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Annual Horoscope 2020
by signingstar

Balance exercises


2020 is a year that will make you realise changes come to your life which you will be called upon to second or reject in the coming years. The Moon’s Nodes enter the axis of Gemini (North Node)/Sagittarius (South Node) on 5 May and indicate that you start realising the change of priorities in your life as well as the meanings of transition, moving, and professional change. In June and in December, you will go through the eclipses which show that lifecycles come to a close and you are called upon to understand the transition from one period to another without losing your footing.

At the same time, Venus will be in Gemini for a long period of time and its retrograde cycle (beginning of April-beginning of August) indicates that some relationships will be put to the test regarding childish innocence in contrast to long-term plans. If you are pressured due to the facts which others have imposed on you, perhaps you rebel and you want to escape by choosing directions which, however, will not necessarily lead you out of the impasse. Hasty moves regarding the purchase of a house or the change of professional course will trouble you towards the end of the year because you will realise that you are not accepted by people in whom you wish to invest. Perhaps the point of 2020 stems from the word “maturity” and whether you are ready to second it.



Jupiter in Capricorn almost throughout 2020 -in particular, until 19 December when it enters Aquarius- signals a year when you have the chance to improve your position in a changing professional or social environment. Perhaps it is time you were more disciplined in a work environment which cannot keep on running at random. If you can determine the moves that will take place, make sure you put together a working group which consists of people who can bring their strong spots to the surface. Try and be the one who listens to and resolves their problems without creating more ripples. If you feel ready to start something of your own, you will need the help of few people who add to your vision with their practical skills.

On the personal level, perhaps a new era begins for you because you might have a family or you might see your children moving forward with their life. This means that it is time you changed the activities which used to be part of your life and you joined new groups of people. This proves that you grow and you cannot be stagnant in old situations. If you want to make new friends or join a new social circle, you will be put to the test because some might examine your knowledge and your ability to respond to boundaries and rules which might put pressure on you.



Saturn in the third decanate of Capricorn between 1/1-22/3 and 1/7-17/12 is a good opportunity for you to take lessons which help you be a team member. Perhaps you keep on being trained on how to operate within groups with rules. It was hard to accept at the beginning but it gradually turned into a good occasion to meet people who can teach you a lot. Perhaps you feel the pressure of society to mature, not only physically but also mentally, through a new way of thinking which stands for the fact that too much freedom might result in impunity at times. Perhaps you are under pressure to be a team member with a specific role which you cannot refuse but, at the same time, you cannot go too far with it. Perhaps this is helpful because you operate better under the working plan of others since you have more time to spare for activities of your choice.

The trial period of Saturn in Aquarius between 22/3-1/7 could be a serious test as to whether you really acknowledge a society which perhaps becomes conservative and makes you observe situations that could make you want to rebel. Perhaps you deal with difficult occasions at work and as a result, you witness phenomena of injustice and infringement of personal freedom. Perhaps you must downgrade your personal views in favour of a universal perception. Perhaps you feel like suffocating in a job which consists of repetitive actions day after day and you realise that you go too far with your body and spirit. If you think these situations do not suit you, use the second semester of the year to take as many lessons as possible so that they become important tools in your equipment. You can use them in 2021 to give shape to your life time and again laying foundations which are not as stable as they were in the past but they are free of past obsessions.



The first eclipse takes place on 10 January and it is a Lunar one at 20 degrees Cancer in opposition to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. It seems to activate issues related to children. Perhaps you realise that a change takes place in the life of your children which has an emotional impact on all of you. Perhaps you are in a relationship and having a child is an important parameter to decide upon your next steps. What matters is that you cope with the situation rationally because reason will provide you with elements that will lead you to the right decision.

The next Lunar eclipse takes place at 15 degrees Sagittarius on 5 June in opposition to retrograde Venus in Gemini and in square with Mars and Neptune in your sign. The foundations of your life seem to be disturbed due to offers or challenges which do not necessarily consist of elements of truth and reality. You are at a juncture when you are about to move but try and avoid rash decisions because you have probably not taken every parameter into consideration. The Solar eclipse at 0 degree Cancer on 21 June in quincunx with Saturn in Aquarius seems to be that missing parameter which might come from somebody close. Their decision might upset you and make you admit that your mind was not lucid since you did not add your relationship with them to the equation. If you could not take decisions due to difficult dilemmas, this somebody decides to be a catalyst and make you move. The next Lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn on 5 July in opposition to retrograde Mercury in Cancer and in square with Chiron in Aries seems to bring to the fore words which were told and might be the source of anger or guilt. Try and express oppressed feelings in a way which does not scare the other side so as to clarify the opinion others have about the way you operate.

The last set of eclipses begins with the Lunar eclipse at 8 degrees Gemini on 30 November in quincunx with Venus in Scorpio. You seem to be in dilemma regarding the prospect of a moving. Following a period when you went back and forth about this dilemma and you reached a conclusion as to whether you can leave some people and situations behind or not, you will be called upon to give an answer. It would be useful to have convinced yourself first about the decision you take and then try and explain what you have in mind. The Solar eclipse at 23 degrees Sagittarius on 14 December in conjunction with Mercury and in square with Neptune in your sign speaks of a decision which fills you with optimism and makes you wear rose-tinted glasses about the future. There is obviously a touch of exaggeration and arrogance which means that there are parameters you are not aware of at the current juncture. The fact that you start a new part of your life somewhere else makes you see things through a lens which highlights the positive aspects of your decision and leaves every ambiguity or negative parameter by the wayside.


Moon’s Nodes

The North Node will be in Cancer (and the South Node in Capricorn respectively) until 5 May 2020. It is in an area of your life which favours your contact with children and gives you the opportunity to show off your talents at work. If you are in a relationship, having a child is rather favoured and this means that elements of your rich emotional world will surface. At the same time, you are called upon to reconsider your professional ambitions and find the balance between happiness thanks to family and satisfaction thanks to professional growth. You cannot do both simultaneously so make sure you make the right choice which will give you much deeper satisfaction than the other. If you are single, an acquaintance at the current juncture might bring feelings which have been hidden for long to the surface and might make your heart beat time and again. You should know, however, whether you look for a relationship to have fun or an acquaintance with all prerequisites to grow and last in the long-run.

The Moon’s Nodes enter the axis of Gemini/Sagittarius on 5 May (the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius) and signal the transition into a period when you are called upon to second your choices. Perhaps you must move out because your family grows or make more room in your existing living space for your children. Perhaps you must look for a new house for professional reasons because you spend a lot of time in a place far from your current place of residence. Perhaps you must go abroad for some time so as to be trained in new work models and patterns, thus you become a student again. What matters is that you manage to hold two watermelons in one hand and this will happen only when you realise that feelings and reason can go together.

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