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Annual Horoscope 2021
by signingstar

Changing course


2021 is an important year for your life because you receive signals of change related to the areas of career and family. On the one side, you have the chance to turn your attention to and interest in professional paths which are not linked to your hitherto career. You are obliged though to be far from your familiar environment at times. On the other side, there is a prospect for the next step in your relationship either by relocating or by having a family. This means that you cannot fully invest in the professional area.

Jupiter will be in Pisces for a trial period between May-July and you will be prone to decisions which lead to uncontrollable situations. The question is not to be strict and tense about being at the helm. You can make expansive moves without regretting them. Therefore, towards the end of the year, you are called upon to be ready to jump into the void -although it is not necessarily that- because you have tested yourself and you can handle such a situation.



Jupiter will be in Aquarius and your 6th Solar house almost throughout the year except for the period between May, 13 and July, 28 and as from December, 29 onwards when it moves to the sign of Pisces.

Jupiter in Aquarius will lead to an increase of daily activities because there are tasks that you would like to be done by others or differently. Perhaps you seek help from family members or you transfer these responsibilities to them because you believe that you should not shoulder certain things. Perhaps you must travel more daily either because your job is far or because you are in charge of other people’s travels. On the professional level, you will be called upon to be a team member and prove that you can attune to others’ viewpoints and positions even if they seem completely out of place in comparison to your own worldview. You must also cope with your health because you will be called upon to examine whether it is time you changed nutritional and working out habits so that they correspond to the needs of your health. Do not be chained to habits which no longer influence you. Dare to open up your mind to new prospects.

Jupiter enters Pisces for a trial period and seems to highlight the need to redefine your relationships and to widen your circle. If your relationship is not satisfactory anymore, somebody new will easily spark your life. You may be involved in an adventure which involves other people too because a parallel relationship will help you to break free from a deadening routine. At the same time, you will feel guilty and close people, who see a strange behaviour from your side, will not favour you anymore. If you are in a relationship that moves forward, having a family is a serious possibility. On the professional level, something new might begin which is not necessarily delimited. It is stressful but it also helps you to expand the circle of professional acquaintances and gives you the opportunity to rise.



Saturn in Aquarius throughout 2021 seems to lay foundations in a work environment that may be new to you. Everyday life might be a tough lesson to learn with rules and boundaries that you must stand and obey. At the same time, though, it helps you not to lose your orientation. You will likely have to obey your superiors’ orders and consider yourself a student even if you think you could avoid this process. Perhaps you work in a pressuring field either because you cannot meet its demands yet or because you are called upon to operate within a daily frame that is mentally and physically exhausting.

Saturn in Aquarius will also bring the question of your health to the fore. If you must do something about it, try and open your eyes and ears and see whether it is time you considered alternative therapies which you might reject before you even try. Some health issues might stem from your way of thinking and seeing things around you. This means that certain obsessions are the result of deeply rooted beliefs which are not your own. Try to change nutritional habits, find new ways to exercise, and make sure you keep your spirits lively and young. Most of the obsessions that come along during the day stem from there.



The first set of eclipses begins on May, 26 with the Lunar eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius in conjunction with the South Node and in square with Jupiter in Pisces. It mostly affects the representatives of your sign/ascendant that were born on the first decanate. You likely realise that a living pattern comes to a close and you are called upon to make changes that may be pretty risky and bold. Perhaps you wish to end a relationship or a work reality without any proof that the new situation to which you move will be more satisfactory. If you are at the crossroads of making the next step in your relationship, try and chart the steps you are about to make because an important change might take place the outcome of which you do not fully know. The Solar eclipse that follows on June, 10 at 19 degrees Gemini in conjunction with retrograde Mercury and in square with Neptune draws your attention to the way you communicate what you have in mind. You are called upon to be clear about your intentions and to be able to explain why you decide to move in that direction and leave a situation which you hitherto trusted by the wayside. Perhaps there is an exciting and dazzling prospect before you but try to also be reasonable. Make sure you realise that you might be involved in a situation that you cannot easily define. This means that you will likely lose control.

The second set of eclipses begins with the Lunar eclipse on November, 19 at 27 degrees Taurus in square with Jupiter in Aquarius. You get to measure yourself up against you consciousness. You must examine whether you can break free from your way of thinking and find yourself in an environment that is defined by others. Perhaps you seek a way out of your everyday life and this could take place through a trip so long as you have thoroughly considered the cost and you can afford it. The Solar eclipse that follows on December, 4 at 12 degrees Sagittarius in conjunction with Mercury and in quincunx with Uranus in Taurus will bring about dilemmas as to whether you should quit a situation or not. Perhaps you are in search of a new house that meets your needs but you cannot decide freely due to financial constraints. Perhaps you are ready to take your chances with an offer from afar which means that you will have to be far from close people who have been your safe shelter over the last years. It is not an easy decision because you seek personal freedom thus you must be prepared to sacrifice certain stable conditions in your life.


The axis of the Moon’s Nodes

The North Node will be in Gemini and your 10th Solar house and the South Node will be in Sagittarius and your 4th Solar house respectively. This indicates a year with big challenges in the axis of career/family. The North Node in Gemini could open up new professional paths and help you to find a new job. You are called upon, though, to be a student time and again or be a trainer. Being a student is a good challenge for you because you will learn things that you would hardly discover otherwise and that will prove very useful in the future. Perhaps you decide to be in a work environment that seems pretty new in comparison to what you are used to deal with and that helps you to expand your social circle. It is also possible that developments take place in the area of relationship/family and your home grows bigger which means that you must find new balances between house and work.

In March and in April, professional changes might occur which also consist of a challenge. If you dare to make the next step, you probably disturb stagnant waters that you were used to but you must also redefine your role at home. In August and in September, you will focus on yourself and you will likely change your schedule as you seek to fix any mistakes. In December, it seems that you decide to make the next step in your personal life as you are decided to take risks.


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