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Lunar eclipse 5/6/2020
by signingstar

The Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius in opposition to retrograde Venus in Gemini and in square with Mars and Neptune in Pisces on June, 5 seems to test the ability of the signs/ascendants of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) to avoid being carried away by groundless situations.

You are called upon to clear up the environment around you and to alienate people who bombard you with disorienting images and information. Perhaps you must reassess your relationship and compare it to your past because you want to ensure you are not carried away by utopia. Perhaps your past comes back and puts your endurance to the test in view of decisions you have taken that are conditioned.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse might be confusing because it will introduce business or leisure trips which will be hard to schedule clearly and sharply. Perhaps you lose track of your priorities because you are called upon to listen to others’ desires and dispositions. Thus you feel you are not at the helm. Perhaps your plans change because somebody does not follow the programme. Finally, perhaps you are lost in a plentitude of details and you lose the heart of the problem because you cannot overlook all information you collect from your surroundings.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse will upset your finances and will make you focus on the way you share your expenses and revenue. Perhaps you realise that the other side will not invest in a common plan as they tend to take their own course. Perhaps you find out that there are loose ends in your saving plans and as a result, you feel uncertain about your next steps. Finally, you had better avoid big financial and emotional investments for the time being.



The Lunar eclipse opposite you ring the first bell regarding your interpersonal relationships and the demand to set the rules differently. Perhaps you seek an opportunity to take distance from your relationship and think whether there is still chemistry between yourselves. Perhaps somebody comes back from your past who will upset existing facts and make you admit that you have not completely buried the feelings you had back then. Every beginning at the current juncture is accompanied by the element of uncertainty so do not be carried away with the moment.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse will put pressure on your daily life and make you acknowledge that there are interpersonal relationships which do not help you face your every day optimistically. Perhaps you are tired of routine and you feel you cannot keep on operating in the same way. Perhaps you seek an opportunity to escape and find yourself in a place that helps you to have a change of scenery. Perhaps you recapture the past when days went by in a different way. Thus, you have the tendency to return to it and try and live under past conditions.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse could be a good occasion to focus on your personal life and consider whether you have found balance between your relationship and social life. The time you spend for each area of your life does not suffice and as a result, there is tension out of nowhere. Perhaps you are carried away with a recent amorous acquaintance and you have left every other parameter of your life by the wayside. Perhaps you focus more on your friends and you neglect your relationship. Find the right balance because the ringing bell might be louder and louder.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse will be an important cornerstone regarding your personal or professional life. Perhaps something changes at home and disturbs the balance which means that certain topics you have not touched upon until today must be revisited. If you are in a problematic relationship, problems will come to the surface and will be visible to your surroundings. Thus they will be an occasion for developments. If you change professional environment, remember that present choices are not stable and there might be new facts in the future that will bring about new changes.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse will bring about disputes in your interpersonal relationships and will upset a situation which will have an impact on your work routine too. You must restrain your irritation when you are in a situation which could result in indelible words. Perhaps you are stressed and pressured because a trip is postponed but you had better leave it behind. Think whether it is best to simply find another date when conditions are more favourable.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse might upset your finances and force you to admit that it is time you did something to change a pressuring situation. Perhaps you ask for more from your bosses or supervisors and try to change a situation which works to your disadvantage. If you look for a job, you have the chance to find one in an environment which might be related to people from the past.



The Lunar eclipse in your sign in opposition to retrograde Venus in Gemini will upset your interpersonal relationships. You will react to the other side’s complaints or behaviour because you do not understand the way they act. You cannot believe their words as you think that there is a game with a lot of behind-the-scenes action. Perhaps you realise that it is the end of a course which you cannot keep on following because you do not feel included in your environment. If you are about to make a new beginning in your life, you had better avoid it at the current juncture. You must first settle unfinished business from the past and put the promises you hear to the test before you commit to any unchangeable plans.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse will make you retire into yourself and might stress that it is time you screened out people you socialise with during the day. Perhaps there are problems on the professional level; perhaps you cannot reach an understanding with your surroundings; and perhaps you find it hard to communicate with people with whom you used to see things from the same perspective. Perhaps you feel awfully tired and you look for a way to escape and focus on yourself since you have neglected yourself lately. Try not to be carried away by others’ words and promises and you will realise that it is time you shut your ears to too much information.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse seems to have an impact on your social life and to upset your relationships with friends. Perhaps you must cope with some problems in a group effort and reconsider your role in it so as to decide whether you accept it or you want it to change. Perhaps you try and approach somebody amorously even though it is not yet clear whether there is sexual chemistry between yourselves. In such a case, beware not to hurry up as you might be exposed in the way you communicate what you think and feel.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse seems to have an influence on the balance between your personal and professional life because it highlights the need to discern these two areas. Try and delegate your time in a way which seems compatible with your needs and desires. Avoid wasting your energy in environments you cannot stand. Perhaps you want to make changes at work but this would have consequences on your relationships with people up in the hierarchy. On the personal level, try and realise whether you are sick and tired of your relationship or you look for a new acquaintance because you simply want some new interest in your life.

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