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New Moon 24/1/2020
by signingstar

The New Moon on January, 24 in Aquarius in square with Uranus in Taurus seems to upset the life of the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) born on the first decanate.

It is high time stagnant waters were disturbed so that the landscape is cleared up and actions toward development take place. The outcome could be uncontrollable because reactions take place that act as catalyst and it is hard for you to know up to which point they might influence “business as usual”. If you feel ready to take part in this festival of developments, make sure you initiate it otherwise you might find yourself before moves which you do not know whether you can control.



The Aquarius New Moon calls upon you to take distance from groups and teams that may upset you and make you lose sight of your goal. Perhaps you look for a way to overcome financial difficulties but this will happen only if you clear up your mind from many and diverse opinions your surroundings give you. Perhaps you decide to take distance from social acquaintances because you understand that you are consumed more than you should since you do not take back what you expected.



The Aquarius New Moon makes you open your eyes in view of challenges and see what it is you are called upon to do so as to anticipate developments. Make sure you are ready to give answers that could be unexpected since you must put the limits of your surroundings to the test. You are called upon to be more aggressive with people who choose their comfort zone as you wish to disturb stagnant waters and make those, who choose to just wait for time to pass by, feel uncomfortable.



The Aquarius New Moon could bring to the fore some issues which may upset existing balance. Perhaps you speak up about an issue and this could be an occasion to reevaluate a relationship or collaboration which is under review. Perhaps there are professional discussions which seem to open new chapters in your way of thinking. Thus, you examine whether you can go after an intriguing offer. Something seems to change and it will definitely lead to the review of whatever you keep in your head.



The Aquarius New Moon will be a good occasion to reevaluate the financial facts of your life which make you worry. Perhaps you choose to take distance from people around you as you wish to highlight the fact that you cannot carry on with situations which you would end under other circumstances. If there are issues related to your relationship, try and operate based on horse sense and leave behind abrupt and risky moves.



The New Moon opposite you calls upon you to focus on issues related to your interpersonal relationships which could cause a stir that you cannot handle. You are called upon to open your eyes in view of realisations that could change the status of your relationships, to stop daydreaming, and to focus on the real dimension of things. It is time you caused a commotion and you proved that you can lead things in the direction you wish. Bear in mind, though, that this could harm existing relationships which hang by a thread.



The Aquarius New Moon could alert you with the purpose of making you understand that your routine is disturbed. Perhaps you must change your priorities and realise that you have left some elements of your life by the wayside. As a result, you must draw your attention to them. Perhaps you must cope with health issues so as to improve some parameters of your daily life which impact on your balance.



The Aquarius New Moon could be an occasion for a change on the personal level. You must escape a daily life which hypnotises you and makes you dizzy. A new acquaintance could be the reason for that which means that you will look in a new direction. An unscheduled meeting could awaken you and make you realise that your living pattern results in idleness and despair. Perhaps you decide to pay more attention to your existing relationship by trying to reactivate feelings which have been suppressed lately.



The Aquarius New Moon seems like an occasion to cause a stir on the domestic or professional environment so as to change the existing balance. It is time something new came up that would motivate you to move forward and to escape a stifling environment. Perhaps you are attacked by close people and you have to respond. This will initiate a cycle of confrontations which might translate into your departure from a group of people in which you participate.



The Aquarius New Moon could upset travels that you have recently planned. Perhaps your schedule changes, you have to change your priorities, and you realise that you must take immediate action because of an urgent situation. Perhaps you understand that you are idle in a situation which progresses and seems to impact on your prospects directly. Try and explain the thoughts you recommend to implement knowing that something like this may upset the balance.



The Aquarius New Moon seems to have an impact on your finances and you must admit that some developments do not depend only on your will. You must decide whether you are willing to take risks and make moves which you are not certain you control. Perhaps you are urged to make a move which upsets established facts and has an impact on your psychological world. You see, you feel that you lose control but you might be liberated from obsessions.



The New Moon in your sign will be a good occasion to set new parameters in situations in which you cannot keep on being a cog in the machine. You could challenge your surroundings because you wish to put the endurance of relationships and collaborations to the test. Bear in mind, though, that something like this could lead to breaking down dangerous balances. You are at a crucial point as to whether you stay in a context which has grown old or not. You insist on overlooking the fact that it does not nurture you materially, emotionally, or mentally.



The Aquarius New Moon could upset the balance in your life and reminds you that some things might take place without your knowledge. Therefore, I would suggest you are more careful with how you handle your relationships and collaborations because you might hear upsetting news. On the other side, you could upset your surroundings with your decisions since you disturb the stagnant waters of your life.

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