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Lunar eclipse 10/1/2020
by signingstar

The Lunar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer on January, 10 in opposition to Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn seems to make the environment very intense in the lives of the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn).

It seems like the end of a period which helps you to make the transition to the next phase of your life. If you do not understand that you are bogged down and that you are in an environment with no oxygen, you will start having health problems. Pay attention to the signs and try to understand that you are called upon to decide whether you wish to keep on living or you compromise with a foreshortened situation.

If you take a decisive step toward the next stage of your life, make sure you lay solid foundations and you are strong and courageous. A period with intense demands seems to begin which means that you stand before people who will judge your performance. The period of childish innocence has come to a close and you must prove that you can be an adult.



The Cancer Lunar eclipse seems like the final act which brings a long-lasting process to a close since it cannot keep on being part of your life. Perhaps your professional cycle in a changing environment that does not suit you ends. Perhaps you dare to try a professional challenge which consists of moving somewhere far; thus you feel insecure in view of the new unfamiliar environment. Perhaps there are domestic problems which you try to resolve in a way which proves that roles change and one passes the torch to another.



The Cancer Lunar eclipse seems like your opportunity to hold a serious discussion with somebody with whom you do not need to lock horns. Thus it is silly to keep distance between yourselves. You must have actual arguments against stressful and scary complaints. You are called upon to prove that you can take on responsibilities which would be scary under other circumstances and at different times. You come of age and you can second this only if you start behaving in a way which proves that you acknowledge the process.



The Cancer Lunar eclipse seems to impact on your finances through realisations about the management of things which you had handed over to third parties. You most likely have to take decisions which are difficult and very demanding to handle. You are called upon to acknowledge the fact that some people cannot contribute anymore the way they used to. Perhaps you decide to set professional decisions in motion which consist of the meaning of challenge. This could upset your finances though.



The Lunar eclipse in your sign will be an occasion to realise that it is time you took action on the personal or professional level. If a chapter comes to a close, it cannot take place smoothly because some will try and put responsibilities and weights on your shoulders. If you are called upon to follow the dispositions and desires of people you cannot question, make sure you make necessary compromises to the point that your health is not harmed. You are called upon to attune your decisions to the seriousness of the situation so do not use funny excuses to bury your head in the sand.



The Cancer Lunar eclipse calls upon you to cope with health issues so as to prevent situations that could be very difficult in the future. You had better look after yourself, be careful with your nutrition, and cope with your physical and mental well-being. Perhaps it is also time you tied up loose ends at work otherwise your daily life seems like a difficult terrain with bumper cars. Finally, if you feel ready for the big step in your career, make sure you announce it to people who understand you and who do not tend to raise obstacles in your way.



The Cancer Lunar eclipse could bring about tension with friends because you must realise whether you are surrounded by people who harm you. Perhaps you wish to screen out your social circle and to take distance from people who might represent your past. Perhaps there are professional developments and as a result, you are called upon to show off your personality in a group of people that puts your extroversion to the test. This can be stressful for you.



The Cancer Lunar eclipse makes you witness developments which take place on the professional or domestic level and which impact on your life. You are called upon to clarify your role in a changing environment and to see whether it is time you realised that you leave behind a living pattern which resembles your past. Perhaps you move out and you must abandon a way of thinking that was useful in your previous condition. Perhaps you change professional environment which means that you must be careful before you openly speak to a group of people whose way of thinking you do not know.



The Cancer Lunar eclipse makes you review some plans to travel because you must carefully safeguard your finances. You will be called upon to count the pros and the cons and to see whether it is time you were more careful in view of offers and challenges that might expose you. Perhaps it is time you changed your way of thinking and you took some people in your surroundings as an example. Their experience is useful because they see things from another perspective. Finally, it is a good period to take decisions regarding educational issues.



The Cancer Lunar eclipse is perhaps a difficult situation related to close people because a chapter of your life might come to a close. If a professional cycle ends, try and get what is owed to you so as not to be out of pocket. If there are amorous problems, someone new might easily come your way. They can boost your morale and make you shut a door behind you which indicates the end of a relationship. It is obvious that you cannot be chained to situations that cage you.



The Cancer Lunar eclipse is an important moment regarding your interpersonal relationships. You had better answer any doubts in your relationship, avoid using excuses to bury your head in the sand, and act decisively. If something ended, it should be known to everybody so as to move on in your life. If you are under pressure in a personal or professional situation, it is time you clarified whether you can stand compromising or you decide to rebel. What matters is that you feel comfortable in your own skin so as to understand whether there is a friend or opponent before you.



The Cancer Lunar eclipse could upset your health even if this refers to psychological disturbances. You are called upon to clarify whether you can follow a living pattern which is probably not comfortable anymore and to see whether you go through situations of which you do not have control. Perhaps you must change some parts of your daily life including your nutrition and physical exercise because you acknowledge those signs that alert you about harming yourself.



The Cancer Lunar eclipse seems to bring a topic regarding your personal life or your relationship with your children to a close. It seems that the option to come of age is live and kicking and it is time you moved into a new stage in your life. Things are very different from what you were used to until today. Perhaps you take distance from a situation and you move forward. Perhaps you cope with problems in the existing situation and you need the support of experienced people. It seems that it is high time you decided to come of age and you stopped avoiding the responsibilities which you actually shoulder.

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