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New Moon 22/5/2020
by signingstar

The New Moon in Gemini on May, 22 in square with Mars in Pisces in combination with the retrograde cycle of Venus in Gemini seems like a well-set trap for the signs/ascendants of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) to reach a hasty decision.

You must carefully read the small print and distinguish opportunity from entrapment because these two situations invite you to a set-up dance. The prospect for a professional or amorous relationship seems to strike a sensitive chord of your brain or heart and to lead you to a path that is not well-lit. Try and listen to third parties’ opinions and avoid reaching hasty decisions because you might enter a labyrinth the exit of which is hard to find.


If you have the opportunity to re-evaluate somebody or a situation from the past, seize it for a second chance. Dare to ask the questions you did not in the past and to experience the situation like you never did before. In about a month from today, you will be able to know what this prospect means to you.



The Gemini New Moon will bring about an opportunity for an escape, for a trip that can give you the pleasure you look for. However, you are called upon to be careful with the timing of this trip because you might overlook the fact that there are obligations you cannot ignore. Perhaps you realise that there is agitation at work and you must prove that you pay attention to detail. You might be exposed by people whose words have an impact.



The Gemini New Moon motivates you to put your financial affairs in order and to dissociate yourself from activities in which people you cannot control participate. Perhaps you realise that you have added many activities to your daily life that increase your expenses and make you lose time and money. Perhaps you decide to ask for earned income that you do not want to leave to chance. You seem ready to settle unfinished business with people who believe they can rightfully take advantage of your flexibility.



The New Moon in your sign seems to make you admit that you must assume your responsibilities and make moves that prove you can decide to pull strings. It is likely that you take initiatives that will disturb some people in your circle because you seem ready to move in an unusual way. Perhaps you decide to accept a professional offer which seems like a challenge because you take a risk which seems like a jump into the void to some. However, to you it seems like an opportunity to show off your abilities.



The Gemini New Moon makes you admit that you are entrapped in a daily living pattern which you can hardly escape. Your personal freedom is an element that you lost some time ago because you are involved in situations which demand your time and clarity. Perhaps you are in a professional dilemma and you ask yourself whether you can make a move which, however, is not as clear regarding the benefit it could have in your life.



The Gemini New Moon seems to activate your sociability and make you more extrovert. Thus it helps you to get in touch with friends. Perhaps you have an inner conflict because you are called upon to rank your priorities and examine whether you set your personal life before social activity. Perhaps it is difficult to find balance among various facts that you are called upon to assess so as to review your priorities. On the personal level, a friendship might turn into something else. It will be confusing and it might lead to unfortunate situations.



The Gemini New Moon might be stressful for you because things speed up and there are many alternations in your life plan. You must prove that you can handle situations which you cannot assess at your own pace. Perhaps you confront people who can stress you or scare you. As a result, you lose your cool. You must remember that you are at a juncture when you are called upon to prove you are flexible so dare to operate sometimes in a way that is different from your personal and, at times, non-negotiable standards.



The Gemini New Moon seems to bring you back to a reality that you have set aside for a while. Perhaps you choose to forget about routine and you wish to keep on living in a way that proves you do not really cope with daily affairs because you cannot stand being lost in chaos. The longer you choose to live like this, the more you increase your obligations and magnify problems before you since they will not be resolved magically. Thus, you must decide to be realistic and leave any hopes that things will sort themselves out by the wayside. You must find the end of yarn and untangle things.



The Gemini New Moon seems to intensively focus on your amorous life and bring about dilemmas you are called upon to answer. Perhaps sexual desires toward somebody with whom your way of thinking is completely different arise. Perhaps somebody from the past returns and confuses you because there are expectations that set obstacles to your existing relationship. If you are about to make the next step in your personal life, perhaps it is time you had a child.



The New Moon opposite you is a good chance to reconsider some things in your interpersonal relationships so as to turn a dysfunctional situation into a viable one. You will be called upon to give somebody in your life or somebody who returns a second chance. You want to review what to keep and what to get rid of. Perhaps something changes at work and as a result, you are called upon to include new parameters in your daily life. This could be hard on you and bring about rifts with family members unless you pay attention to balance between time you spend for professional activities and time you spend for your personal life.



The Gemini New Moon is an opportunity to organise some parameters of your daily life which make your schedule too stifling. Try and settle unfinished business, seek delayed answers, and clearly express your own positions and views so that there are no question marks and rifts. Perhaps you must spend more time for routine issues so as to clear up the environment and feel lighter.



The Gemini New Moon seems to have an impact on financial issues because of decisions you must make. Otherwise uncontrollable expenses will come up. Perhaps you decide to review some moves you had in mind and to cancel your plans to buy things in the coming period. You see, new needs arise that you had not previously thought about. On the personal level, perhaps you are confused with somebody’s attitude who moves in a different-than-usual way.



The Gemini New Moon probably stresses you and makes you deal with many issues in a short period of time. You must get in touch with many people and discuss topics in need of improvement. You had better deal with all this even if you are scared of quarrelling with close people. Perhaps you must change something in the house because new conditions take shape in your life. Perhaps you remodel your space so that it is more functional with regard to your needs. Perhaps new facts come up on the professional level and as a result, it is necessary to show off and claim things. However, it is not clear how to do this.

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