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New Moon 20/7/2020
by signingstar

The New Moon on July, 20 at 28 degrees Cancer in opposition to Saturn in Capricorn seems to mostly have an influence on the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) born at the end of the third decanate. They are called upon to bring thoughts and plans of the last period down to earth.

You will be called upon to confront reality and realise that there are obstacles and difficulties you cannot overcome thinking that they will be magically solved. Perhaps it is time you acted decisively in view of challenges that you have written down but you should turn into a specific frame of action. If you decided to bring a situation to a close because you contemplated it and understood it leads to an impasse, be decisive and dedicated to the target.



The Cancer New Moon will be an occasion to realise that a period begins when you lay the foundations for your new life as from the beginning of next year. You are called upon to cope with health issues of close people, to deal with sick situations in your relationships, to measure yourself against skeletons from older relationships, and to act decisively regarding confinement issues in your living space. Everything mentioned above is difficult and takes time so make sure you lay the right foundations at the current juncture. Remember that you are called upon to operate individualistically but you are not alone and you do not wish to be left alone following this process.



The Cancer New Moon stresses the meaning of thinking and silence in view of situations which need time to start developing. Remember that you are not ready to express your thoughts and that you are called upon to put them in order and avoid pulling the wires too quickly. You do not have the stamina yet to shoulder what you are called upon to take on. However, you need not assume others’ responsibilities when they are not even ready to be involved in procedures that they have not thought through yet. Try and clarify within what is yours so as to focus on these elements and leave the useless ones by the wayside.



The Cancer New Moon brings important financial issues to the surface which you are called upon to consider from now on. You must be wise and decisive regarding established facts and prove that you can change your priorities and live according to reality. Perhaps you find it hard to be consistent with your obligations and to pay off your debts. This means that it is time you changed priorities.



The New Moon in your sign will be a good opportunity to operate based on reality and the truth as you wish to leave unrealistic dreams and ambitions by the wayside. Perhaps you acknowledge your personal or professional life is rotten which means that you are called upon to leave your comfort zone behind and seek something new. Perhaps you face certain truths that you refused to hear or acknowledge all this time. This makes you realise that you are at a crossroads and you must finally reach decisions that you postpone.



The Cancer New Moon seems to put pressure on you and to force you to admit that you cannot stand living a daily life with obvious limitations anymore. Perhaps you rebel against authority figures who try to limit you and make you realise that you have no discretion to act at all. Perhaps you are at a juncture when you settle certain situations and you unchain yourself from a stifling and difficult environment. You have the opportunity to cut the umbilical cord and to feel free to act at will.



The Cancer New Moon calls upon you to decide whether you are willing to widen your social circle or you will be limited to your existing frame. If there are difficulties in your relationship that have grown bigger and bigger lately, you have the chance to overcome this hurdle by spending time with friends. Perhaps you listen to views that help you to change your perspective on things. On the other side, if you neglected your relationship, would it be maybe high time you paid more attention to it? The next step is not too far so make sure you understand that it is a period of decisions.



The Cancer New Moon is a dynamic moment on the professional or domestic level. You are called upon to decide to break free from weights of the past and to make a move that alienates a rotten environment. Perhaps it is time you broke free from your past which you still consider to be your present. Perhaps it is time you left an establishment that does not serve you anymore. If you are ready to make an important step that consolidates your position, remember that you take on responsibilities of legal as well as emotional nature.



The Cancer New Moon makes you admit that you must think a lot before you decide to speak. You are called upon to examine a topic of your concern very carefully and to plan your steps and actions with persistence and attention to detail until you succeed. Perhaps you realise that it is difficult to find time for a summer vacation. Thus, you consider whether it is a crucial moment in your life when you have to plan your future before it catches up with you in the shape of a difficult and demanding present.



The Cancer New Moon has an impact on your finances and highlights the need to settle your obligations. You had better act within a specific frame and rank and settle responsibilities you have taken on. You should also avoid purchasing things that will expose you in the future. Settle any obligation you cannot avoid and try to listen to the advice of people who wish for your best. On the personal level, you had better discuss any topics that grow the distance between yourself and your better half. Only then will you settle unfinished business that it is silly to let come to the fore and weigh your consciousness.



The New Moon opposite you is a very good opportunity to screen out your personal life. You must set boundaries to situations which make you lose touch with reality. This does not mean that you should get rid of any feelings and use only reason in your relationship. Try and be honest about your feelings and do not hide the truth even if you think that you are more vulnerable when you talk about your feelings to the other side. On the professional level, new rules must be set that will be clear and respected by both sides. Otherwise balance, which is the question, will only be imaginary.



The Cancer New Moon is a good opportunity to deal with health-related issues. Perhaps you must cope with your physical endurance and well being and change your daily life so as to integrate actions that keep you fit. Perhaps it is time you looked after your nutrition and removed useless heavy foods from your diet. As regards your work, try and give shape to a better daily life so as not to carry daily weights back home that have an impact on your personal life.



The Cancer New Moon will be a good opportunity to settle your personal life. Perhaps it is time you set some boundaries that were never used before so as to give shape to a better routine. Perhaps you must change your priorities and stop wasting your energy in too many directions even if some friends are upset. Finally, perhaps it is time you were much more serious about your relationship and you considered the next step in it.

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