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Full Moon 7/5/2020
by signingstar

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May, 7 in opposition to Mercury in Taurus seems to highlight that it is time for the representatives of the fixed axis to move in a new direction which suits the priorities of their life.

Perhaps it seems pressuring and heavy and perhaps you feel that you must take a very important decision that you cannot handle and that corners you. However, this is reality and you must deal with it. Perhaps it is time you held a discussion that you have been postponing for a long period of time and you took decisions that will upset the edifice of your life. The period of planning has come to a close and you move into the next phase of taking action.


The Scorpio Full Moon might have an impact on your finances due to discussions you are called upon to make with somebody or with a group that is directly linked to your remuneration. Perhaps there is a change in your income. This angers you and might be a reason to have a fight. Perhaps you consider there is no balance between income and expenditure and you try and explain some realities to your better half so as to find an appropriate solution. Finally, on the amorous level, sexual chemistry with somebody might blow reason away.



The Full Moon opposite you will be an important opportunity to resolve your basic differences with somebody in your life in an unsatisfactory way. Perhaps you hold a discussion which aims at changing the facts even if in a hasty and sudden way. Perhaps something new begins on the amorous or professional level and this could disturb calmness in your life as well as surprise people who know you well. You want your personality to stand out, though, and you are not scared to express yourself. This will certainly result in conflicts with your surroundings.



With the Scorpio Full Moon, you will likely realise that you cannot be chained to an environment or system which forbids you to move. You have probably realised that you are about to dare and turn your life in a new direction. This means that you leave a team that was used to you. On the other hand, it is time you focused on yourself and your physical endurance, you looked after your health, you took care of yourself, and you improved parts of your personality that have been hurt the last couple of years.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to activate your amorous needs and makes you realise that you have overlooked this aspect of your life. Perhaps you must do something to find the right balance between your personal and professional life, and try to live somehow differently. If you are single, you might look at some friends amorously and there might be confessions that will trigger developments.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to disturb professional or domestic issues and reminds you that you cannot rest. You must explain your choices and justify the reason why you break up a situation that took hard work to build up. Perhaps you decide to move out and you discuss the possibility of moving in to a new place. Perhaps there are difficulties at work and explanations are requested for disturbing behaviours.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to make you express your thoughts, speak up, and disturb delicate balances on the domestic or professional level. Perhaps you want to claim something more than what you are offered. You prove that you have the dynamic to get it and this will disturb certain people around you. Perhaps you want to talk about an issue of the wider family environment demanding to be heard so as to make your position clear.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to upset your finances and make you focus on useless expenses and risky moves. You must put your spending in order, ask for money that others owe you, and decide to reorganise your income. Perhaps you must review your plans for a trip because there might be expenses which you might not be able to cover.



The Full Moon in your sign is an important moment for your interpersonal relationships because you are called upon to clarify your position in them. You are called upon to decide whether you can be in a relationship which changes speed or you have already decided to leave. Perhaps you focus on a new acquaintance and you decide to speak up about your decisions even if this is shocking to people around you. You must get rid of your insecurities and screen out your environment.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to upset some situation which you would rather see moving instead of standing still. Conditions you do not wish to cope with seem to come to the surface. Perhaps health-related problems come up and you cannot ignore certain issues. You must probably look into an issue that impacts on your psychology. Perhaps you have to talk to somebody who can offer you solutions which you cannot see since you insist on looking in a different direction.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to help you to get in touch and in communication with people who can strengthen your position in a changing professional environment. Perhaps you make some important acquaintances and widen your social circle with the inclusion of people who have a vision and a certain status. At the same time, you must beware of possible amorous heartbeats which could upset your relationship. You seem to focus on people you have never met before until today who will help you to overcome a past you wish to forget about.



The Scorpio Full Moon is an important moment for the balance between professional and personal issues. You will confront people who seem ready to measure themselves up against you. You must consider together whether you can keep on operating in the same context or it is time you broke up your connection. Perhaps you put pressure on certain people with the wish to have things your own way. As a result, a situation that was unstable seems to come to a definite end. On the other side, shall you wish to commit to something new in your life, you must inform your surroundings about your intentions. You see, you might change course in your life and leave behind people who were used to being part of it.



The Scorpio Full Moon seems to give you the opportunity to explain what is in your head and to speak in a seemingly intense way which helps you, however, to be understood. It is time you took decisions which prove you are ready to change your priorities and to make changes at home that will impact on your relationship with close people. Perhaps you think about an excursion far from home or your working environment. Perhaps you think it is time you started looking for your next house or job.

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