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Lunar eclipse 5/7/2020
by signingstar

The Lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn on July, 5 in square with Chiron in Aries seems to have an impact mostly on signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn). It seems like the end scene of a two-year-long period when life took another direction.

Perhaps you are in a new relationship or at a new professional crossroads. Perhaps you realise that you have left facts and habits of an old life by the wayside. Perhaps you are forced to operate in such a way and you settle year-long unfinished business understanding that you stand before a prospect which gives you elbow room but which also consists of many traps unless you wisely use your experience. The eclipse is a tombstone for lives that see dead ends so shall you wish to carry on, look for the cracks that let the light come in.



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse is an opportunity to realise that you are at a juncture when you are called upon to change the facts in your life. Perhaps there are people in your life who impose rules and conditions, who make you lose your sleep, and who make you acknowledge that you have no discretion to act. Perhaps you deal with big challenges at your work space and you must decide whether you stay in a stifling space or you leave. Finally, remember that relatives and the elderly probably have health issues which have an impact on your life too.



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse might be an occasion to realise that you stand before the end of a professional cycle. Perhaps you decide to leave your existing environment and take distance from a working pattern that has come to a close. Perhaps you understand that some collaborations do not evolve as you wish and that you are isolated in a group of people that used to be in the epicentre of your life.



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse seems like the realisation that a relationship or collaboration has completed its cycle and you cannot wait for its resuscitation. You could decide to put an end and announce that there is no future in a relationship which cannot find its footing. Perhaps you decide to escape from a stifling work environment that makes you feel there is no fresh air anymore.



The Lunar eclipse opposite you will put the endurance of your interpersonal relationships to the test. Perhaps you stand before a boss with whom there is no communication and you feel you cannot agree upon parameters which you used to settle painlessly before. Perhaps you acknowledge the difficulties in your personal life and you realise that your relationship is at the crossroads. You are called upon to open your eyes and acknowledge problems you cannot keep on trying to sweep under the rug.



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse will remind you that there is still unfinished business regarding your health or work routine. You are called upon to integrate them in your way of thinking which you try to build and develop. You had better remember that you are at a juncture when many things change and you must be trained in new facts. Make sure you realise the boundaries set by parameters which do not depend on you so as to be able to handle possible impulses wisely. You see, you will want to run although your feet are chained.



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse will be an opportunity to revive some thoughts regarding the future of your personal life. Perhaps you find it hard to communicate with your better half; you realise the conflict of opinion; and you acknowledge that there is a gap you cannot easily bridge. Could you consider though, whether you are in a different point of your relationship and whether this distance could be covered shall you hold a serious discussion and try to get closer?



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse seems to highlight that a sick situation must be resolved or come to a close. You cannot keep on shutting your eyes in view of reality and believe that you can prolong a situation which has an impact on your mood and your relationship with other family members. Perhaps you must hold a discussion that will make some relationships go too far but it is probably time you were honest about what you can and want to do.



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse seems to bring to the surface some postponed discussions and sets hurtful but relieving decisions in motion. Do not be scared to talk about a scary topic and hold a discussion that you know will open up wounds but also help you to clarify your intentions. In addition, you had better remember that your travels will be difficult and that you cannot do everything in a short period of time. Thus, try and set priorities.



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse seems to have an impact on your finances due to professional dealings. Perhaps it is time you decided to change the facts and you are called upon to work in a different way through a brand new situation. You had better control the facts that have come up and safeguard your belongings by avoiding abrupt moves. On the personal level, you had better operate based on reason and stop daydreaming.



The Lunar eclipse in your sign brings an upsetting two-year-long period to a close during which you saw many things change. You are called upon to sit your final exams and expect the results towards the end of the year. You will come up against obstacles at home or at work and your obligation to leave habits and established perceptions by the wayside. Perhaps you rely on somebody’s words who is always near you and you neglect your personal way of thinking and perceiving that alienates your future. If you decided to take distance from everybody and everything around you, you would better dare to do so shall you have decided to cut the umbilical cord with the past.



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse sounds like a bell regarding your health and an opportunity to cope with yourself and correct everything that is wrong lately. Try to turn inwards and break free from obsessions which alienate your true needs and desires. Perhaps there are difficulties at work which help you realise that it is a blessing to talk at the right moment. This means that you had better avoid hasty talks.



The Capricorn Lunar eclipse will be an opportunity to screen out your friends. You must get in touch with people from the past and explain the reasons why you take distance. Perhaps you wish to come back dynamically and hold a social battle which you think is fair and you cannot ignore considering its goals. On the personal level, try and open your ears to what your better half says and try to understand their language even if you consider there are not many common points to succeed in communication.

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