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Annual Horoscope 2021
by signingstar

Daring to do what frightens you for years


Jupiter, almost throughout 2021, and Saturn in Aquarius are serious indications that the year will bring about changes to your public image. Perhaps it is time you were more offensive on the professional level and you claimed more than people in your environment allow you to have. You could try and launch your own job or cooperate with people who are pretty different from but complementary to you. Perhaps there is economic recovery due to a professional challenge but you are called upon to think whether it endangers the quest of happiness in your personal life.

If you were born between 6th-14th day of your sign or ascendant, remember that Uranus will upset your life when passing from these degrees. Unstable foundations will shake dangerously and you might want to take risks and dare to live in a way you never imagined you would. Professional beginnings entail the meanings of stability and longevity. This will be evident towards the end of November when eclipses in the axis of your sign begin. Your personal life is in turmoil so if you try to carry two watermelons under one arm, you would rather be careful not to overestimate your capabilities.



Jupiter will be in Aquarius and your 10th Solar house almost throughout the year except for the period between May, 13 and July, 28 and as from December, 29 onwards when it moves to the sign of Pisces.

Jupiter in Aquarius is an indication that changes take place on the professional level through challenges to climb up the hierarchy or create your own narrative in the field of career. A promotion could be a good development because your financial situation is improved and you can adopt a new lifestyle. Perhaps you decide to do some shopping, to improve the atmosphere at home, and to move out and into a bigger one. Perhaps you must change your work routine since you travel often abroad or your boss changes and you must work different hours. If you try to have a change of career , it is time you carefully considered whether you should seek coalitions with people from afar or people with a different way of thinking from yours. The latter will help you to set up a new work model more easily and more quickly. Remember, of course, that Jupiter in Aquarius might give rise to arrogant behaviours from your side and could stir a commotion with people near you. If you think your character changes, make sure you are surrounded by family members who can bring you down to earth before you lose touch with reality.

The trial period of Jupiter in Pisces will help you to better integrate in the new work or personal environment you have shaped. Try to find balance between career and personal life because if you focus on career too much, you will have to spend more time with people who are part of the circle of your personal life. If you need time to get used to new professional habits, you have the chance to become a member of a group which does not hide any threats against you.



Saturn in Aquarius throughout the year seems to have an impact mostly on the representatives of the first decanate. You realise that the field of career might be very challenging. You will be called upon to prove whether you can shoulder weights which concern others and whether you can lead an effort which feels like a suicide mission since you are called upon to unite two teams that have got seemingly absolutely no boundaries. You will get in touch with people who refuse to abide by the rules and you must be very diplomatic to persuade them. Perhaps you must enforce the law on people who do not seem willing to understand their responsibilities. This means that you could look rather harsh and inflexible in their eyes.

Perhaps your role in the domestic environment changes and as a result, you must support other people in addition to yourself. Perhaps you change the status of your personal life by having a family which means that you also have a new public image in the eyes of people who tend to highly criticise you. Perhaps your existing relationship ends and a period of retrospection comes to a close. You acknowledge that you have changed as a person and you seek different things for your life.

Saturn introduces boundaries to your life shall you have a lifestyle that does not abide by rules, conditions and compromises. On the other side, it will reward your hard work and bear gifts shall you settle any obligation you have assumed. It will lead to personal fulfilment shall you take steps based on self-knowledge. Make sure you take in the lessons between the end of May and beginning of October so that you take decisions and make moves that will help you to move forward towards the end of the year.



The first set of eclipses begins on May, 26 with the Lunar eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius in conjunction with the South Node and in square with Jupiter in Pisces. It brings financial issues to the fore. You must consider whether you stay devoted to a way of thinking that is based on your personal economic satisfaction and overlooks others’ profits. Perhaps changes take place in a professional team and you must think whether to leave it due to reduction in your income or you will choose to participate in a group that offers more than materialistic gains. On the personal level, try and discern friendly from amorous feelings because unless you are careful, you might be involved in an adventure that leads to an impasse and not an exit. The Solar eclipse that follows on June, 10 at 19 degrees Gemini in conjunction with retrograde Mercury and in square with Neptune is a juncture when you must look after your belongings. Try and moderate expenses you take on because perhaps you have not assessed the obligations and responsibilities you assume in detail. Perhaps you are more enthused than you should regarding a professional prospect and you agree on offers the small print of which you have not read. Perhaps you decide to return to a work environment that makes you feel financially secure even if this move translates into going back in your friends’ eyes.

The second set of eclipses begins with the Lunar eclipse in your sign on November, 19 at 27 degrees in square with Jupiter in Aquarius. It seems to be the beginning of big developments in your life in the next two years. If you were born on the third decanate, you would likely sense the discomfort due to the changes you are called upon to make. You cannot keep on feeling safe in an environment that has long ceased to suit you. It is very likely that you take up on a professional transfer because you feel you can fulfil your dreams under other circumstances that could even sound like hubris. Perhaps your parents’ health is an issue and this affects your performance at work or your role in your relationship. You must understand that time goes by and some situations will not be what they used to. If you feel it is high time you created something with your stamp on, you had rather set yourself free from an environment that is irrelevant to your new self. The Solar eclipse on December, 4 at 12 degrees Sagittarius in conjunction with Mercury and in quincunx with Uranus in your sign seems to bring up comparisons in a relationship that has lost its footing. On the one hand, it might feel safe to move on with a professional transfer somewhere far but on the other hand, you cannot easily bid the land you live in farewell as it offers you the security you need. On the one side, somebody invites you to dare to be in a relationship that is different from what you were used to in the past but on the other side, you cannot ignore present financial benefits.


The axis of the Moon’s Nodes

The North Node will be in Gemini and, therefore, the South Node will be in Sagittarius throughout 2021 which means that you must be vigilant regarding financial issues. You must probably have discussions which involve a partner so as to review the possibility of changing the conditions of your agreement since you are called upon to focus on your personal benefits. Perhaps you consider setting up your own business bearing in mind the lessons of the past so as to avoid relying on people who, en route, will turn into obstacles to your own intentions and dispositions. On the personal level, perhaps you acknowledge the fact that you need more time to yourself because the more you invest in the other side, the more you will feel empty and incapable of reaching fulfilment.

The year will give you the opportunity to stand on your own feet regarding your finances through moves which prove you believe in yourself. It does not mean that you alienate the other side and you cancel their contribution to your life. It means that you acknowledge your own new role in existing relationships and partnerships.


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