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Annual Horoscope 2021
by signingstar

Starting at zero or living with zero?


2021 seems to be an important year for you because you will come up against big challenges related to your personal and professional life. With the axis of the Moon’s Nodes and the eclipses in your sign, you will realise that life can start again when you stop making compromises that hold you captive in your own body. You have the opportunity to be trained in a new language that you will start using either in your career or in your personal life so as to have a fulfilling relationship. If you decide to break free from your intimate environment, make sure you give explanations not because they are necessary to others but because you must listen for yourself whether you leave because you cannot stand the present or because you have faith in the future that you will create from scratch.

2021 seems to be the year when you design the new place of residence that you will enter in 2022. Make sure you design something that suits the way you wish to live otherwise you will fall anew into the trap of leaving a place without knowing whether you have the compass for the new direction or you simply follow the tracks before you.



Jupiter will be in Aquarius and your 3rd Solar house almost throughout the year except for the period between May, 13 and July, 28 and as from December, 29 onwards when it moves to the sign of Pisces.

Jupiter in Aquarius is a good opportunity to broaden your knowledge and skills and to be trained in a subject that could open up new professional paths. It is a team effort, though, and pushes you to associate with people who are different from those you have known until today. Perhaps new activities come up in your life and you must follow daily schedules which differ from the usual. At the same time, though, you will have to reestablish your relationships with relatives because you will set new priorities for your life. Perhaps you must consider a relocation because daily travels will increase your expenses and will consume a great deal of your time.

The trial period of Jupiter in Pisces will make you understand that you stand before changes at home or at work. Perhaps you must even work at home because professional demands are big and there are no defined boundaries. Perhaps you must work in addition to everything else in your daily life because you are responsible for the planning of a project which requires multitasking on your behalf. This means that you must spend time that you used to invest in your private life. On the personal level, your house might grow bigger either because you live together with somebody or because you have a family. This means that you are called upon to devote a great part of your interest in this area. If you are about to relocate, consider whether you can return to a place you used to live in as a child because conditions are different now.



Saturn in Aquarius throughout the year is a good opportunity to lay the new foundations of your thinking in a methodical and patient way. You have the chance to give shape to your new model of perception. Perhaps you decide to be a student again and study something which you initially think will help you to overcome financial hurdle. This will take time and mental capacity, thus you cannot commit to such an attempt without having decided that you will be responsible and disciplined. Perhaps you are under pressure at your current studies and you consider the possibility of quitting because they are not as interesting as you thought they would be. Such a possibility might stem from the fact that some professors make it hard on you and not from the fact that you do not like what you study. If this is the case, consider the possibility of taking distance from their behaviour and joining a group of students so as to stop being the target of some.

Saturn in Aquarius will also be an opportunity to assess your relationship with relatives and resolve any differences between yourselves. It is time you held an essential discussion with them and you dealt with financial issues which grow the distance between yourselves. Perhaps you must honestly talk about your common professional activities and find answers to questions which seem to stir a commotion in the balance between your personal and professional relationship. The more honest and truer you are with your words, the more you will get rid of surrounding grey zones.



The first set of eclipses begins on May, 26 with the Lunar eclipse in your sign at 5 degrees in conjunction with the South Node and in square with Jupiter in Pisces which seems to highly affect the representatives born on the first decanate of the sign/ascendant. You will have to consider whether you introduce too many facts into your life without getting rid of past things and habits that you are called upon to leave behind. You must make room and sacrifice certain aspects of your life shall you wish to look at the future with optimism and a fresh outlook. Perhaps there are clouds in your relationship or a professional collaboration but this may be fixed if you realise that you probably have huge demands from people who cannot manage. The Solar eclipse that follows on June, 10 at 19 degrees Gemini in conjunction with retrograde Mercury and in square with Neptune seems to makes you listen to the other side and decide whether you can rely on them or not. Perhaps some words sound too exotic and do not help you to feel secure about your future because they are superficial. On the contrary, you may get in touch with people who make promises which sound at least interesting. Thus, you will make dreams about the future. Try and decipher every word and phrase you hear because much of it is empty promises.

The second set of eclipses begins with the Lunar eclipse on November, 19 at 27 degrees Taurus in square with Jupiter in Aquarius. You get to realise that you have given shape to a very demanding everyday life. Try and attune the speed of your thinking with your physical reaction because disharmony might easily take place between these two elements. As a result, you will be inconsistent with regard to what you express and promise. It would be useful to be able to screen out your everyday life and get rid of whatever is useless or is simply there but only wastes your time and interest. Look after your nutrition and avoid exaggerations. Your body needs frequent cleansing from foods or thoughts that leave traces behind. The Solar eclipse in your sign on December, 4 at 12 degrees in conjunction with Mercury and in quincunx with Uranus in Taurus seems to mostly affect the representatives who were born on the first five days. You must take decisions that have the potential of influencing your daily life. You are called upon to implement plans related to your personal life that could consist of a new beginning on the amorous level. Perhaps you decide to do something better on the professional level by giving it a try in the field of innovation and leaving behind the safety net of the familiar. Your decisions might be shocking to your surroundings but you cannot plan your life based on your own views and thoughts.


The axis of the Moon’s Nodes

The North Node will be in Gemini and the South Node will be in your sign respectively throughout 2021 which means that you will reach important and karmic decisions with an impact on all aspects of your interpersonal relationships. If you were born on the second and first decanate of the sign/ascendant, you will make beginnings that indicate you can restart your life. You will confront people who seem to awaken your thoughts and feelings and to give you an opportunity to look at the future from a new perspective. March and April are two months that ask you to trust what the other side says or does and call upon you to try and cross the line between yourselves. You most likely decide to start something new on the personal or professional level. This helps you to feel much more refreshed and lighter as you leave behind three years which put your endurance in view of the establishment or the compromises you had to make to the test. In July and in August, you are called to confirm and commit to the decisions you took or change them accordingly so as to fix what is wrong. Towards the end of the year, it seems that you sit your final exams and you receive the results based on the judgement of your surroundings. A promotion at work might lead to a transfer while commitment to a new relationship might quickly translate into having a family.


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