. On the other side, you may realise that you are at a crucial point when you must acknowledge that certain compromises may lay more solid foundations for your life, so accept them and build your life around these decisions.

The trial period of Saturn in Aquarius between 22/3-1/7 seems to give you the chance to catch your breath and see whether you have reached decisions and you can be yourself in this trajectory. It is the moment when you realise that your personal worth has changed and you must see yourself at another price. It is time you safeguarded belongings and acquisitions and you stopped spending and wasting your energy irrationally. It would be useful to reduce unnecessary expenses so as to save money and see whether you have the chance to invest in your free time so as to do things that truly satisfy you.



The first eclipse takes place on 10 January and it is a Lunar one at 20 degrees Cancer in opposition to Saturn and Pluto in your sign and it mostly affects the representatives of the end of the second and the beginning of the third decanate. This eclipse seems to try you though harsh emotional tests because you are called upon to decide whether you trust harsh and relentless reason or you go together with feelings which might keep you chained to the past. It is an important moment because future is clearly visible and you cannot pretend you do not see it. A loss at the current juncture seems to upset you and to make you admit that time is invincible and you cannot go against it.

The next Lunar eclipse takes place at 15 degrees Sagittarius on 5 June in opposition to retrograde Venus in Gemini and in square with Mars and Neptune in Pisces. You must beware of the behaviour of people who try to extract information from you or of the double game some play who wish to be on your side but also against you. On the professional level, there might be unfinished business which is disturbing unless you settle it, otherwise you cannot sleep well. If you set up a professional move, you had better avoid making any announcements and you should make sure you keep on working in the dark. The Solar eclipse at 0 degree Cancer on 21 June in quincunx with Saturn in Aquarius seems to put your faith in new amorous or professional beginnings to the test without being able to know the cost and the benefit. You are, of course, scared of such a prospect and you might hesitate and flinch but you must also trust your instinct. If instinct means relying on somebody by your side, hand over the keys of the vehicle and be the co-driver making sure you enjoy the trip. The next Lunar eclipse at 13 degrees in your sign on 5 July in opposition to retrograde Mercury in Cancer and in square with Chiron in Aries has an impact mostly on the representatives who were born in the middle of the second decanate. Perhaps you find it hard to rely on the opinion of somebody before you and you might think you cannot adopt their views. Perhaps there is a difficult development in a relationship or professional collaboration which cannot find its footing. As a result, you realise it is about to come to a close. Make sure you focus on your mind and views because you need a clear head and cold blood to face the challenges before you.

The last set of eclipses begins with the Lunar eclipse at 8 degrees Gemini on 30 November in quincunx with Venus in Scorpio. It seems to warn you about possible traps at work or about your health. You are called upon to acknowledge the problem mostly based on the indications and your instinct. Beware of your association with people whom you do not know very well because they might have the chance to extract information and facts you are not willing to share. In addition, look after your health and do not go too far because you do not know whether they could bring about results you cannot handle. The Solar eclipse at 23 degrees Sagittarius on 14 December in conjunction with Mercury and in square with Neptune in Pisces brings the year to a close with the opportunity for a trip you really need so as to empty your head from heavy information. Try and take distance from people you are used to because you need new images and sounds. Communication-wise, try and avoid generalisations because you might be exposed even to close people.


Moon’s Nodes

The North Node will be in Cancer (and the South Node in your sign respectively) until 5 May 2020 and will mostly affect the representatives of the first decanate. It highlights your need to escape a solitary and stifling living environment. You are called upon to trust people who could be by your side not out of pity but out of real interest. At the same time, you will have to prove you trust and support these people not only materialistically but mostly emotionally as feelings can make your relationship even more stable. Perhaps big changes take place in your life regarding your role as a partner or parent. These facts scar you and aim at awakening you in view of the one-sided living pattern you cannot keep on implementing because it is not healthy.

The Moon’s Nodes enter the axis of Gemini/Sagittarius on 5 May (the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius) and will make you admit that it is time you turned to a wider social circle and you examined your role in it. Following a long period of developments in your interpersonal relationships, you are called upon to find your role in the professional environment time and again or to lay new foundations in your relationships with colleagues and collaborators. Perhaps you choose to make deep changes in the way you live your routine so that it goes together with your inner world. Remember, though, that you might have to sacrifice some personal elements in favour of a higher goal. You must try hard and be trained to be integrated in a group of people that is different from the ones you were used to some years ago.

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